Powdered Royal Icing Mix - 16 oz. bag - Fast & Easy

Mexican Sugar Skull SKU: W3520


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Consider this if you need to decorate a few sugar skulls. It is not for making the sugar mix to make skulls.  Perfect if you have a kid in a Spanish class that needs to decorate 1 or 2 of our pre-made sugar skull blanks.  This bag is 1 pound of powdered sugar, pre-mixed with 1/4 c meringue powder.

This product is for convenience.  I would make it a bit thicker and reduce 1 Tablespoon of water from the directions, then mix with the colored paste food color.  

If you are making sugar skulls in our molds with granulated sugar, or need more Royal Icing to decorate more skulls or even to assemble larger skulls, then you should be buying our CK Products meringue powder, use your own granulated or powdered sugar, and buy our disposable icing bags, colored tin foil and paste food colors.

BUY your pre-made sugar skull medium blanks on our Blanks page: