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Mexican Oilcloth fabric by the roll

~ large quantity purchases

We carry the best oilcloth available! Many designs come from re-engraved rollers that originated back in 1930's Mexico. Add some vintage flair to your interior design! Oilcloth adds a lot of design flavor to any area of tables quite inexpensively. Great for your catering tables, runners, party event rooms or every-day dining room tables. Oilcloth is non-cracking and durable - even when used with hot plates. Very easy to wipe clean and no glass tops are necessary.

Oilcloth is easy to clean with a warm, soapy sponge. Machine washing is not recommended. Fabric is waterproof in addition to being stain and soil resistant. Fading may occur under intense direct sunlight for extended periods, but it's quite popular to use on covered patios.

This oilcloth has been tested and passes the National Fire Protection Agency 701 classification for commercial and residential use. All fabric is printed on one side only. Fold marks (creases) relax and smooth out in a short time - faster in warm weather. Spare cloth should be stored rolled, clean, and in a dry, cool storage area.

7 roll of our beautiful Mexican ollcloth

Ordering info

  • Buying the cloth by the complete roll insures the greatest selection of fabric patterns and lowest price to you.

  • Specify the design number and description, color choice any cutting instructions on your order when you check out.

  • We sell oilcloth by the 12 yard (36 foot) roll, and will custom cut it to suit your needs – up to 10 cuts free of charge!

  • Cloth is approx. 47 inches wide, and all tablecloths will be "simple cut" with unfinished edges. We recommend a 4-6 inch overhang on tablecloths.

  • A 12 yard roll yields nine (9) - 47 inch square tablecloths, or six (6) - 47 x 72 inch rectangular tablecloths. Or mix & match or customize your own!

  • Call our office if you need help figuring your tablecloth sizes, color combinations or "overhang" needed. We're happy to help!

  • Because of the popularity of this oilcloth some patterns may be out of stock at any one time. Please give first, second and third choices of design and background color.

  • Please note - Oilcloth is not returnable.

To order oilcloth by the roll, click on the link below

CL001 Oilcloth Roll - $125 / roll - plus actual UPS shipping cost

Please specify desired "design pattern" and the cutting instructions in ORDER COMMENTS when you check-out.

Note on UPS shipping - A roll of oilcloth weighs 11 pounds. As of June 2016, UPS has added an additional $10.50 charge for any box measuring over 48 inches. Therefore, it’s quite advantageous to have us cut your tablecloths and ship them to you folded, rather than in 50” long boxes. All custom orders for rolls that we do not keep in-stock will have this new fee added to their shipping charge also.

$95 per ROLL plus shipping for 5 or more rolls for restaurants & wholesale customers – Save $30 per roll! Discount given at checkout.

Contact us to order oilcloth by the roll if you have questions. Before contacting us, please fill out our order form.

Click on most pictures below for a bigger sample! Many of these patterns are available in different colors.
Over 60 designs & colors to choose from! See our full line of oilcloth design choices here.

sample of red Pears & Apples oilclothPears 'n Apple Primavera on Lime Green Mexican oilcloth tablecloth samplePrimavera Paradise oilcloth sampleParadise animales in orange oilclothAnimales
Poppy oilcloth sample with yellow backgroundPoppy Hibiscus oilcloth sample with red backgroundHibiscus tropic oilcloth sample with red backgroundTropic Flower Fields on Black oilcloth sample with colorful, bold orange, blue, red and yellow flowers.Flower Fields
Mums on Red Mexican Oilcloth sample Mums Frida on Lime Mexican Oilcloth sampleFrida (on Lime Green) Frida on Black Mexican Oilcloth sampleFrida (on Black) floral oilcloth sampleFloral
Green Chili Chile Peppers Cherries on Red Mexican Oilcloth sampleCherries Pinata with poinsettias on Red Mexican Oilcloth sampleRed Piñata Poinsetta on Red Mexican Oilcloth sampleRed Poinsettia

Flower Fields
Picnic Red and White Mexican Oilcloth SamplePicnic Primavera (on Midnight Blue) Red Polka Dot on White Mexican Oilcloth sample Polka Dots
Solid colors are also available - Order as CL120 plus color
solid RED solid GREEN solid ORANGE solid BLUE
solid BLACK solid WHITE solid YELLOW solid LIGHT BLUE

Pattern Background colors available
Animales Black (CL507), Lime Green (CL505), Purple (CK651), Red (CL652)
Orange - out temporarily (CL506)
Cherries Black (CL512), Red (CL511), White (CL157)
Chile Peppers Red Chile Peppers on Yellow (CL190), Green Chile Peppers on Red (CL191)
Floral Black (CL542), Gold (CL545), Red (CL541), White (CL141), Magenta (CL139)
Flower Fields Black (CL659), Light Blue (CL660), Gold (CL662), Silver (CL663)
Frida Black (CL181), Lime Green (CL183), Brown (CL188)
Gingham Red, Black, Yellow, blue, Pick, Orange and many others
Hibiscus Green (CL133), Red (CL101), Royal Blue (CL192), Yellow (CK131)
Mums Lime Green (CL111), Red (CL126), Light Blue, Royal Blue, Orange, White, Yellow
Paradise Black (CL155) and Red (CL169) on white. Gold on black (CL185)
Pears & Apples Blue, Green, Orange, Pink (CL138), Red (CL105), Yellow
Picnic Check Red (CL182), Blue, Lime Green, Yellow
Piñata Red (CL184)
Poinsettia Red (CL332), Gold (CL175)
Polka Dots 3/8" Red polka dots on White (CL142), 3/8" Black polka dots on White (143),
White polka dots on Red (CL508), 3/8" Lime Green polka dots on White (CL509),
White polka-dots on Black (CL510), Gold polka-dots on Black (CL187)
Poppy Yellow (CL124)
Primavera Lime Green (CL180), Black (CL189), Red (CL667)
Solids Black, dark blue, light blue, green, orange, pink, red, white, yellow
Tropic Red Sherbet (CL107), Yellow (CL650)

Note - If you need less than a full roll (12 yards/36 feet), selected pattern/colors are available "by the foot" here.


Prop 65 Warning Because of the presence of the phthalate DEHP (a vinyl softener present in almost all vinyl’s) in oilcloth, we post the following Prop. 65 warning: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.


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