Sugar Skull Party in a box - 12 Medium Sugar Skulls ready to decorate with supplies

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 Pre-made sugar skull blanks will save you time - for your party or all for yourself!  This kit will give you enough supplies to decorate 12 sugar skulls with 3 batches of royal icing, except you will need to buy a 2 pound bag of powdered sugar for each batch of Royal Icing you want to make.  An electric mixer is needed to make the icing. Once the sugar skull is dry, it will not disintegrate for many years.

To create a traditional looking Mexican sugar skull, make a batch of Royal Icing, stir it up with the bright food colors, load the disposable icing bags, squeeze & decorate!  Use icing to stick down the colored tin foils to enhance the eyes, mouth and stick down a rectangle over the forehead for the name of your muerto.