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Last year, when I was in Michoacan for Day of the Dead, I ran across a sugar skull vendor selling from a rickety wooden table under the arches of the town square. He had just brought in a new batch of his famous sugar Guadalupes, and women were clamoring to buy them for their ofrendas! It would make a very special offering for their departed loved ones. They were iced with green frosting for the Virgin’s cape, golden yellow flames of the resplandor, and little gold “teacher stars” stuck into the icing of the cape. They were true works of folk art!

We have tried to make a similar Guadalupe mold for your enjoyment… for those of you who can’t go to Patzcuaro to get the real thing. It’s made with the same sugar skull, meringue mixture as the sugar skulls. Dry the back and front and put together with Royal Icing before decorating.

  • Guadalupe Sugar Art Mold (W3485)
  • 8 oz. Meringue Powder
  • 1 dozen Icing Bags
  • Tin Foil Assortment (6×6 inch, 12 sheets)
  • 3 Paste Colors (Super Red, Golden Yellow & Green)
  • Plus these decorating enhancements:
    • 1 dozen Paper Roses
    • 2 cardboard bases
    • 1 piece of decorative braid