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Papier Mache Cute Pooch - returning in next shipment mid-Summer


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18″ high x 9″ wide x 16″ deep with removable bone & curly tail. Excellent strong quality papier mâché from a great artist in Guanajuato, Mexico.

This papier mâché bone dog is going to be your best friend - he's fun, happy and you can pet him or feed him his big bone.... But he's better than a real dog because there's no dog hair on your sofa or slobber on your T-shirt. You can sleep late without fear of a dog licking your face or whining to be let out. You can move your bone dog to the side of your desk to watch you adoringly, put him under your dinner table to sit patiently for table scraps or set him in the window to await your return from work. This dog is everything you could possibly wish for in a pet - no vet bills, no smelly dog food cans and no need for plastic pooper scooper bags! He's a great companion and you can still take him to the dog park as a conversation piece! Unique new piece for any Day of the Dead collector.