Sugar Heart Skull Kit

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Make a Valentine skull for all your friends and family! It takes about an hour to make 35 medium sugar skull blanks (which uses only 10 pounds of sugar). Then decorate with your friends & family. Red hearts are made by mixing a small amount of granulated sugar with red tinted water before you cast the sugar hearts.

  • 1 Original medium skull mold -
  •  1 Big Eyes 2 pc mold
  • 1 Sugar heart mold – medium  @ small 
  • 3 paste food colors: red, yellow & fuchsia
  • 1 4oz meringue powder
  • PLUS decorative extras:
    6 assorted foil sheets, 4 icing bags, 6 paper roses, tin foil

Add your own glitter, beads, sequins, flowers & decorative accents!

Kit has enough meringue powder to make 35 medium original medium skulls, lots of hearts & one 2 lb. batch of Royal Icing. Tint water with the food coloring to make the bright red sugar hearts! This is enough to make for an entire school class, your office co-workers or party! Add your personalized message on a strip of paper and stick into a glob of icing. Sugar skulls last for years! Very inexpensive to make.