Other Skull Crafts

Molded Skulls with fimo, skulpey & paper clay

Many crafters enjoy using our molds with polymer clays and paper clay products. No problem! Use with package directions. The Original mini skull should not be considered for this use as it difficult to get the fimo out without excessive distortion. We have seen some beautiful artwork made from the Novio bar mold with a swirled chocolate brown and gold fimo. Perfect for ofrenda decorations dedicated to a married couple!

Skull Candles & Soap

We have been sent some gorgeous soaps, soap on a ropes and candles from our customers who make them to sell at Day of the Dead craft shows and markets. The Original Medium and Original Large are recommended. Use with soap or candle kits available at craft shops and follow the directions.

Our molds cannot withstand very hot temperatures, so they will melt if hot mixtures are poured into them. One tip that can help is to fill a plastic box with cold, wet sand and nestle the mold into it before filling with soap or candle mix. The sand will tend to wick away the heat and support the mold structure while cooling. However, this only helps a few degrees. Be willing to experiment with this project!