Rectangle 86" Long Table Oilcloth – Saltillo Serape Stripe w/ red trim

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Classic "tipico" serape style in an oilcloth rectangular tablecloth - 

Have every Taco Tuesday on a bright striped tablecloth!  Great for parties, camping or picnics too. 

The famous SERAPES were woven wool from the Northern Mexico village called Saltillo.  That's why now, if you buy a "saltillo", that will mean a thinish woven blanket characterized by many narrow bands of yarn.  The artists would dye their hand-spun yarn (now mostly cotton) in big vats over fire until they achieved the desired saturation of color. Artists would use use what they had available which made for varying widths of stripes.

These serapes were traded and sold all over Mexico for hundreds of years and made into ponchos, ground covers for ladies selling chiles in the market place, horse blankets, rugs or home use. Saltillos are one of the oldest, iconic pieces of Mexican folk art and highly collectible as you can still find some from the 1800's. 

This is a beautifully sewn (in the USA) tablecloth has red trim and will last for years & years. 

86 inches x 47 inches