Gigante Extra Fancy Dangling Papier Mache Skeleton - 6 ft

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Approximately 5 1/2 feet tall, extra fancy papier mâché with magenta glitter. Papier mâché dangling skeletons (all 3 sizes) may require extra shipping charges due to their large box volume and low weight. You'll be only charged actual UPS Ground charges on your dangling skeleton! For example, shipping our 6-foot skully from our warehouse in California to the East Coast costs approx $75 Box size: 43" x 18" x 18". It's always less expensive to ship UPS Ground to a commercial than a residential address. A 4-foot skeleton shipped to Seattle costs $42 Box size 24" x 15" x 15". If you order small items that can be packed around the sides, it doesn't add any additional costs. Your invoice will be adjusted and charged at time of shipping.