Crown, chef, cowboy & sweet Rosita... Sugar Skulls Chocolates

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One mold, 6 designs to make an assortment of cool sugar skull chocolates or cupcake toppers
1 1/4″ – 1 1/2″ squares – 1/4″ thick

5 designs on one sheet (2 each)

  1. skeleton with crown
  2. skeleton chef
  3. sombrero skull
  4. Rosita (woman skeleton with rose hat)
  5. skeleton with a bow tie & classic calavera


The Confetti Sugar Skulls mold has 6 fun folk art skulls that make a nice small bite of chocolate. This mold is perfect for a Day of the Dead party because of the variety and bite size pieces.

These small chocolates can also be used to decorate the sides of cakes by pressing them into frosting or to top a cupcake. Works well with meltable chocolate wafers.

Chocolate lollipops can be brushed with gold luster dust for an elegant look or with small amounts of icing accents, but chocolate lollipops look nice without any adornment.