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 Mexican Sugar Skull banner with various products &nbsp
3 medium decorated mexican sugar skulls3 medium decorated sugar skulls3 medium decorated sugar skulls3 medium decorated sugar skulls

Mexican Sugar Skull destroyed by WILDFIRE

You can still place your orders for items shown on our homepage below. Orders will not be charged until shipped.

  • I'd rather be packing sugar skulls! The week of October 9, 2017 upset our lives tremendously.
  • Warehouse is destroyed but we still have sugar skull blanks & a small amount of merchandise we'd like to sell.
  • We will tend to all our customer service problems as quickly as possible, once we get a computer set up.
  • We may have to modify our business to focus on custom oilcloth, papel picado, sugar skull molds & special orders that don't require any warehouse space. It may take 2-3 years to rebuild our house & warehouse.
  • Please contact me if you'd like to book a workshop, lecture or training on Mexican Calendar Girls or Day of the Dead. Keep reading our newsletters! Thanks
Hidden Hills Fire

Sadly, 1am Monday, October 9, 2017, we had 25 minutes (in the dark) to escape our beautiful Santa Rosa home where we operated We woke up to orange-red fire skies, 75mph winds, smoke, embers, falling trees & electric lines. I had to throw 125 donkey piñatas out of my van before we could fit Tacuba & 2 suitcases in the van. Our home, warehouse & inventory all burnt to the ground including all collections of Mexican calendar girls, Mexican movie posters, textiles & an extensive library of folk art books and a thousand other precious things. This huge fire is unprecedented & has destroyed over 6000 homes & businesses. Tubbs Fire - Google it!

This fire impacts everyone who was counting on our sugar skull molds, ofrenda decorations, papel picado & gifts. Please refer to our locations page and call around to give your business to some of the stores who buy wholesale from us. Many ship. If you need sugar skull molds, contact: Arara Enterprises San Diego; Artelexia San Diego; Borderlands Tucson; Casa Bonampak San Francisco; Casa Ramirez Houston; Home Cake Decorating Supply Seattle; Olvera Candle Co. Los Angeles, CA. or a retail store on our Locations page.

- Warmest regards from Angela Villalba & the sugar skull family



Please know we are so sorry this fire has caused you inconvenience but we are doing all we possibly can to get what merchandise we have out to customers for their special celebrations. Thanks so much for supporting us! -Angela

We still have some things for sale. You can buy them ASAP and we will ship ASAP. All blanks will be shipped from Temecula. Other items from Santa Rosa. Please bear with us as making labels & logistics are very slow. All shipping costs are "actual" and will be added to your order individually, before we charge your credit card. That's the only way we can do this.

As of

  • We lost our Sugar skull decorating supplies including the Meringue Powder you'll need for making Royal Icing.Meringue Powder will need to be purchased at your local cake decorating shop. Just add 1 Tablespoon more meringue powder to our recipe to make it stronger if you can't find CK Products Meringue Powder.

    Only buy Paste or Gel Food Colorings. Disposable icing bags are still the best and can be found at some hobby shops like Michael's. Check our Sugar Skull Making Instructions & Recipes for directions and quantities.

  • Sold Out - We HAD 1,450 medium sugar skull blanks that needed a home desperately! They found homes, thank you. Only large orders of 2 dozen or more please or the shipping cost doesn't make sense.

Angela at our storage locker with remaining papier mache Day of the Dead merchandise. October 2017

some of the remaining Papier Mache Folk Art
  • SUGAR SKULL MOLDS - We did print some backing cards recipe cards on just regular paper (not card stock) that will be included with your mold orders. All recipes for the sugar skull mix & icing on our website. Note, we ONLY HAVE 3 types of sugar skull molds right now: Don't order other designs. The new Big Eyes is the large size that we will substitute for the Original Large if necessary. We have the 2-piece Oaxaca Medium & the Original Medium, which is best for school or large projects when you have to make LOTS.
  • We CANNOT TAKE ANY RETURNS - nowhere to return to! So, if you aren't flexible or are on a very tight time line, don't place your order. We are packing blanks all weekend to get them out on Monday via UPS Ground. You can see the delivery map on our Support page, but Coast to Coast is a full week in transit. If we ship Monday, New York will arrive following Monday just before November 30. It's just so impossible right now to do expedited shipping

  • We need to sell all this stock as we have nowhere to store it.

One last thing - Watch for our next newsletter - Keep looking at Facebook - Please post your photos, comments & events on Facebook. We LOVE it when you send us photos of your sugar skull decorating, parties, events and such. Do all you can to educate about the true meaning of the holiday and enjoy the return of the special people in your lives. Angela

Please see More Information & items available below

Beautiful, hand painted red papier mache Big Eyes skull.

2 skeleton bone dog rattles on colorful sticks with ribbon Big Eyes Sugar Skull Mold - the largest, most realistic Mexican sugar skull mold we have

Big Eyes Papier Mâché Skull

Yeah! Got just about 20 but look at photo when we were unpacking. OK to order

Bone Dog Rattles

OK to order dogs, sombrero skulls & we're still checking if there are cats

This are one of my favorite!

Sugar Skull Mold Supplies

3 molds are available: Big Eyes, Oaxaca Medium & Original Medium ONLY

Giant Rosa Mexicana (red) papier mâché sugar skull mask

Elaborately decorated, authentic Mexican Catrina sugar skull Realistic looking papier mache Pan de Muertos bread loaf

Gigante Sugar Skull Wall Masks

Available! Look at photo to see the new colors including black & white These have never been better!

Decorated Catrina Sugar Skulls

Don't order yet. We need access to storage locker before we know for sure. One half of storage park burnt and we don't know if it was our side

Papier Mâché Pan de Muerto

This can be ordered!
We received about 60 of these & are a necessity for ofrenda makers.

Lime green papel picado cut paper banner with skeleton biker

Handmade Gigante Miracle Paper Flower Day of the Dead Mexican bingo playing cards & calling cards

Papel Picado Banners

Order from Casa Bonampak or for custom orders, order with us

Handmade Paper Flowers

Don't order flowers yet

Loteria de Muertos (Mexican Bingo)

Don't order yet, may be found in storage locker once they give us access

Dressed up skeleton couple dancing in the starlight

We will do our best to take care of any customer service problems as quickly as they arise.

Please remember, we don’t have an office or a phone any more. This is a daunting task.

Senor Muertos Dia de los Muertos journal - cover on top of open journal

Day of the Dead Note Cards

Accepting wholesale orders anytime

Day of the Dead Journals

Accepting wholesale orders anytime

Round Frida on Black Mexican Oilcloth Tablecloth Assorted Mexican oilcloth samples

We will continue to sell Custom Mexican Oilcloth Tablecloths. Order your holiday tablecloth... next week!

We are safe, staying with friends in Berkeley, while we wait to be allowed back to say our “goodbyes” to our property. While we get a computer back up and running, register with FEMA and buy some clothes & cat toys for Tacuba (yes, she’s fine), we still want to do what we can to support you this year for your Day of the Dead parties, events, sugar skull decorating & honoring your departed loved ones.

All informational pages are turned on: Retail Store Locations and 2017 Day of the Dead Events pages are as current as possible. Please use the Teaching About Day of the Dead tips, Scrapbook and Day of the Dead History page for your classes.

Please keep sending us photos of your sugar skulls & ofrendas!

Making sugar skulls - sugar skull blanks, paste colores, etc.

Day of the Dead DIY

Our Día de Muertos Collection

I didn't want to remove all our beautiful products just yet...


Keep sending photos of your sugar skulls & celebrations. We love to share them. Read our news for cool photos & new arrivals. And don't forget our Facebook Sugar Skull fan's page… it's awesome! Over 120,000 sugar skull loving fans and followers!

More Information:

  • We have not packed orders since October 6. Sugar Skull blanks started shipping on October 20 and we're beginning to ship other orders with in-stock items on October 21.
  • If you have placed an order and not received your package, it’s possible it was packed and burnt, or it was waiting to be packed. It’s going to take time to sift through hundreds of orders to see if we can ship your order.
  • If we don't have the merchandise to ship, your order will be automatically canceled. No charges will be made to your credit card.
  • Remember, authorizations are created when you order online, but they are not charges. We charge you when we ship.
  • We do not know exactly what form our business will take looking forward. We hope to keep selling things that don’t require warehouse space, as it may take several years before our house & warehouse will be rebuilt. So, please keep us in mind if you need custom papel picado, custom tablecloths, sugar skull molds, and ANYTHING you need in large quantity that we can import just for you.
  • I foresee us needing to call & contact customers regarding uncertain availabilities. Please give us your accurate daytime cell number.
  • All orders will be charged “actual” shipping charges and Priority Mail boxes will be used more than usual.

Cascade of decorated sugar skulls made with's molds.

Sugar Skull Kits

Food Network video about sugar skulls and Day of the Dead

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