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NEW Skeleton Folk Art

Artisans all over Mexico love Day of the Dead because it's the busiest time of the year for them - taking all their calaveras & skeletons to the burgeoning open air markets or setting up at temporary arts & crafts festivals in front of the cemetery walls. Their joyous skulls and satirical skeleton scenes mock death and add color & fun to the family ofrendas. The family tradition is to buy little skeletons every year from the artisan vendors which they use to decorate their tombs & altars to delight the visiting muertos!

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Fine Skeleton Figurines by Juan Carlos Sollano

Papier mâché with armature - for the collector from a 4th generation Linares family artist. Made in Mexico
Papier mache skeleton sugar skull seller with a tray of decorated sugar skulls.

Sugar Skull Seller

(left) 13 inches tall. Removable table of skulls.

A5352 $185


Delighted to Marry

(right) Novio pair with big smiles. Graceful papier mâché, well painted, on base. Bride has been adorned with a bouquet, floral veil of satin & paper flowers. Groom is ready for the big day with boutineer & red bow tie. Great piece for a collector. 13 inches tall.

A5354 $250


Papier mache skeleton bride and goom dressed to the nines.
Papier mache skeleton woman with a basket of sugar skulls and a bouquet of flowers.

Woman Skeleton with Basket of Sugar Skulls

(left) 13 inches tall

A5353 $185


Father & Son

(right) Walking his son to the Day of the Dead festivities in the cemetery. The big hat tells me that Dad must have a Northern cowboy accent. The son sports shorts (worn by rich kids in the Colonia) and balloons. 13 inches tall.

A5356 A5356 $185

Papier mache father and son walking. Dad has a big cowboy hat and his son is carrying balloons.

Isabella Tiles

These low fire, intricately glazed 4" x 4" tile would make a nice trivet, wall plaque or can be used as tile to cement into a wall – indoors or out. Mexico

$10 each

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Female skeleton cook preparing food in the kitchen Frida Kahlo skeleton skull tile with flowers, leaves and skeleton earrings
Cocinera F2255 $10 Frida F2257 $10

Open mouth skeleton couple dressed to go out - suit and hat for the guy, orange dress, shoes and hat for the gal Open mouth happy skeleton couple - woman with a red flower dress and purple hat, man with a white shirt, black pants and a hat Open mouth happy skeleton couple in traditional Mexican dress style

Big Mouth Glamorous Couple

Clay. 4" tall. Mexico

A5260 $26 each

Big Mouth Tehuana Couple

Clay. 4" tall. Mexico

A5257 $26 each

Big Mouth China Poblana Couple

Clay. 4" tall. Mexico

A5258 $26 each

Open mouth happy skeleton mariachi couple dressed in black with matching sombreros and necklaces. Skeleton sitting on a grave with a sugar skull on top and cross,  playing a guitar.

Big Mouth Mariachi Couple

Clay. 4" tall. Mexico

A5256 $26 each

Skeleton Serenade on Gravesite *

Clay. 3" long x 1.5" wide x 3" tall. Mexico

A5324 $16 each

Fabiola Hand Painted Clay Skulls

5 awesome painted clay skulls to show relative sizes 7 colorful hand-painted clay skulls
Colorful, fun, detailed hand painted clay sugar skulls from Guanajuato, Mexico. No two alike! Votive tea lights fit under size 3, 4 and 5 and look great glowing on tabletops, & ofrendas or tomb stones.
Left to right - Size 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Fabiola Painted Clay Skull

Size 2 » 2 1/4" tall x 3" deep

A5306 - $16 each

Explore our awesome Skeleton Miniature Box Collection » 16 unique, handmade mini glass boxes, 2 below

Skeleton folk art is commonly used to adorn home altars but can also be found decorating the tombs on November 1 & 2. Happy skeletons are depicted as they were in life: dancers, brides & grooms (novios), occupations, romantically involved or just taking it easy!
Large finely painted magenta clay skull 3 beautifully hand-painted clay skulls

Fabiola Painted Clay Skull

Size 4 » 4 1/2" tall x 5 1/2" deep x 5" wide

A5308 - $45 each

Fabiola Painted Clay Skull

Size 3 » 4" tall x 4" deep x 3 1/2" wide

A5307 - $30 each

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Glass box with red wood frame altar to Frida Kahlo with her photo, musicians and an altar Handmade glass box with red wood frame with bakery - panaderia scene with skeleton baker and skeleton woman buyer.

Mini Glass Box – Ofrenda to Frida

Wood & glass box tribute to Frida. 2 inches tall x 3 inches wide x 1 1/2 inches deep with glass on the top and front. Mexico

A5323 $22 each

Mini Glass Box – Panaderia

Hand made, un-openable, hand-decorated glass box. 2 inches tall x 3 inches wide x 1 1/2 inches deep with glass on the front and top. Mexico

A5331 $22 each

Finely hand painted clay sugar skull centerpiece topped with a candle

Ofrenda Skull Centerpiece

Have you been waiting for the perfect, joyous clay sugar skull to be the focal point of your Day of the Dead celebration? This is IT.

This finely painted huge skull was painted in a woman's workshop in Guanajuato, Mexico with a garden full of detailed flowers representing rebirth & transformation. 

A thick candles crowns the top and a votive tea light can be slipped underneath to illuminate the eyes. The glittered cup on top of the skull can hold the provided candle, or used to add your personalized floral decorations. These pieces are extremely limited and precious for any family that wants a special centerpiece to remember their loved ones.

Skull is 7" high x 5" wide x 8" deep.

A5322 $125 each, with candle

Papier Mâché Procession Masks

In Mexico, the devout parade around in processions in the cemeteries carrying santos, incense & candles as they pray, chant and sing on November 2. In more recent times, more popular processions take place in the town squares & surrounding streets the week before Day of the Dead with musicians, participants in costumes, masks and even skull face painting. Theater performances and interpretive dance are becoming common in Mexican cities too.

In the U.S. where traditional Halloween traditions are increasingly interwoven with Day of the Dead iconography, Catrinas and Fridas are showing up to costume parties.

Our new papier mâché artist has made these strong & high quality mache masks with really large eye holes so they can really be worn by folklorico dancers or just hung on the wall. While these vary in size, the hefty sized skulls (without hat or flowers) measure approx 9 1/2" hight x 7" wide. Mexico.

Paper mache procession mask -smiling Friday skeleton mask with a corona of colorful flowers on her head

A5104 Frida (corona of flowers)

Paper mache procession mask - smiling Pachuco male skeleton mask with blue hat

A5107 Pachuco (many fun hat colors)

Paper mache procession mask - Carmen - smailing female skeleton with a bunch of colorful flowers on her head.

A5106 Carmen (side flowers)

$40 each - Explore our entire Papier Mâché Procession Mask Collection

Love papier mache? So do we!
Papier Mâché Skeleton Folk Art - skulls, masks & more

Fisherman retablo open to show 3 fisherman and their day's catch.

Fisherman Retablo

The three skeleton spirit fisher-folks are busy at work. There's a lot of story being told in this retablo. As you open the doors, you see the skeletons holding the day's catch.

Every aspect of this nicho is beautifully executed with lots of fish and baskets, detailed skeletons & a delightful paint job. This piece is a collector's dream.

Very limited quantities. 4" wide x 5 1/2" high x 2" deep. Peru

A5311 $90 each


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Castillo Style Day of the Dead Village Scenes Pottery

The most expensive Castillo piece I've ever seen was in Puerto Vallarta, and it was an entire intricate circus scene that cost over $13,000 made by one of the famous first generation Castillo artists. There are many talented offshoots of this huge family these days. It's unusual to see a Mexican pottery that is fired and then painted with natural dyes or acrylics in place of glazes. The Castillo style pottery is beautiful, interesting and makes wonderful additions to any Day of the Dead collection... and yes, still painted with one-hair paintbrushes. We hope you enjoy these museum quality Castillo style pieces!

Explore our extensive Castillo style Day of the Dead Folk Art Collection

Handmade, detailed Frida Candle Holder for 3 candles Colorful Frida skeleton head altar with candle holder

Frida with Rebozo Candle Holder

Unique Castillo style candle holder for 3 candles! Candle holders are behind Frida's head and hands. 8.5" tall x 7" wide x 3.5" deep. Colors and designs are unique. Mexico

A5251 $ 195 each

Castillo Style Skeleton Frida Altar

Amazing piece! 6' tall x 6.5" wide x 4" deep. Candle holder is at the top, center, with a 3/8" diameter candle deposit. Her sugar skull earrings dangle. Colors and designs are unique. Mexico

A5250 $175 each

Gigante Retablo

This spectacular piece of folk art is the original creation of Mexico City artist Rafael Rodriguez. He carves and makes many of the furniture and mini elements inside these beautifully handcrafted retablos. Scenes are extremely well detailed and are a showcase piece for any collector, restaurant or museum. These diorama type retablo scene boxes were first made by 19th-century resident nuns in the Santa Monica convent in Puebla. Wood with glass. Because of the fragility of these pieces, they should be picked up at our warehouse. Please contact us for details.
Large handmade Day of the Dead ofrenda with decorated ofrenda table, skeletons, papel picado, marigolds and words from 1939.

Gigante Retablo – Day of the Dead Ofrenda

20" wide x 7" deep x 14" tall. Mexico

A4101 $525

Click on the image for larger photo.

Repousse Skeleton Bone Dog Ornament

Repoussé Bone Dog Ornament

The detail work on this skeleton dog is astounding on both sides... it's like a piece of jewelry with the colored stones, beaded tail and hand cut bone assemblage. A wonderful gift for a Day of the Dead dog lover who can enjoy the bone dog all year long. 4" x 3.5"

A2313 $22 each

Repoussé Skeleton Cyclist Ornament

Bike aficionados will love this intricate, hand hammered skeleton on a souped up cycle. This 3D piece is equally elaborate on both sides. Yes, the wheels turn! 5" tall x 4" wide (+ 2 1/4" hanger.)

A2312 $24 each

Colorful Respousse skeleton bicyclist ornament

Repoussé metal work was introduced to Mexico during the French control of Mexico in the late 1800's and has been around ever since. Church decor, metal art, jewelry and tourist art still draws heavily from the repoussé technique of hammering and stretching sheet metals into beautiful folk art. See more NEW Repoussé Ornaments & read about the artists who make them here

We have a wonderful collection of Holiday Skeleton Nativities & Ornaments

Metallic Knick-Knack Boxes

One of our best gift items ever! Where do you keep all your paddy-wacks? You'll love to use this super cool sugar skull box for little things like earrings, car keys, chocolate ganache truffles, stack of coasters or the proverbial paper clips. Great gift for man or woman.

The design is reverse painted on glass then backed with scrunched metallic foil. Finely finished hinged box and all wood is painted black. Design is on all four sides & top. 4.5’" x4.5" x 2" high

Metallic knick knack box with sugar skull

Do you need a unique & romantic gift for the one you love? This is perfect!

This romantic skeleton serenade box can be filled with keepsakes - used ticket stubs, pressed flowers, a beach stone, milagro, fortune cookie fortunes, small photos, jewelry or a lock of hair.

Skeleton Serenade Box
A5216 $35 each

All sides are covered in reverse painting and metallic foil. Very finely detailed, (despite the photo)

metallic serenede sugar skull box
Wooden metallic box with  colorful sugar skull and flowers Silver metallic sugar skull knick knack box Black metallic sugar skull knick knack box
Metallic Sugar Skull Boxes Sugar Skull Box, Silver
A5215-S $35 each
Sugar Skull Box, Black
A5215-B $35 each

Traditional Mexican Sugar Skulls

Mew shipment of beautifully decorated sugar skulls. These authentic Mexican sugar skulls are colorfully decorated and ready to adorn any ofrenda.

Sugar skull making is a tradition passed on from generation to generation. These boiled sugar confections are the "real deal", true folk art, made by artisans in fewer and fewer places each year. If kept dry, they look beautiful for years!

Note - These are for decorative use ONLY, not to be eaten!! (Sizes are approximate.)

7 sizes of beautifully decorated, authentic sugar skulls made in Mexico.
Back row, left to right - #9, #8, #7, #5, #3
Front row, left to right - #1, #0
Traditional Mexican Sugar Skull #3 - 2" high x 2" wide x 2 1/2" deep
A4057 $10 each

Traditional Mexican Sugar Skull #7 - 3 1/2" high x 3" wide x 4" deep
A4059 $26 each

Traditional Mexican Sugar Skull #5 - 2 1/2" high x 2 1/2" wide x 3 1/2" deep
A4058 $18 each
Traditional Mexican Sugar Skull #8 - 5" high x 4" wide x 6" deep
A4060 $45 each

These are "street quality" that are made in Toluca, Mexico and they are what are made to sell to the folks celebrating Day of the Dead in the State of Mexico. That means they are irregular, a bit crooked and not perfect museum quality miniatures. The 1" skulls have up to 7 bright colors and are very cute with their sequin eyes and strips of colored tin foil on their foreheads, just like the traditional large sugar skulls have. We rarely get sugar skulls imported and even rarer that we find a sugar skull maker willing to make us such precious, tiny little works of art.

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