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Sugar Mold Craft Projects

Our sugar skull and chocolate molds can be used for lots of other Day of the Dead projects!

Plaster of Paris Skull Refrigerator Magnets

The Catrina (C4405) and Posada (C4400) Molds make very nice magnets, however they can also be made with our Fiesta (C4415), Frida (C4410) or Oaxaca Mini (W3498) Molds. Since plaster must dry in the molds for up to 24 hours, if you need many magnets you will need several molds. Molds are reusable.

Project time - project takes 48 hours plus painting time

Supplies from your local hardware store - 3-pound box of Plaster of Paris (not the quick set), 1/2" diameter magnets & epoxy

From your kitchen: disposable large cups, spoons, chopsticks, table coverings, jelly roll pan, rice beans or sand measuring cups, paper towels, acrylic paints, brushes and decorations


  • Lay out your molds on a covered table so they are perfectly level. I like to fill a large 10" x 15" jelly roll pan with rice or sand and nestle the empty molds into the rice for support. Have all molds ready in their drying spot before you mix up plaster.

  • Mix 1 cup of dry plaster of paris into a large disposable cup or 1 lb coffee can with 3/4 cup cold water. Mix with a disposable spoon or chop stick. Work in small batches. Mix plaster to a pancake batter consistency. You may need more water.

  • Working quickly, carefully pour liquid plaster into each skull cavity until slightly convex. Try to keep all plaster inside the mold and clean up any overflow with damp paper towels. The flat edge of a business card can be used to clean up and scoop drippings back into the head. Plaster skulls will sink down into the mold during the drying process so fill each skull about 1 Tablespoon more than level to allow for shrinkage.

  • To remove air bubbles from the skulls, pick up molds and drop them onto a counter-top from the height of about 2 inches, so any trapped air bubbles are forced to escape. Replace onto the drying area.

  • Leave the molds in a warm spot to dry, about 24 hours.

  • Pop the skulls out of the molds when dry and continue drying another 24 hours, turning occasionally.

  • No mold release, oil or PAM is necessary when making refrigerator magnets.

  • To make a nice looking edge around the plaster skulls, lay face up, on coarse sandpaper and move the skull in a circular motion to clean up irregular edges. This also "roughs up" the back of the skull to get the epoxy to bond better to the magnet.

  • Return plaster skulls to the rice filled jelly roll pan, face down, so they are perfectly level .

  • Attach 1/2 inch diameter magnets to the back side with fast drying epoxy (1 minute epoxy is fine). Keep the skull heads level or magnets will slide before set. Do not use hot glue or white glue as they do not bond to the slick surface of the magnets.

  • Paint and decorate magnet with acrylic paints, glitter glue, sequins, beads and crafter's rhinestones.

Large Plaster Skulls

Large plaster skulls are attractive when you don't want to make traditional sugar skulls. Good for young children who don't have the dexterity to operate an icing bag. Also good for ofrenda builders who must leave their altars outside in variable weather where sugar skulls would be getting moist. Artists enjoy a plaster skull when making finer artwork.

  • Large plaster skulls are usually made with just the face side of a two piece mold; however, advanced crafters can bond both back and fronts together using fast drying epoxy (make sure to "rough up" the mating sides with coarse sand paper to get a good bond). We recommend the Original Large (W3500), Original Medium (W3501) or Oaxacan Medium (W3492). The Oaxacan X-Large (W3480) and Guadalupe (W3485) molds are just pretty big and take a long time to dry, but they can be used.
  • Make sure you have enough molds for your project as they take a long time to dry inside the mold.
  • Do not consider making the sombreros in plaster as they can't be fitted easily to match the skull heads.
  • Follow the directions above but increase the amount of plaster you mix up to about 1.5 cups and 1 cup water per mold and best spray molds with PAM or other crafter's mold release before filling.
  • Drying time is increased too, (sometimes up to 48 hours) but this is very dependent on your ambient temperature.

Molded Skulls with fimo, skulpey & paper clay

Many crafters enjoy using our molds with polymer clays and paper clay products. No problem! Use with package directions. The Original mini skull should not be considered for this use as it difficult to get the fimo out without excessive distortion. We have seen some beautiful artwork made from the Novio bar mold with a swirled chocolate brown and gold fimo. Perfect for ofrenda decorations dedicated to a married couple!

Skull Candles & Soap

We have been sent some gorgeous soaps, soap on a ropes and candles from our customers who make them to sell at Day of the Dead craft shows and markets. The Original Medium (W3501) and Original Large (W3500) are recommended. Use with soap or candle kits available at craft shops and follow the directions.

Our molds cannot withstand very hot temperatures, so they will melt if hot mixtures are poured into them. One tip that can help is to fill a plastic box with cold, wet sand and nestle the mold into it before filling with soap or candle mix. The sand will tend to wick away the heat and support the mold structure while cooling. However, this only helps a few degrees. Be willing to experiment with this project!

Sugar Skull Panoramic Eggs

Read detailed instructions with photos on how to make sugar skull panoramic egg here.

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