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Treasures for $15 or less

Day of the Dead is getting so popular all over the world that everyone wants to get into the act of making cute sugar skull things for the celebration! Most of the items on this page didn't exist 20 years ago when I started selling Day of the Dead items. They in no way take the place of hand made traditional folk art which is the preferred way to celebrate this Mexican holiday, but many of these high quality, fun and interesting items are finding their way back to Mexico too.

When you hosts a Day of the Dead party in your home, it's becoming traditional to give away little DoD items as favors - also at conferences or large gatherings of people who acknowledge the importance of the day. Let's not forget the Day of the Dead themed weddings that are becoming popular in the U.S. that use lots of little colorful doo-dahs. Discounts on large quantities of some items available. Please contact us for details. Remember to checkout our Closeout Specials!

Colorful poster with 4 sugars skulls on an ofrenda withcandles, bread, food & flowers.

NEW Food for the Spirits Poster

This elaborate cemetery tomb ofrenda features sugar skulls, pan de muerto, hot cups of cocoa & turkey mole - mounds of food to delight the spirits. These two posters end-to-end would cover 5 1/2 feet of bulletin board, window or decorate an ofrenda.
Each poster is 11 inches x 34 inches. Two posters per pack. Colorful printed tag board.

A5357 $8 / 2-poster pack

Skeleton cat framed in marigolds with a red ball of yarn

Skeleton Cat

8" high x 5" wide (left). Made in Mexico. (shown on green/orange background)

A4017 $3


NEW Skeleton Dog

8" high x 5" wide. Made in Mexico. (shown on green/orange background)

A4018 $3


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Skeleton dog framed in marigolds with dog bones in a purple bowl

7 brightly colored papier mache spirit skull masks with smiling faces and awesome detail.

Spirit Skull Mask with Ribbons

NEW papier mâché Spirit Masks got a color make-over when Angela went to Mexico and worked with the artist on a new color palette. Bold bright colors to knock the socks off your muertos Our new artist in the state of Guanajuato has been making these papier mache masks for over 20 years!

While I wouldn't recommend them to be used as a real usable mask without first enlarging their eyes, they are perfect for wall decor, centerpieces or hanging on the wall. These are imported as traditional folk art and not to be purchased for wearable masks for children.

Masks are 8 1/4" high, 5 1/2" wide and 3" deep.

These fun, inexpensive skull masks come in deep, bright. Assorted colors. Mexico. Please let us know if there is a color you do NOT want in the Order Notes upon checkout.

A5127 $15


Skeleton Bone Dog & Cat Rattles

Papier mâché animals are great for pet owners who want to celebrate the memory of past pet companions or place them on their ofrendas of loved ones who loved their pets! These hand finished rattles are great for processions or just to sit in your pencil cup next to your computer to keep you company. The cats and dogs stare at you and makes you laugh. What more could you want from a cute rattle? Rattles are adorable on bright sticks and tied with ribbons. These look perfect stuck in a big mason jar filled with black beans!
3 skeleton bone cat rattle on a colorful stick with ribbons 2 skeleton bone dog rattles on colorful sticks with ribbon

Bone Cat Rattle

Papier mâché skeleton cat is 5" deep x 3" high with a colorful 18" stick and ribbons. Mexico.

A5178 $15 each

Bone Dog Rattle

Papier mâché skeleton dog is 5" deep x 3" high with a colorful 18" stick and ribbons. Mexico.

A5177 $15 each

Headband with colorful bunched papier mache flowers and long ribbon strands. Colorful papier mache boutineers

Headband with colorful papier mache flowers across the top and long ribbon strands.

Carmen Headband

A5287 $12 each

Papier Mâché Boutineer

A5312 $6 each

Frida Headband

A5286 $12 each
Papier mâché flower accessories made in Mexico City. Assorted colors.

6 colorful zipper charger bags with different papel picado cut paper Day of the Dead images Zipper pouch with Day of the Dead Catrina cut paper decoration

Day of the Dead Zipper Charger Bag

Are you worried that when you're out at the Forever Cemetery in Hollywood for Day of the Dead and need to recharge your phone that you won't have a stylish bag for your cords? These charger bags are also good for cosmetics or just a little bit of stuff. Many assorted Day of the Dead designs include skeletons, sugar skulls, catrina & charro.

A charger bag is about half the height of the pouch. 8 1/2" wide x 3 3/4" tall. Very well made & makes a nice gift.

A5124 Zipper Charger Bag $13 each

Day of the Dead Zipper Pouch

This is the newest thing from our artist's workshop in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico. Young artists have created this cool new bonding of materials that encases papel picado in a non-wrinkle-able way to a clear layer of plastic film and sew it into utilitarian small bags. All the museums in Mexico are buying these so thought we should do the same. Pouch is double the height of the cable bag and good for all kinds of things!

Assorted skeleton Day of the Dead designs. 9 1/2" wide x 6" tall.

A5121 - Zipper Pouch $15 each

Row of suitcases with sugar skull luggage tie

I have one of these luggage ties on each suit case, backpack & camera equipment and I get so many requests from folks wanting to buy them off my bags!

Click for large tag fabric sample

Sugar Skull Luggage Tie

5" x 4" with 5 1/2" tie. Mexico

CL4004 $14 each

Sugar skull luggage tie with business card
back of sugar skull luggage tie with colorful skulls

Fiesta Clay Skull Earrings

If I didn't sell these earrings, I'd actually buy some! Each skull is hand painted in fanciful colors and they are fun, happy, colorful and really look like a sugar skull. Their heft makes them hang well and even if you have longer hair, the color and movement shows up well. About 15 colors in the assortment.

A5120 $15 / pair

Rack of colorful clay sugar skull earrings

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Sugar Skull Candy Tins

Black sugar skull candy tin open to show colorful skull candies

These adorable, colorful hammered tins hold a bunch of little sugar skull candies. Can't say the taste of the candies will wow a refined candy connoisseur, but kids will devour them.

I love the empty sugar skull box and have hoarded many - I use them for earrings, paper clips and those easy-to-lose micro chips for my camera. These really are adorable and make great little Day of the Dead gifts for teacher, office mates or friends you run into at the Safeway. Keep several in your pocket and surprise someone with a "random act of sugar skull!"

Cute 3.5" x 2.5" colorful candy tins, each filled with 1.4 oz skull candies.

A2318 $11 / 3 tins (one of each color!)

3 sugar skull candy tins

Sugar Skull Wrapping Paper

How cool is this? The perfect paper to wrap gifts for sugar skull lovers! Also ideal to adorn your altar de muertos or use with Day of the Dead craft projects.

In Mexico, this paper is sold in the open air markets to decorate the wall behind an ofrenda, which generally is in the middle of one's living room. But I use it at Christmas for my wrapping paper!

Each piece is 34' long x 19.5" wide. Sold in packs of 12 sheets, folded in thirds. Made in Mexico.

Purple Sugar Skull Gift Wrap


A4048 $12 / 6 sheets


Black Sugar Skull Gift Wrap


A4049 $12 / 6 sheets

Purple Day of the Dead gift wrap with colorul sugar skulls and marigold edging on the top and bottom
Black Day of the Dead gift wrap with colorul sugar skulls and marigold edging on the top and bottom

Eyeglasses with 3 cute eye glass cases made with fabric with sugar skull designs Sugar skulls with hearts & roses eyeglass case Muertos Fiesta in Red eyeglass case Sugar Skulls on Black Eyeglass case

Sugar Skull Eyeglass Cases

(left) Sugar Skulls Hearts & Roses

CL4012 $15 each

(center) Muertos Fiesta in Red

CL4011 $15 each

(right) Sugar Skulls on Black

CL4010 $15 each

3 medium notebooks with sugar skulls on the covers

Sugar Skull Notebooks

Eco-friendly notebooks handcrafted by women’s cooperatives in Nepal.

(left) Sugar Skull Notebook, Medium, unlined, 4” x 8”, 40 blank pages.
A4105 $20 /pack of 3

(right) Sugar Skull Notebook, Large, lined 8” x 12”
A4106 $14 each (out temporarily)

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Large line notebook with sugar skulls on the covers

Sugar Skull Emery Boards

Fun & colorful way to file your nails. They work great! Skull files are 3 1/4" x 2 1/2" with “emery” on both sides. Back is black. Set of 4 includes one of each color board - lime green, golden yellow, purple & pink. 

Hand filing nails with a pink sugar skull emery board
Green, yellow and purple sugar skull emery boards A4071 $8 / set of 4

Wedding Tiles

Does your martini or beer glass need a coaster? This is a great piece of Mexican folk art for any Day of the Dead collector, on nicely finished wood bases! Wedding guests can take these home. Sticker the back with the names of the bride & groom and wedding date.

4" x 4" clay tile, incised design with hand painted glaze - assorted bright colored backgrounds. Mexico.

A2171 $5 each
A2171-12 $50 / dozen

3 clay skeleton wedding tiles
6 Skeleton novios - wedding couple - in decorated matchbox

Skeleton Wedding Couple Matchbox

Hand painted matchboxes slide open to reveal a happy little wedding couple inside. When you want to give a little treasure of a gift, these beautiful boxes are a lovely keepsake. You can print a small sticker with the names of the bride & groom and attach it to the back of the box. 2" wide x 1.5" tall x 5" deep. Peru

A2170 $6 each

A2170-50 $250 / 50 matchboxes


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FELIZ DIA DE MUERTOS banner string Letters from repurposed muertos banner showing different kids book cutouts

Re-purposed Muertos Banner

Made from hard cover children’s story books! Hard cardboard letters are strung together on black ribbon to hang in dining room, classroom or across an ofrenda. Uniquely ours. So durable that you can keep it up all year long. Each string extends approx. 6 feet, but you can adjust the spacing on the string. Handcrafted in Oregon.

A3007 $15 each's sugar skull cookie cutters with backing card Lots of beautifully decorated sugar skull cookies make with exclusive symmetrical cookie cutters.

Sugar Skull Cookie Cutters - symmetrical design!

Now you can make delicious sugar cookies but decorate them like traditional Mexican sugar skulls! Kids and adults alike can gather to decorate the large 5.5 inch skull, using it as an artist's palette to make extraordinary sugary artwork! Make the little 3 inch cookies to nibble on before the party! Decorate your sugar skull sugar cookies with edible glitter, candies, colorful icing and edible luster dust. Just when you finally got the dried up icing cleaned up from your floor grout from last Christmas' cookie baking, now you can relive the fun of cookie baking in October!

Your homemade sugar skull cookies will be reminiscent of the authentic Mexican sugar skulls used to celebrate Day of the Dead. Recipe card gives you a great cookie and icing recipe. If you want to order disposable icing bags, luster dust and paste food colors, scroll down on this page. Please send us photos of your cookies! We'll post them. Set contains 1 large 5" cookie cutter, 1 smaller 3 1/2" cookie cutter & recipe card.
Our NEW exclusive design ~ Designed by Angela, owner of ~ Made in the U.S.A.

A1195 $10 / 2-piece set

Calavera Feliz (happy skulls) baby bib on black with pink trim and ties
click for large pattern image

Sugar Skull Baby Bibs

Really cute baby wearing Sugar Skull on Black Baby Bibphoto courtesy of our friend Patrice

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Muertos Fiesta in Black sugar skull baby bib with red trim and ties
click for large pattern sample

Calavera Feliz Baby Bib

A4042 $15 each (out temporarily)

Muertos Fiesta in Black Baby Bib

A4044 $15 each

Red skeleton baby bib with golden yellow trim and ties
click for large pattern sample
Sugar Skulls on Black baby bib with lime green trim and ties
click for large pattern sample

Muertos Fiesta in Red

A4043 $15 each

Sugar Skull on Black Baby Bib

A4045 $15 each

Medium Alegria Flaming Heart Milagro


Milagros are votive offerings to ask for healing in the Catholic Church. They are made many different ways around the world, but they basically are used as a symbolic image of what needs to be healed. Then hung on the wall behind the saint or on the clothing of the saint inside the church. Devout parishioners make milagros out of what they have - lost wax casting methods or hammering sheets of tin and silver are typical kinds of milagros.

Copper flaming Heart milagro

Medium Alegria Flaming Heart

Alpaca Silver Plate, 3 ¼ x 2 1/4, Peru

A2225 $14 each

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Copper Flaming Heart Milagro

Small 1.25" x 1.75" Peru

A1254 $6 each

Skeleton Ballerinas with magenta skirts Dangle Earrings Happy Skeleton Novios - bride and groom - dangling earrings

NEW Skeleton Ballerina Earrings

Vivacious and fun mini clay skeleton ballerinas can dance on your ears! Take a few pairs to your Day of the Dead party and share! These are lovingly made by artists in Puebla, Mexico. 1 1/2" tall. Mexico

A4021 15 /pair

NEW Skeleton Novio Earrings

Be prepared for Day of the Dead themed weddings! My Puebla artists are totally insane to make these ultra mini bride & groom earrings! After making the teensy-tinsey skeleton bodies they sew the bride's dress & veil. Very sweet, hand made bridal party favor. When I wear these to Starbucks, I get a lot of comments! 1 1/2" tall. Mexico

A4020 $15 / pair

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Leather coin purses with incised sugar skull on both sides. divided inside.

Sugar Skull Coin Purse

Cute little leather zipper coin purses Leather carved and painted in India, a happy sugar skull is on both sides. The 3" tall purse has an inside divider to keep your pesos apart from the gringo coins! It holds about $3.50 in change.

If you desire a specific color, write in on your order notes when you check out. Otherwise, we'll choose for you - magenta, lime green, orange or purple.

A1222 $12 each


Cover, Mexican Folk Art Tattoos Day of the Dead Tattoos book cover Cover - Glitter Tattoos Day of the Dead

Mexican Folk Art Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are fun for Day of the Dead! Booklet comes with four colorful tattoos: a folk art armadillo,Day of the Dead sugar skull, 2 skeletons carrying a coffin, and a Huichol deer. The skull tattoo is 2" x 3" and is really cool.

Tattoos are waterproof and can withstand soap and water. For kids of all ages!

A2008 $1.50 each booklet

Day of the Dead Tattoos

Celebrate Day of the Dead all year long! Five classic designs by Mexican artist Jose Guadalupe Posada and Julio Reulas feature traditional Day of the Dead images - grinning skeletons of a soldier, a guitarist, and the classic fashionable Posada catrina, plus a splendid bracelet of skulls. These temporary tattoos are easy to apply and remove. (5.7" x 4.2")

A2241 $1.50 each booklet

NEW Day of the Dead Glitter Tattoos

Four colorful tattoos: skeleton head with crown, 2 fanciful sugar skulls & the cover skeleton) are nontoxic, waterproof and can be easily applied & removed. Tattoos are 2 1/4" high.

Preschool - 5 (ages 3 - 11) & older - for kids of all ages!

A4070 $1.99 each booklet

Cover Day of the Dead (Steampunkish) Iron-On Transfer Patterns Cover, Day of the Dead Coloring Books Dia de los Muertos Paper Dolls cover

Day of the Dead Iron-On Transfer Patterns

Make every day Day of the Dead with fantastic iron-on transfers. This original collection features elaborately decorated skulls, dancing skeletons, and other charming images from Mexican folklore.

Decorate pillows, jackets, place-mats, handbags and other clothing as well as accessories and home wares with more than 40 classic Day of the Dead motifs, all of them new interpretations of original designs. Truly beautiful designs! 48 pages

A2365 $8.95 (out temporarily)

Day of the Dead Coloring Book

Inspired by Day of the Dead, this coloring book offers 31 intricate illustrations depicting dancing skeletons, skulls and other traditional imagery - all festooned with flowers, butterflies and additional lively decorations.

Specially designed for the experienced colorist, Creative Haven coloring books offer an escape to a world of inspiration and artistic fulfillment.

Perforated pages are printed on only one side for easy removal and display. 64 pages

A2366 $5.99

Day of the Dead / Día de los Muertos Paper Dolls

16 pages of wonderfully imaginative Mexican costumes for the skeleton man and woman paper dolls. Outfits are all bright, whimsical and include a "tipico" china poblana dance outfit, a variety of catrina costumes,a Frida & Diego outfit, Mexican charro, mariachi, bride & groom and typical village outfits.

The book comes with ofrenda altar items to make your own altar. Cut out the candles, Day of the Dead bread, flowers, sugar skulls, incense, tree-of-life, mole and hot chocolate and fold them up to decorate around the paper dolls. Make a YouTube video or classroom project with these paper dolls using a camera or your cell phone! You have lots of options to make an interesting story line with all the props - including a boa, umbrella, sombreros, fruit baskets and more!

Cute gift for adults and kids alike!
32 pages 8 1/4" x 11"
A2010 $10

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Sugar Skull Key chains

Awesome sugar skull designs on a metal keyring. 1 7/8" wide x 2" high metal fob on sturdy 1" ring 1 3/4" x 2 1/4" fob on a sturdy 1" key ring

Candy Sugar Skull Key Chain

White sugar skull key ring

Black Rose Cross Sugar Skull Keychain

Candy Sugar Skull Key chain

A3971 $5

White Sugar Skull Key chain

A3973 $4

Rose Cross Sugar Skull Key chain

A3972 $5

Plaster Catrina Mold Pieces

NEW set just in! Are you looking for a sugar skull alternative? Adults and kids alike enjoy painting these plaster catrina pieces. Frequently used for refrigerator magnets (just epoxy magnet on back), jewelry and other art projects. A local artist makes these perfectly detailed pieces out of our Catrina chocolate mold (approximately 2.7 " h x .6" thick). Flat backs and sanded finish. Get the paints out, a fine pointed brush and enjoy creating cute sugar skull Catrinas. Fun project for school, parties or wedding showers.

Sold in pairs of one catrina woman with big hat and catrin man with top hat. Made in the USA.

A2240-2 1 pair (2 pieces) $5  
A2240-30 15 pair (30 pieces) $60

Plaster catrin and catrina mold pieces

Large Carved wood skull blank

Unpainted clay sugar skull ornament

Large Wood Skull Blank

Is your machete dull? Start with these wonderful per-whittled carved wood skulls and paint them with your favorite paints. We made black wood bases you can add for a gallery look. 5.5” tall x 4” wide x 3 .5” deep

A2354 $12

Calacazo Paintable Skull Ornament

Plaster skull calaca comes unpainted with a little hook on top. 3” high x 2” wide x 1” thick. Makes a great Christmas tree ornament.

A2350 $8 / 2 pieces

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Petite Sugar Skull Faces

Printed on tag board. Perforated eyes. Shown on white background. Sold in packs of 20 of the same face.

$15 / 20 pieces (faces)

Smiling male skeleton face with big brown handlebar mustache and big blue eyes Smiling sugar skull with green eyes and red paste hair

A3004 Bigotes (8 3/4" high x 6 3/4" wide)
Calavera sube al monte, no señora porque espanto, pues a donde irte? yo señora, al camposanto

- Skeleton go to the mountain. No, because it's frightening. Then where do you want to go? Me, ma'am, I want to go to the blessed land (cemetery).

A3005 Sugar Skull (8 1/2" high x 6 1/4" wide)
A los pobres y los ricos, se los lleva de esta vida, a nadie se las perdona porque no agarra mordida

- means Death doesn't take a bribe from rich or poor.

Thanks so much for the very prompt delivery of the items I ordered. We spoke by phone on Monday about the order and the package was at my house in Rhode Island on Wednesday when I arrived. ¡Mil gracias!

The masks are perfect for the Spanish 1 project I had planned for Friday. Photo shows the students in their masks - which they loved! I posted this photo on their class pages in Google Classroom - so they see them every time they log on.

 - Ken C., The Wheeler School, Providence, RI (11 February 2016)

Providence High School Spanish 1 students wearing our petite sugar skull face masks
Smiling female sugar skull face with colorful flowers in her long hair and big purple eyes Smiling male skeleton face with top hat, brown mustache and big blue eyes Smiling female sugar skull face with colorful flowers instead of hair and multicolored necklace

A3001 Adelita (8 1/2” high x 71/4” wide)

A3003 Catrin (9 1/4" high x 7" wide)
De aquí a cien años, todos seremos pelones.

- In a hundred years, we'll all be bald.

A3002 Flower Skull (9 1/2" high x 8" wide) (out temporarily)

6 brightly colored, hand-painted clay sugar skull holiday ornaments

Sugar Skull Cookie Ornament

I love both these new ornaments! They are the nicest little new things I've found this year. These large sugar skull cookie ornaments are made from some kind of colored polymer clay and are topped with real fake sparkly sugar crystals. Their eyes and teeth really give them personality! 3.75" high with red ribbons on top. (if there's any color you don't want, please specify in Order Notes upon checkout).

A5146 $6.50 each   |   A5147 $260 for 50

Clay Sugar Skull Ornaments

Awesome hand-painted ornaments. Very detailed. Each one is different!
3" high x 2.5" wide with hanger. Peru. Assorted colors.

A5028 $7 each


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