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Sugar Skull Molds Supplies created the original Sugar Skull Molds as seen in Sunset and Domino magazines. We've offered our molds online since 1999. Our sugar skull molds have been used by Martha Stewart and "Modern Marvels - Halloween Tech" on the History Channel and featured on The Food Network.


Sugar skull making setup - with decorated sugar skulls, sugar skull blanks, paste colors, and sugar skull molds

photo courtesy of Chef Martin's Angela with a sugar skull at the Sugar Skull Fair in Toluca Mexico

Angela at the Feria de Alfinique en Toluca
Sugar Skull Markets. It's an amazing outdoor market of about 200 stands, each featuring the work & designs of artisan candy makers.

Make your sugar skulls right! Read our step-by-step Sugar Skull Making Instructions

Sugar Skull KITS for classrooms & parties

If this is your first time making sugar skulls, it can be a bit confusing to decide what supplies are needed. We offer 3 kits to make it easier - a Family starter kit, a Classroom kit for young kids and a classroom kit for 3rd grade to adult. That one is great for large adult parties too. Check it out here! We have instructions and Yield charge to help you calculate quantities. If you have further questions, call me!

Set of 6 electric paste colors - Electric Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple, Blue & Pink. I decided to buy these just because of the hot pink, yellow and orange!

Frankly, our paste purple W3515 is a deeper color in my opinion. These are more "liquidy" squeeze bottles than the concentrated pastes colors below so they are a bit easier to use; but if you're making big batches of Royal Icing, they won't color as much icing as the jars of paste color below. Both types have their advantages. Electric color bottles are 0.75 fluid oz.

A5151 $14 per set of 6

NEW Electric Paste Color Kit

No time to make sugar skulls?

These ready-made sugar skulls blanks are perfect for class or parties! Already made for your convenience!
Made from our ORIGINAL sugar skull molds™

UPDATE > We hope to find a group, school, museum, party, restaurant or organization tht might be interested in buying a large quantity of Original medium sugar skull blanks. $42 per dozen ~ 2 dozen minimum please ~ and full boxes of 82 skull blanks for a discounted price of $3 each! We're happy to split up the boxes if necessary. These are a perfect centerpiece to a Day of the Dead party.

To decorate for a group using 12 large sugar blanks, you'll need: 8 oz meringue powder (to make two batches of royal icing - each batch needs a 2-pound plastic bag of powdered sugar), 1 pack assorted colored tin foil, 6 paste colors, and 2 dozen icing bags (all available below!) Quantities slightly less for making Medium sugar skull blanks.

2 undecorated Large Original Sugar Skulls

Undecorated Sugar Skulls

Table full of large sugar skulls that you can decorate

2 undecorated Medium Original Sugar Skulls

Large Sugar Skull Blanks

Undecorated large skulls
4" h x 3.2" w x 3.7" thick
Softball size
(Full face & back)

W3516LG $9.50 each


Party Pack

$8.50 each

W3516LDZ $102 / dozen


Unless you want naked white skulls, you'll need supplies to decorate your sugar skull blanks!

  • Meringue powder for Royal Icing
  • Paste food colors
  • Disposable icing bags
  • Colored tin foil
  • Sugar skull boats
  • Powdered sugar - from grocery store

Rule of thumb: 1 batch Royal Icing is needed per dozen skulls. (This will require a 2 pound bag of powdered sugar from the grocery and 1/2 cup meringue powder from us.

Once white icing is mixed with food coloring, a batch should be split into 12 disposable icing bags with a small amount of icing in each. Usually, 6 paste food colors is enough for any project - and white! An 8 oz meringue powder is enough to make 4 batches icing.

We cannot accept an order for less than 24 Medium Sugar Skull Blanks at this time.

Medium Sugar Skull Blanks

Undecorated Medium skulls
3.2" h x 2.2" w x 1.5" thick
Tangerine size
(Flat back)


Party Pack

W3516MDZ $3.50 each
24 piece minimum


Super Large Discount

W3516MD $3 each
82 pieces or more



Special Note - Because of the fire to our warehouse and destruction to our packing department, the shipping charge will be $5 handling per box plus the actual UPS or USPS fee. Actual shipping cost will be added to your credit card before your order is charged. We cannot accept air shipment or international orders at this time.

Meringue powder

4 sizes of Meringue powder needed to make sugar skulls

Please don't forget the Meringue Powder! It's necessary for the sugar skull recipe. It's hard to find GOOD quality meringue. Ours is more concentrated than hobby shop brands that can ruin your sugar skulls!

4 oz. Jar W3503 $10
8 oz. Jar (Most popular size) W3504 $15
16 oz. bag (Good size for parties or classroom use) W3505 $18.50
Powdered Royal Icing Mix, 16 oz. (Not used to make the skulls! - see Sugar Skull Making Instructions) W3520 $8.50/bag

More supplies for your sugar skull project!


Colored foil

4" x 4", 125 sheets

Colored foil makes the sugar skulls look traditionally Mexican! It's pasted down with the icing. Use the foil to make the rectangle on the forehead - when you buy sugar skulls in Mexico, the seller will write the name of the person you are honoring with icing there. You can use the colored tin foils sculpturally, making earrings, cigars, flowered hats, eyeglasses and such to personalize your sugar skulls. The shimmery colored foils make great eyes! If you are making chocolates, the pieces can be covered in a foil square, like a cherry cordial, to make it festive.

colored tin foil for decorating sugar skull making
Gold W3509GO $ 7.50
Wild Berry/Magenta W3509W $ 7.50
Red W3509R $ 7.50
Purple W3509P $ 7.50
Orange/Copper W3509O $ 7.50
Dark Blue W3509B $ 7.50
Bright Green W3509GR $ 7.50

Colored Foil - 6" x 6", 5 oz, more than 100 sheets

6 Assorted colors in pack - most popular!
Gold, Wild Berry/Magenta, Red, Purple, Orange/Copper and Dark Blue
W3511 $15

Paste colors

paste colors for sugar skull making, loppipop sticks, icing bags

1 oz bottle - Add to your icing. These intensely saturated paste food colors are what make the icing on the sugar skulls look truly Mexican! The paste colors are edible and can be added to any food, cupcakes or icing year 'round. Long shelf life. Grocery store food colors cannot be used to tint Royal Icing. Our paste colors will not fade and will give you the deep, saturated colors for dramatic sugar skull projects. ( * = Most popular colors)

NEW Electric Paste Color Kit - Set of 6: Electric Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple, Blue & Pink) - What are these? A5151 $14
Chartreuse** (lime green -it's a spectacular color!) W3515CH $ 2.50
Golden Egg Yellow * W3515GY $ 2.50
Purple * W3515PU $ 2.50
Royal Red * W3515RR $ 2.50
Teal* W3515TE $ 2.50
Royal Blue * W3515BL $ 2.50
Super Black W3515B $ 2.50
Fuchsia W3515FU $ 2.50
Orange W3515OR $ 2.50
Emerald Green W3515EG $2.50
Lemon Yellow W3515LY $2.50
Box of 12 Assorted Paste Food Colors (1 of each color, 2 Royal Red & 2 Purple. No Lemon Yellow) W3514 $24

Other craft items

12 Disposable Icing Bags W3512 $4
100 Disposable Icing Bags (for parties & schools) W3512C $26
Gold Luster Dust - 2 gram bottle W3518G $ 6
Silver Luster Dust - 2 gram bottle W3518S $ 6
Lollipop sticks - pack of 48 pieces 4 1/2" long W3519 $3
Dime-sized Mini Roses, dozen F2052 $5
Day of the Dead Cello Treat Bags, 25-bag pack A2104 $7
Pomegranate Flavoring Oil, 1 dram bottle for hard candy (out temporarily) A2025 $2.50

Ready-made sugar skulls (not decorated)

Original style Sugar Skulls, Large (Assembled) - out W3516LG $9.50 each
Original style Sugar Skulls, Medium - out W3516MD $4 each

Discount for 12 Sugar Skulls (or more)

**Original Sugar Skulls - Medium (24 - 81 pieces) - out W3516MDZ $3.50 each
**Original Sugar Skulls - Medium (82 pieces or more) - out W3516MD $3 each

Colorful mini paper roses for decorating sugar skulls

Dime-sized Mini Roses

Handmade by 5 old ladies in Mexico City.... and furthermore, Angela's mother got drafted to assort the colors once they hit state side! She's done thousands! These adorable roses are bright & beautiful and can be used for cello bags, sugar skulls (great on our Frida skull) or decorating something special. Assorted colors-wire stems. A bunch is 12 roses in bright assorted colors.
Colors - We now have only bright colors available. The brights include red, bougainvillea and marigold orangy/yellow. No pastels.

F2052 $5 / dozen

See all our Handmade Paper Flowers from Mexico

Mini Bouquets

Great for decorating sugar skulls! Flower petals made from dyed wood shaving with wire stems. Thailand. Bright colors – 10 orange, 10 magenta & 10 red with 1.5” wire stems

A2360 $5 / pack of 30 flowers

Mini bouquet with 10 each orange, magenta & red flowers made from dyed wood shavings

4 sugar skull boats, one with Sara's decorated medium sugar skull

Sugar Skull Boats

1 pound paper drying trays. Perfect for drying a wet sugar skull or taking it home from an event or class. Boat works well with Original Large, all Mediums & smaller sugar skulls. Easy to write artist's name on the boat with a fat Sharpie pen.

A4063 $2.25 / dozen

4 blue decorated day of the dead cello treat bags

Day of the Dead Cello Treat Bags

Eureka! I finally found them. I've hunted for Day of the Dead images for years in party shops, dollar stores, big box seasonal aisles, cake decorating shops... We Día de los Muertos folks need these to package up our decorated sugar skulls and chocolates made from our molds. We need them to hold our hand made gifts. These bags aren't cheap, but they are truly Day of the Dead images - sugar skulls, Catrina and a crazy skeleton dancing in the cemetery. The good thing is that the bags are big - 6" x 11", no gusset. An order comes with all four images, printed in purple, orange and white. Made in Mexico. 25-bag packs

A2104 $7 / 25-bag pack Molds

Sugar Skull Molds

NEW Big Eyes Sugar Skull Mold, 1 piece, one cavity W3600 $13
NEW Small Oaxaca Sugar Skull Mold, 2 sheets, 4 faces & 4 backs. Assembly required. W3495 $13
NEW Medium Altar Sugar Skull Mold - 2 faces & 2 backs per mold. Assembly required. 2 1/2 " high. W3300 $9.50
NEW Small Altar Sugar Skull Mold - 4 faces & 4 backs per mold. Assembly required. 2 1/2 " high. W3310 $9.50
NEW Mini Altar Sugar Skull Mold - 8 faces & 4 backs per mold. Assembly required. 1" high. W3320 $9.50

Original Large Skull Mold, 2 sheets - Full skull front and back. Assembly required. Approximate size of softball.

W3500 $13
Original Medium Skull Mold - Full front skull shape, flat back. Size of a tangerine. W3501 $9.50
Original Mini Skull Mold - Full front shape, flat back. Walnut size. W3502 $9.50
Oaxaca X-Large Skull Mold - two sheets, face & back. Assembly required. Skull is 5 1/4" high & weighs 1 1/2 lbs! W3480 $13
Oaxaca Medium Skull Mold - 2 sheets, 2 faces & 2 backs. Assembly required. W3492 $13
Please don't forget the meringue powder! It's necessary for the sugar skull recipe. It's hard to find good quality meringue. Ours is more concentrated than hobby shop brands that can ruin your sugar skulls!
Oaxaca Mini Sugar Skull Mold W3498 $9.50
Sombrero Hat Pack - Fits Original Medium Skull W3125 $9.50
Sombrero Hat Pack - Fits Original Large 2-part skull & Oaxaca Medium 2-part Sugar Skull Molds W3522 $9.50
Guadalupe Sugar Mold - 2 pieces, front & back W3485 $13
Panoramic XL Sugar Egg Mold,
2 pieces
Sugar Egg Mold A1249 $12

NEW Chocolate Molds

NEW Medium Altar Sugar Skull W3300 $9.50
NEW Small Altar Sugar Skull W3310 $9.50
NEW Mini Altar Sugar Skull W3320 $9.50
New Catrina Chocolate Sugar Skull Lollipops C4407 $9.50
NEW Fiesta Chocolate Lollipop C4420 $9.50
NEW Confetti Sugar Skulls for Chocolate C4440 $9.50
NEW Fiesta Sandwich Cookie C4425 $9.50
NEW Flaming Heart Chocolate C4430 $9.50
NEW Flaming Heart Lollipops C4435 $9.50
NEW Wedding Wafer Sugar Skulls for Chocolates C4560 $9.50

Original Chocolate Molds

Posada C4400 $9.50
Frida C4410 $9.50
Catrina C4405 $9.50
Novio Bar C4550 $9.50
Fiesta C4415 $9.50
Oaxaca Mini Skull W3498 $9.50
Original Mini Skull W3502 $9.50
Sugar Heart - Small A1186 $6.00
Sugar Heart - Large A1187 $6.00
Skull Hard Candy Lollipop with sticks C4551 $9.50

Need a RUSH order of sugar skull molds?

Overnight, 2 Day & 3 Day UPS services available at check out. Please remember, we ship from Santa Rosa and UPS GROUND service to:

  • East Coast is a week
  • Midwest is 4 business days
  • Rocky Mountains, OR & WA are 3 days
  • Northern CA is 1days
  • Southern CA is 2 day.
Add 2 days minimum for processing your order. See shipping info for more details.

Wholesale buyers should contact us for details.


Cascade of decorated Mexican sugar skulls from

Watch Angela Villalba in
Festive Mexican Sugar Skulls
on The Food Network

Puebla Sugar Skull seller

"Modern Marvels" photo shoot

The History Channel featured making our sugar skulls on their Halloween episode at the end of October. Here, Rio Diaz demonstrates how to make our Original Large sugar skulls.'s Rio Diaz making sugar skulls for the History Channel show on Day of the Dead

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