"Skully" Dangling Papier Mache Skeleton - 4 Foot

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Almost 4 feet tall, this skully can sit at your dinner table! Papier mâché dangling skeletons (all 3 sizes) may require extra shipping charges due to their large box volume and low weight. You'll be only charged actual UPS Ground charges on your dangling skeleton! For example, shipping our 6-foot skully from our warehouse in California to the East Coast costs approx $75 Box size: 43" x 18" x 18".

It's always less expensive to ship UPS Ground to a commercial than a residential address. A 4-foot skeleton shipped to Seattle costs $36 Box size 24" x 15" x 15". If you order small items that can be packed around the sides, it doesn't add any additional costs. We will call you for payment if additional is owed at time of shipping. Make sure we have your cell number.  Angela