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Lotería cards (Mexican bingo) games & puzzles

5 memory cards and backing Dia De Muertos memory card game and cards

Dia de Muertos Memory Card Game

Day of the Dead parties are growing in popularity as alternative family parties for Halloween parties. Kids and adults alike will enjoy playing this classic card game. The one who collects the most pairs wins! 

Turn over all the cards - the skeleton with top hat, the sugar skull, pot of marigold cempasuchil, tamales, catrina... there are 30 delightful designs in all. Take turns turning over 2 cards at a time until you find a pair.
Crafters can steal the cards into their sleeves to make a myriad of art projects. Game comes in a little box, 60 cards (2 of each design). Cards measure 3 1/4" x 2 1/2". Made in Mexico
A2101 $9 per box

NOTE > We have been told that these loteria cards are being discontinued and will no longer be printed in 2018. If this is a family tradition, stock up this year!

Loteria Cards

Loteria de Muertos

3 loteria cards -

Artistic loteria game with
52 different Day of the Dead images

What's more fun than playing Loteria at family gatherings? Surprise your guests with the newest, cutest Loteria with symbols of the holiday! Instead of the classic rooster, borracho and flag, these colorful images include sugar skulls, pan de muerto & skeletons!

Crafters & artists will enjoy these detailed images for jewelry making, collage and scrap-booking. Spanish teachers can have lots of fun with this game too.

Game comes with 10 large (5" x 8") playing cards and a deck of 52 "calling" cards (2.5" x 3.5"). Use your own bean markers or pesos. 5" x 8" cards. Made in Mexico

A2100 $12 per set

Jumbo Traditional Loteria

Mexico's most popular board game. 54 calling cards and 10 large playing cards. Can be played at DAy of the Dead parties parties or while sitting on tombstones at the cemetery.  Mexico.

A5360 $13.50 per set

Triangular Day of the Dead Puzzle

Sound simple? This is a double sided puzzle with a different picture on either side. In Mexico, the word for jigsaw puzzle is “rompe cabeza” which translates to “break the head”… but actually, this puzzle is rated at 8 years and older. Nice gift in a cool looking triangular box.

50 piece puzzle, 11 inches x 15 inches when finished.

A2309 $12.95

Triangular Day of the Dead puzzle

Bone Tower Tumble

Skeleton  Bone Tower Tumble Game - upright Skeleton  Bone Tower Tumble Game -  half size

Tired of playing loteria at your fiestas? Need a change?

Stack it up and take turns pulling out a bone. The first one to tumble the bone tower, ends the game. Player who has the most bones at the end wins.

I like it because it's fun for all ages and not plastic! Made from eco-friendly Paulownia wood. 13" x 3" x 3"

A2306 $26 each

B Skeleton  Bone Tower Tumble Game all tumbled down

Sugar Skull Round Puzzle pieces and box Sugar skull puzzle closeup

Sugar Skull Round Puzzle

For those sugar skull lovin’ folks that just don’t like to get their fingers messed up with icing, this sugar skull puzzle will satiate that desire to handle authentic Mexican sugar skulls! These wonderful open air market shots show the variety & unique styles sugar skulls have from different parts of the country. 8 years + will enjoy working this circular puzzle. 140 piece puzzle, 13 inch diameter when finished.

A2310 $12

Skeleton Fiesta Jigsaw Puzzle

24 piece kid's puzzle 18" x 24" will remind you of the fun Day of the Dead fiestas on those long, cold, snowy days when jigsaw puzzles help keep you from tearing your hair out! Good for young children or for the attention deficit adult who would rather be drinking tequila!

M6033 $12.95 (out)

Boxed puzzle has been discontinued.
The replacement will be a flat puzzle
Day of the Dead colorful puzzle for kids, for sale

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