Oaxaca XL sugar skull mold - 2 piece - 1.5 lb sugar

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2 pieces – includes face & back

This 1.5 pound skull is best for adult ofrenda makers as it’s a bit large to grip. This skull will sit majestically on your ofrenda to welcome your muertos back. Lots of fun to decorate. I’ve used it as a birthday cake with candles stuck into little mounds of Royal Icing. Artists can hollow it out and poke out the eyes to make panoramic scenes inside the head. This skull gives you lots of real estate to decorate. Scooping is a must.
5.2″ high x 4.2″ wide x 4.25″ thick

The Oaxaca molds are more whimsical than the original style. This 1.5 pound skull is best for adult ofrenda makers.

Children’s hands are not large or strong enough to compact the sugar into this extra large mold.

Large Plaster Skulls

Large plaster skulls are attractive when you don’t want to make traditional sugar skulls. Good for young children who don’t have the dexterity to operate an icing bag. Also good for ofrenda builders who must leave their altars outside in variable weather where sugar skulls would be getting moist. Artists enjoy a plaster skull when making finer artwork.

Large plaster skulls are usually made with just the face side of a two piece mold; however, advanced crafters can bond both back and fronts together using fast drying epoxy (make sure to “rough up” the mating sides with coarse sand paper to get a good bond). We recommend the Original LargeOriginal Medium or Oaxacan Medium. The Oaxacan X-Large and Guadalupe molds are just pretty big and take a long time to dry, but they can be used.