Flat Tin Novio Milagro $8.00
Foldout Ofrenda Sold Out
Food for the Spirits Poster $8.00
Frida Angel Ornament $18.00
Frida Chocolate Skull Mold $11.00
Frida Doll Pillow $60.00
Frida Pillow with Parrots $125.00
Frida Pillow with Purple Necklace $125.00
Frida with Parrot Earrings $16.00
Frida with Rebozo Candle Holder Sold Out
Fringed Heart Note cards Sold Out
Gigante Dangling Papier Mache Skeleton Sold Out
Gigante Sugar Skull Wall Masks - Rosa Sold Out
Glitter Eyed Skull Mask $13.50
Green Frida Mexican Tile $12.50
Guadalupe Sugar Mold Family Kit $70.00
Guadalupe Tin Shrine Sold Out
Guadalupe with Cone Dress Ornament Sold Out
Guadalupe with Round Dresses Ornament Sold Out
Hand Carved Wood Flaming Heart $30.00
Hanging Cardboard Skeleton Cat $3.00
Hanging Cardboard Skeleton Dog $3.00
Hard Candy Skull Lollipop Mold $11.00
Holiday Angel Mexican Tile $15.00
Holiday Santa Rattles $15.00
Isabella Tile – Cocinera $12.50
Isabella Tile – Frida Sold Out
Isabella Tile – Guitar Serenade $12.50
Isabella Tile – Wedding Couple Sold Out
Juchitan Frida Mesh Market Bag $24.00