Scarf - Window Pane - Orange and Red

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Prepare to be a walking work of art!  These scarves are made from recycled silk saris that are pieced together by a woman's workshop in Nepal. Then the magic happens...

The women dye wool into bright colors, card it and then lay it onto the silk rectangles. They either do a process of "needle felting" or "nuno felting" where they create friction in the wool by pricking the wool into the silk, while "drawing" with thin layers of wool fibers on top of the silk. Another way they get other flowers is to create friction on the wool to get the felted texture to sink through the silk. 

Each scarf is similar but unique and is sure to be a treasure that will become a family heirloom.

We sell these because I love folk art. I'm fascinated by these amazing scarves - they are absolutely gorgeous, they are keeping an ancient handicraft alive and it helps imaginative hard women make a living in Nepal.  I hope you will enjoy these, give them as special gifts and collect them!