Clay Copalero Incense Cup

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These are authentic incense cups from Puebla that are sold to use both on the home ofrendas as well as a mainstay on tombs in the cemeteries.  In Mexico, real charcoal is heated up in the cup so copal can burn.  This copal is the best available in Mexico with a strong perfumed smoke which is thick in the Catholic churches throughout the land.   
These copaleros are larger than in years past, (5.5 inches wide and approx 7" tall) and have a clay handle, which was the style in this village where we bought these in front of the cemetery. Don't forget to buy the copal incense and charcoals.
These are rustic, market quality and are full of imperfections.  While these are very good quality for disposable incense burners, they are not without chips, crazing & imperfections. 

Copal and copaleros are what the real people use the night of the candle light vigil during Day of the Dead. They are hand made, low fire. But they are REAL folk art, made by hand with attached handle and "appliqued" flowers and decorations.  Black shiny glaze. There are 3 holes around the top if you want to hang the burner above your ofrenda.