What do you do when you need a Day of the Dead note card? You've wrapped up a gorgeous sugar skull, skeleton earrings or a calavera apron and DARN! all you can do is scrawl your heart-felt message on free note pad left on the porch by your local real estate agent.

These whimsical note cards are so cute you'll want to frame the artwork. They're perfect for gifts, ofrendas, Day of the Dead weddings, collectors, teachers or your own true love.

El Perrito Notecard $4.95
Calaca with Flowers Notecard $4.95
Dos Sirenas Notecard $4.95
Juntos Siempre Novios Notecard $4.95
Siempre Corazon Dog Notecard $4.95
Tango Couple Notecard $4.95
Luz Candle Notecard Sold Out
Noche Fiesta Couple Notecard $4.95
Arbol de Muerte Notecard Sold Out
Día de Muertos Notecard $4.95
Sunshine Siren Notecard $4.95
La Cocina Notecard $4.95
Viva La Mujer Notecard Sold Out
Sagrado Corazon Notecard $4.95
Dried flower cards Sold Out
Fringed Heart Note cards Sold Out