Medium Sugar Skull - Buy 100 or more pieces of blanks - $4.00 each

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$4.00 each
Buy 100 or more pieces of blank skulls & receive this large quantity discount - don't forget the meringue powder & decorating supplies

Undecorated Medium skulls - buy exactly the number you need for $4 each. 
3.2″ h x 2.2″ w x 1.5″ thick
Tangerine size

Note – Sugar skulls may incur additional shipping charges if they exceed the tiered shipping rate. Please provide daytime CELL number so we can get hold of you quickly. Sugar skull blanks are very limited this year - 2022.

Undecorated skulls made with our Original Medium Skull Mold.  Just do the fun decorating and let us make the skull blanks! 

This medium size is best for schools, walk up tables and 10-25 minute decorating projects.  
If it's a high school art class, you might want to consider the large, fully rounded skull that can take an hour to finely decorate.  Very young children, pre-K to 2nd grade too may need the large skull if they don't have the dexterity to manipulate the icing bag... but we see young ones do fine with the medium skull.  They are little Picassos layering up the colored icing! 

Adults can choose which ever suits them, their project and event. If you're shooting tequila and your friends are trying to build an ofrenda in your living room, you might want the medium blanks. If it's just the "ladies, sipping wine all evening, then get the large ones!"  

Unless you want naked white skulls, you’ll need these supplies to decorate your sugar skull blanks!

  • Meringue powder for Royal Icing
  • Paste food colors - 5 colors is enough
  • Disposable icing bags 1.5 bags per decorating person. 
  • Colored tin foil
  • Sugar skull boats
  • Powdered sugar – from grocery store

Rule of thumb: 1 batch Royal Icing is needed per dozen skulls. (This will require a 2 pound bag of powdered sugar from the grocery and 1/2 cup meringue powder from us.)

Once white icing is mixed with food coloring, a batch should be split into 12 disposable icing bags with a small amount of icing in each. Usually, 5-6 paste food colors is enough for any project – and white! An 8 oz meringue powder is enough to make 4 batches icing.

One batch of Royal Icing can fill 12 disposable icing bags.  You don't fill them very full but that's enough to fit into the palm of your hand and have lots of colors and bags on the decorating table.