Plastic Fiesta Papel Picado, Large

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Plastic banners are a great choice when traditional tissue paper banners are too fragile for humidity.  Plastic papel picado are designed for patios, outdoor parties, beach events or windy locations. 

Plastic is much harder to cut since the sheets are slippery.  A paper artist can only make about half the number of plastic banners in a day in comparison to the classic paper banners. They are also sewn onto a string, instead of glued. Usually plastic banners are more expensive than the paper. 

Most artists compensate by making their plastic banners with very simplistic designs in a very limited color palette of trash bag colors. However, our artist is the best!  He has 10 vivid, bright colors of material which he has shipped from across Mexico - and he can cut with such precision, that his plastic still looks like detailed paper lace.  

Our artist also cuts plastic banners in custom designs for restaurants & corporate events.