Oilcloth by the Foot

Authentic Mexican Oilcloth fabric is $6.50 per foot ($19.50 per yard).  This fabric is right off the bolt with unfinished edges ready to use as a tablecloth or for craft projects. All our Mexican restaurants use oilcloth squares as tablecloths and only buy "custom" cloths when an extra large size is needed. You can cut oilcloth with scissors.  
All Oilcloth is priced at $6.50 per foot – 3 feet = 1 yard. A 4-Foot square tablecloth is only $26.00... and it lasts for years!  
Mexican oilcloth is a standard 47 inches wide. We can cut any length up to 35 feet long. If you are calculating to cover a table, most people want an 8 inch overhang. Oilcloth arrives folded but if it spends a day on a sunny table, all fold marks will melt away.
Custom round, oval or rectangular tablecloths may be ordered in any size from most of these patterns below.  Call or email for details. Extra large tablecloths are our specialty!  Please read our Custom Tablecloth page.  
Saltillo Serape - Multi Serape $6.50
Mexican Oilcloth - Havana Red $6.50
Mexican Oilcloth - Havana Rose $6.50
Mexican Oilcloth - Savannah Red $4.90 $6.50
Mexican Oilcloth - Flower Fields on Lime $4.90 $6.50
Mexican Oilcloth - Mums on Red $6.50
Mexican Oilcloth - Picnic Check in Red $5.20 $6.50
Mexican Oilcloth - Paradise in Red Sold Out
Mexican Oilcloth - Cherries on Aqua Sold Out
Mexican Oilcloth - Savannah Lime $4.80 $6.50
Oilcloth by the Foot - Solid Red Sold Out
Oilcloth by the Foot - Solid Green Sold Out