Sugar Skull Kit #3 - Schools & Large Parties

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Designed for 80 students. A 10-pound bag of granulated sugar will yield 44 tangerine size sugar skulls. These 1-piece, flat backed skulls are the fastest, most economical & easy to make.

Best for 3rd graders to adult. These 1 piece mediums are faster & easier to make than 2 piece skulls that require assembly. If you are dealing with little kids with lower dexterity, you may want to consider a larger sugar skull like the Kit #2 which has Original LARGE skulls. Mediums are a good 15-20 minute decorating project while the large ones can take an adult an hour to complete.  However, little kids can get a good Picaso-esque result and have fun with these mediums.  

This kit makes up to 88 medium skulls and 5 batches of Royal Icing (this is what’s needed for 88 skulls).

OR, the kit can make 308 skulls and NO Royal Icing. Make sure you buy extra meringue powder for the Royal Icing if you are planning to make more than 20 pounds of skulls.

Rule of Thumb – each 10 pound batch of granulated sugar OR 2 pound batch of Royal Icing uses 1/2 cup of meringue powder. 1 pound of meringue powder is a little less than 4 cups. Also keep in mind, each batch of Royal Icing should be split into 12 disposable icing bags.

Best when making large quantities

4 Original Medium Molds – $52
1 Meringue Powder 1 pound – $28.50
1 Tin Foil Assortment Pack - over 100 large sheets!  (6″ x 6″) – $22.50
12 Paste Colors Assortment – $36
100 Disposable Icing Bags – $30
1 Papel Picado $15 Banner – free