Altar Decorations

Ofrendas ~ Día del los Muertos Altars

Ofrendas are built inside the homes of the believers of Day of the Dead in Central and Southern Mexico. While there are regional differences in styles of the ofrendas due to income or custom, there are many altar mainstays to greet the weary spirits when they arrive. The children return on November first and the adults join their families on November 2.

Children’s ofrendas are customized and decorated with delightful foods, candies and toys in miniature… miniature tamales, chocolates, tiny breads etc. Adult ofrendas feature the traditional candles, fruit, tamales, mole, mezcal, cempasuchil as well as photos, fashion magazines, cigars or folk art skeletons… and every ofrenda has pan de muerto and sugar skulls!

Mexican Church Candle 3x3 $24.00
Mexican Church Candle 4x6 $48.00
Clay Copalero Incense Cup Sold Out
Ofrenda Flower Pack $28.90 $34.00
Clay Altar Skull - Ready to Paint or Glaze $12.00 $15.00
Papier Mâché Pan de Muerto $30.00
Silk Marigold Bouquets - Orange $12.00
Silk Marigold Bouquets - Gold $12.00
Dime sized Mini Roses, dozen $5.00
Mini Rose Bouquets $5.00
Mexican folk art match boxes Sold Out
Monarch Butterfly String Sold Out
Frida with Rebozo Candle Holder Sold Out
Clay Catrina Figurines Sold Out
LARGE - Orange Altar Skull - Hand Painted Ceramic $18.00 $45.00
Rose Bouquet - Dozen of assorted hand made paper flowers $25.50 $30.00