Classic Maracas - Rattles

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Classic Maraca Rattles - assorted colors 

Are you wracking your brain for a new holiday TickTock idea?  
Dance around the Christmas tree, doing the Reindeer 2-step while shaking these maracas with joyous abandon… 

Are you stressing from shop’n, bak’n, wrapp'in and need to chill - just keep this maraca snuggled in-between the 
tree branches so only you can find it… and when the feeling strikes, grab the rattle and salsa-waltz around the house.. 

Makes a nice gift to dangle from a tree limb or chandelier, or serve with a shot of tequila.  They are beautifully hand painted in 
happy bright colors, and make the perfect “Secret Santa” gift… even if it’s done on Zoom!  

Sold individually $ 10