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Big Eyes Sugar Skull Mold

Big Eyes Sugar Skull Mold from for Day of the Dead

(1 piece, 1 cavity) flat back

New for 2017!

W3600 $13 each

About this mold

This 2-piece mold makes 1 extra large sugar skull. This is the largest, most realistic Mexican sugar skull mold we have. It's whimsical with the big eye recesses to decorate and it's a big skull with lots of room to decorate. Carolyn Potter and I had lots of fun making this mold!

The reason this mold is so special and has been long requested is because the back of the head is exactly the same size as the front. This means the skull sits up straight and does not recline, which is preferable to some people. For chocolate makers who wanted a big skull to make hollow chocolate sugar skulls, this is perfect. They would still need to clamp the 2 plastic molds together, but it doesn't have a smaller back of the head as the Original Large has.

This skull is fun to make and in size, falls between the Original Large & Oaxacan XL mold. It's very important to use our strong CK Products meringue powder and scoop to 1/4" - 1/3" walls before assembly.

Please send us photos of your Big Eyes skull decoration and we'll try to post them.

Eyes can be accentuated with colored tin foils, colorful Royal Icing, rhinestones and even round cut outs from soup labels. Anything that looks striking. In Mexico, the sugar skull makers use whatever they find to make a sugar skull special.
Undecorated Big Eyes sugar skulls drying before being decorated

Undecorated Big Eyes sugar skulls drying before decorating.
Photo courtesy Rachel Westergard

More photos of decorated skulls coming soon!

Mexican Sugar Skull and Sugar Skull Mold
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