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Day of the Dead Jewelry

High quality Día de los Muertos jewelry with skeleton and Day of the Dead iconic symbols - earrings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches, pendants, ring boxes & coin purses in all price ranges.

For any time of the year! Taxco 925 sterling silver is featured by Mexican and local artists who are making these artisan, hand-crafted pieces. All a real treasure to wear or give to the Día de Los Muertos lover in your family.

Lisa Rocha
featured designer

Vida Muerte earngs on ear

Her signature line of dramatic Day of the Dead sterling skull earrings are popular year round! Life and Death - Vida y Muerte, combined with a symbolic pink rose. This new design looks great with long or short hair! Lisa mastered traditional Mexican silver work years ago. Collectors of her work enjoy her personality, mix of Latino themes, and attention to every detail. Skull line are heavy, sterling silver skulls with hand stamping and high quality French lever clasps. Check out all of Lisa's fine pieces!
both vida muerte earrings

Vida/Muerte Sugar Skull Pink Rose Earrings

as seen in InStyle Magazine.
Sterling silver, 2" high

A2050 $160 / pair

InStyle magazine featured our favorite sterling artist, Lisa Rocha, who makes all our special Day of the Dead jewelry! Her new limited edition skull earrings are featured as one of the 8 "trendiest finishing touches" this spring in a Be Jeweled! piece about "eye popping hues, skulls, flowers and other motifs lifted from Mexico's Day of the Dead celebrations [that] are sure to enliven any ensemble." If InStyle magazine features Day of the Dead jewelry in springtime, it either means that their editor is a real late on her October story or DoD is now considered fashionable year round!
Sugar Skull "Vida" (LIFE) Beautifully hand-stamped, heavy sterling silver earrings

Designer: Lisa Rocha

Designer: Lisa Rocha

Vida Vida Post Earrings

Keepsake sterling skulls for the Day of the Dead lover. Finely detailed, sterling silver. 1/2" tall.

A4104 $85 / pair

NEW Mini Sugar Skull Necklace

Precious little sterling silver sugar skull with heart eyes, happy smile and magenta rose on top. The sugar skull measures 1/2” and comes on a non-sterling 20 inch ball chain.

A4103 $85

Treasures for the Day of the Dead lover who wears unique sterling earrings all year long. These hand crafted, etched, carved and cast silver items are a fabulous addition to any collection.
Single Arracada sugar skull  earring
Designer: Lisa Rocha
flaming heart with skull pendant
Designer: Lisa Rocha
sterling silver day of the dead charm necklace with skull and heart
Designer: Lisa Rocha

Single Vida Muerte Skull Arracada Earrings

One-sided skull hoop earrings, sterling, backside is solid silver without detailing. 1.5" x 1.25"

A1246E $320 / pair

Flaming Heart with Skull Pendant

Sterling silver, 1.25" x 2" heart on 36" leather thong

A1244 $325 each

Corazon Skull Bracelet

Sterling "Tiffany style" silver Day of the Dead bracelet with skull and heart. T-bar closure. 7" long

A1152 $185 each

3 pairs of colorful clay skull earrings.

NEW Fiesta Clay Skull Earrings

If I didn't sell these earrings, I'd actually buy some! Each skull is hand painted in fanciful colors and they are fun, happy, colorful and really look like a sugar skull. Their heft makes them hang well and even if you have longer hair, the color and movement shows up well. Many colors in the assortment. Peru.

A5120 $15 / pair

Pair of silver Mayan Skull earrings with a cross on their foreheads and big earrings. Pair of sterling silver Aztec skull earrings with a large copper headdress and copper dangle under chin Pair of sterling silver Oaxacan skull  earrings with hair bows and tiny earrings

Mayan Skull Earrings

Sterling silver, 1" tall, 3" wide

A2030 $100 / pair

Aztec Skull Earrings

Sterling silver with copper headdress, 2" tall, 1 1/2" wide

A2031 $175 / pair

Oaxacan Skull Earrings

Sterling silver with tiny earring & hair bow. 1" wide, 1" tall

A2032 $120 / pair

Skull in sterling square earrings Sterling Silver Cartina Dangle Earrings Sterling silver Muertos DEP earrings

Skull in Sterling Square Earrings

Just enough dangle & sparkle to entice! Sterling silver. 3/4" square. Mexico

A2063 $80 / pair

Dancing Catrina Earrings

Catrina is ready to dance in the cemetery in her fancy floral hat. A perfectly happy pair of earrings to wear to all your Day of the Dead events. Detailed fired clay heads are attached to a metal wire body and beaded legs. Catrinas are 2" long from hat to toe on stainless steel ear wires. Come in a pretty pouch. Peru.

A2370 $68/pair (out temporarily)

Muertos Coffin Earrings

These happy little muertos are snuggled in their marigold coffins to celebrate Day of the Dead. These substantial pieces were first carved by the artisan and then cast in 925 sterling silver to make a solid, quality, silver earring. These come in a pretty pouch to make a nice looking gift. Mexico. 1” high x .75” wide

A2369 $95 /pair

Catrina Dangle Earrings Sterling Cartina on a blustery day earrings

Catrina Dangle Earrings

Catrina Dangle is a gorgeous, hefty, sterling cast of a catrina head. Hat has been "stamped" with designs reminiscent of Navajo silver work. The 1" ear wire is extra long to create the dangle, that should look good with any length hair. The big cutout eyes and big flower on the hat give lots of personality to this artistic piece of jewelry. 925 Sterling Silver. Mexico. These come in a pretty pouch to make a nice looking gift. 1” high x .75” wide.

A2361 $125/pair

Catrina on a Blustery Day Earrings

Sterling with coral. These are works of sculptural art in miniature! 925 Sterling. Mexico. These come in a pretty pouch to make a nice looking gift. 2" tall x 1 1/2" wide. Mexico

A2062 $150 / pair

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Skeleton Bone Dog Earrings

1" wide x 1" long
925 sterling silver

A2020 $72 pair

Moves with you. Watch the video!

skeleton dog earrings

Cleaning silver jewelry?

We suggest using a silver polishing cloth. Please don't cleaning delicate silver pieces with liquid polish!
5 felted sugar skull brooches

Rescued Sweater Sugar Skull Brooch

What do you do with worn out, holey wool sweaters?

These are some of the most creative & unique folk art I've ever seen! A favorite of mine. Made by a California artist who spends countless hours hunting in thrift shops all over California for 100% wool sweaters. She adopts them, felts them and then uses their patterns to collage & sew them into these catrina sugar skull which are absolute treasures!

Pin them to your blazer, jacket, backpack or anything that needs a piece of artwork. The needlework details give extra pizazz. Assorted colors. 3" x 4 1/2"

A3982 $24 each

Colorful Black Sugar Skull Dangling Earrings

NEW Sugar Skull Dangle Earrings - Black

Beautifully detailed sugar skulls are 3/4" tall. Enamel, approx. 1 1/2" long x 5/8" wide

A4023 $16


NEW Sugar Skull Dangle Earrings - White

Beautifully detailed sugar skulls are 3/4" tall

A4024 $16

Colorful White Sugar Skull Dangling Earrings

Orange Crochet Skull earrings with an golden yellow flower White Crochet Skull earrings

Crochet Skull Earrings

These adorable quarter size earrings are hand crocheted by a sweet lady in Los Angeles. Miraculously tiny stitches create these bone colored sugar skull earrings with tinsy-tiny marigold adornments. A true piece of folk art and light to wear to any DoD fiesta. 1" tall.

Orange >  A2348 A2348 $14 / pair • White > A2349 $14 / pair (out temporarily)

Earrings with Skeleton Cupcake Girls with pink skirts holding a cupcake. Earrings with Skeleton photographers  with pink skirts holding a cupcake.

NEW Skeleton Cupcake Girl Earrings

These are lovingly made by artists in Puebla, Mexico. 1 1/2" tall.

A5267 $15 / pair

NEW Skeleton Photographer Earrings

Puebla, Mexico. 1 1/2" tall.

A5270 $15 / pair

Earrings with Skeleton man & woman mariachis playing guitars. Earrings with Skeleton man & woman bullfighter with glitter red capes.

NEW Skeleton Man & Woman Mariachi Earrings

Puebla, Mexico. 1 1/2" tall.

A5268 $15 / pair

NEW Skeleton Woman & Man Bullfighter Earrings

Puebla, Mexico. 1 1/2" tall.

A5337 $15 / pair

Skeleton Ballerinas with magenta skirts Dangle Earrings Happy Skeleton Novios - bride and groom - dangling earrings

Skeleton Ballerina Earrings

Vivacious and fun mini clay skeleton ballerinas can dance on your ears! Take a few pairs to your Day of the Dead party and share! These are lovingly made by artists in Puebla, Mexico. 1 1/2" tall. Mexico

A4021 $15 / pair


Skeleton Novio Earrings

Day of the Dead falls on the weekend in 2014 - Be prepared for DoD-themed weddings! My Puebla artists are totally insane to make these ultra mini bride & groom earrings! After making the teensy-tinsey skeleton bodies they sew the bride's dress & veil. Very sweet, hand made bridal party favor. When I wear these to Starbuck's, I get a lot of comments! 1 1/2" tall. Mexico

A4020 $15 / pair

black enameled sugar skull cutout earring with ear wire metallic sugar skull etched earring with ear wire

Black Sugar Skull Earrings

2 1/4" papel picado style cutout skulls with heart eyes. Shiny coated black metal skulls look like sugar skulls. Dangling with ear wires. Fun costume jewelry for gifts or wearing to Day of the Dead parties! India

A1223 $16/pair

Shiny Sugar Skull Earrings

Metallic etched calavera dangle earring. 2 3/4" long. In Mexico, we call costume jewelry, "joy de fantasia" (fantasy jewelry)... that's exactly what this is! Day of the Dead loving folks in India made these.

A1224 $15/pair

Flaming Hearts ~ symbol of passion & love

Sugar skull lovers appreciate & collect all kinds of Mexican symbology - the flaming heart is one of the favorites. The origin of the flaming heart goes back to the 16th century when the design was brought to Mexico by the Spanish Church to decorate the side altars & saints. It's now a favorite Mexican icon that shows up in milagros, artwork & popular folk art.
Lovebird earrings Flaming heart on papel picado earrings Flaming heart on papel picado earrings

Lovebird Earrings

3/4" tall, Britannium

A2209 $24 / pair (out temporarily)

Flaming Heart on Papel Picado Earrings

When you want to appear Latin sophistication, wear these flaming hearts on top of an impressionistic papel picado. 1" tall, Britannium (looks more shiny than the photo!)
1" tall, Britannium
A2205 $39 / pair

Flaming Heart Earrings

But when you want to appear well traveled, spiritual & in tune with kitsch, flaming hearts speak volumes! Only 1" tall, Britannium, so admirers must enter your inner orbit to admire your ear lobes.

A2204 $26 / pair

What is Britannium? It's a pewter-type alloy favored for its silvery appearance and smooth surface
Guadalupe with hearts necklace Traditional Virgin of Guadalupe necklace

Guadalupe with Hearts Necklace

1 1/2" x 1" with 30" ball chain, Britannium

A2207 $42 each

Traditional Guadalupe Necklace

Beautifully detailed. 1 1/2" x 1" with 30" ball chain, Britannium

A2254 $48 each

Sterling silver Filigree skull earrings mini skull earrings with red coral flowerDesigner - Lisa Rocha precious skull with flower earrings\ Designer - Lisa Rocha

Filigree Skull Sterling Earrings

Filigree is the French style of bending wire into scrolly frilly designs that fill a perimeter. These expertly bent sterling wires are soldered to hold together. Filigree was a popular technique in the 19th century and it comes and goes in mainstream fashion. I marvel at how hard it is to do and am thankful that Mexican silversmiths still have some old guy on staff that continues to keep this tradition alive. Sterling silver, 3/4" x 1" long. Mexico

A1094 $85/pair (temporarily out)

Red Coral Mini Skull Earrings

Adorable lever backed earrings.
Sterling 1"

A1151 $72/pair (out temporarily)

Precious Silver Skull Earrings with Pink Flower

This tiny, cute little sterling silver skull earring is topped with a pink metal rose. Lever backed hook. Skull looks as good on the back as it does on the front. 1" long plus hook.

A2026 $75/pair

Silver broach with charro and cactus Cat skeleton w/ yarn earrings

Charro Calaveras Brooch

German silver (made with a higher nickel content than sterling). 2" x 1 3/4"

A1082 $36 each

Cat Skeleton with Yarn Earrings

Assorted colors of yarn, 1" tall

A1296 $15/pair

Dangling skeleton filigree earrings Charro Dancer earings 2 skulls on cords

Dancing Filigree Calaveras Earrings

Filigree was taught to the Mexican jewelry artists by the French during the Colonial period. Very fine examples of sterling filigree! 2 1/2" tall

N2100 $40 /pair (out)

Charro Dancers Earrings

Sterling sliver earrings, 3.5" high

A1150 $54/pair (out temporarily)

Hollow skull on a Silk Cord

from Nepal
Small (on left) 3/4" x 1" high
N2084 $24 each (out)

Larger (on right)1.12 x 1.5" high
N2085 $32 (out)

knit skeleton skull with wing brooch from Peru

Knit Skeleton Brooch

Hand knit 3" skeleton made by Peruvian women. Little pin on back.

A1232 $12 each

Winged Skull Brooch

Clay skull with black leather wings. Peru.

A1236 $8 each

mini ceramic skull beads ceramic skull mask beads

Mini Skull Beads

Ceramic beads from Peru. Nice to use in necklaces or bracelets. Hole runs from ear to ear.
Size 1/2" x 1/2"x 1/2"

A1108 $2 each


Skull Mask Beads

Ceramic beads from Peru. Each one is hand painted. Has a hole at the top for wire hook or string. These are larger than the Mini Skull Beads to the left.
Approx 1 1/4" high and 1/2" deep.

A1039 $2.25 each

See more Skull Beads for crafters

red clay sugar skull box - open

Sugar Skull Clay Box

Hand-painted, glazed. Lid fits nicely & comes off easily. Perfect for your favorite jewelry!

3" wide x 4" high x 2.5" deep. Mexico

A2255 $22 each (out temporarily)

Red clay sugar skull box -closed

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