Novio Chocolate Skeleton Mold

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Flat backs
Novios bars are 3.5″ x 1.7 ” x .3″ thick

Chocolate molds can also be cast with sugar skull mix, plaster of Paris (for refrigerator magnets) or melted soap. Try colored ice cubes!

Bride & Grooms (“novios” in Spanish) are a popular theme for Day-of-the-Dead, as marriage is a big part of the circle of life. Our Novio designs make great chocolate wedding favors. The Lollipops can be made with 2 colors of chocolate candy coating, covered with a cello bag, and tied up with festive ribbons. Novio Bars can be wrapped in bright colors of tin foil and sealed with a custom sticker naming the Bride & Groom and wedding date.

See Chocolate Skull Instructions for more information on using these molds.