Custom Papel Picado Banners

These are samples of handmade custom cut-paper banners that we have provided to restaurants & businesses and for special occasions like baptisms. We also offer fine custom wedding banners. Our banners are made by one the finest papel picado artists in Mexico! Please contact us to discuss your project - or 707-806-2063

Information on ordering custom Wedding Banners

Custom birthday papel picado cut paper banners

birthday papel picado

Custom bautizo (baptism or christening) papel picado banners

paper papel picado

General info ~ custom handmade cut paper banners

Everyone who has had custom papel picado banners made for their wedding, special occasion, restaurant or store has been absolutely delighted with the results. Our artist lives in a very tiny village in Mexico but is internationally recognized as a master paper cut artist. He is the keeper of a dying tradition and is the best of the best! He cannot cut less than the minimum order because he uses handcrafted chisels and cutting any less ruins the paper or plastic.

Minimum Order

  • The minimum order for custom papel picado banners is 18 banner string units
    • Each string unit consists of 10 14" x 19" panels 
    • @ $18.00 per string = $324.00
      (plastic banners slightly higher)
  • Each banner string stretches to about 20 feet
  • $125 art charge is waived on one design

Tissue paper colors

You can choose your tissue paper colors (up to 3). Most colors are available in Mexico, however, the colors may be approximations of what you view on your computer screen at home. They are also available in opaque plastic - not as pretty as tissue, but practical for outdoor weddings in humid or unpredictable climates. (Plastic is a bit more costly than paper). 


  • Shipping from Mexico to our location in N. California = $115.00
  • Shipping from us to you = approx. $15 to your location

The lead time is 8 to 12 weeks. The time can sometimes be reduced to about 6 weeks if need be

We require a 50% non-refundable deposit to begin the work with the balance due upon completion.
Large quantity discounts available.

Please contact us for details!

Tissue Paper Colors 

Our artist in Mexico has the ability to get many colors to suit your needs, however subtle variations are not possible.

Colors (from left to right)

  • purple
  • lilac
  • grape
  • royal blue
  • dark turquoise
  • flag green
  • lime green
  • yolk yellow
  • marigold orange
  • mandarin orange
  • bougainvillea
  • scarlet red
  • rosa mexicana

Please note ~ These colors can look very different on different monitors!