History of Mexican Papel Picado Cut Paper Banners

The technique of hand cut paper is traced to the 18th century when paper was imported to Mexico from China… thus the Spanish word “papel china” remains the word for tissue paper! Paper cut artisans, commissioned by the Church, would make thousands of strings of papel picados for religious festivals where they hung in church plazas and decorated the streets. Many of the old designs our artist uses are from Chinese embroideries and talavera pottery.

Señor Reynoso

making Papel Picado bannersSr. Reynoso has been making custom papel picados for 40 years! He is an excellent artist that carefully adapts your logo or design into a positive/negative design. Using hand made steel chisels in hundreds of shapes, every line is cut with the strike of a hammer. Reynoso cuts about 30 sheets of tissue paper at a time! One wrong move and they are all ruined!

We consider Sr. Reynoso the finest papel picado artist in Mexico and have been working with him for over 10 years. He would love to make your banners for you!