Milagros are wonderful pieces of Mexican Folk art. Translated as “little miracles”, these charms have been used for centuries in churches for the faithful to request miracles. The flaming heart is a popular symbol for expressing love and passion.

Milagros are made by artisans from any Catholic country and we have a fine collection from Peru, Mexico and Germany. These days, a non-religious use includes giving them as gifts to loved ones, decorative uses, ornaments and keepsakes.

Winged Heart encrusted with milagros Sold Out
Milagro Heart Earring with Spear $45.00
Flaming Heart Milagro Earrings $44.00
Flat Tin Novio Milagro $8.00
Flat Tin Guadalupe Milagro $8.00
Amor Silver Heart Milagro 3 inch $18.00
Flaming Heart Wall Milagro Sold Out
Milagro encrusted wood cross $20.00
Mini Milagros – Silver $18.00