Gigante Sugar Skull Wall Masks - Call for all the colors available

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22″ high x 17″ wide x 5″ deep

While in Mexico in March, Angela found this gigantic Sugar Skull Wall Mask mold in a papier mâché workshop. It's an impressive,  gorgeous piece of folk art! They are hand finished and uniquely painted. I think we have a real winner for restaurant walls or as a centerpiece for a big ofrenda. Wouldn't this look great reigning over your cash register? There's not much time for the artist to make many masks before our last truck shipment of the season.  \n \nThese gigante wall masks are so large that the UPS cost varies dramatically from the East to the West side of the US. Therefore, you will be charged the "actual" UPS cost + $5 for the packing materials added to your order.