Catrina Chocolate Skull Mold - 6 molds

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Teachers & artists use these with plaster of Paris for crafts & magnets
approximately 2.7 ” h x .6″ thick

The Catrina molds are our most popular chocolate mold!


  • Use the catrina mold for chocolates. She doesn’t do well as a sugar skull mold as the hat definition doesn’t show up well. Dark chocolate looks exceptionally good when burnished with the Aztec Gold luster dust.
  • Chocolate making instructions. Remember, when making molded chocolate easy, if you’re making more than six chocolates, you’ll need several molds.
  • A nice Day of the Dead wedding favor would be a catrin and catrina, gold burnished, packaged in a cello bag tied closed with colorful ribbons. Sure beats the Jordan almonds! Add a little dash of vanilla and cinnamon to your melted chocolate to make them a little more “Mexican”.

Facts – Use the Catrina mold with plaster of paris to make cool refrigerator magnets that you can paint with acrylic paints and glitter pens. These make very nice stocking stuffers for the Day of the Dead lovers on your Christmas list!