Sugar Skull Molds created the original Sugar Skull Molds as seen in Sunset and Domino magazines. We’ve offered our molds online since 1999. Our Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Molds have been featured on The Food Network and used by Martha Stewart and “Modern Marvels – Halloween Tech” on the History Channel.
Original Medium Sugar Skull Mold $11.00
Big Eyes Sugar Skull Mold $14.00
Oaxaca Sugar Skull Mold - Mini $11.00
Altar Sugar Skull Mold - Medium $11.00
Altar Sugar Skull Mold - Small $11.00
Altar Sugar Skull Mold - Mini $11.00
Catrina Sugar Skull Mold $11.00
Catrina Chocolate Sugar Skull Lollipops Mold $8.50 $11.00
Crown, chef, cowboy & sweet Rosita... Sugar Skulls Chocolates $8.50 $11.00
Original Sugar Skull Mold - Mini $11.00
Decorated Sugar Skull Lollipop Mold $8.50 $11.00
Posada Sugar Skull Mold $11.00
Virgin of Guadalupe Mold $14.00
Medium Sombrero Hat Mold $11.00
Large Sombrero Hat Mold $11.00
Novio Chocolate Skeleton Mold $11.00
Flaming Heart Chocolate Mold $11.00
Frida Chocolate Skull Mold $11.00
Flaming Heart Milagro Lollipop Mold $8.50 $11.00
Wedding Wafer Sugar Skulls for Chocolates Mold $8.50 $11.00
Hard Candy Skull Lollipop Mold & Sticks $8.25 $11.00
Panoramic Egg Mold, XL 2-piece $11.00