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Frida Kahlo Treasures

NEW Frida Mesh Market Bags

I think Frida Kahlo would roll her eyes if she saw her image & artwork on a bag, but the rest of us sure enjoy these practical mesh market bags. Frida actually used market bags on her beloved trips to the Coyoacan open air market - but they weren't these hard as nails, cadillac quality, mesh market bags - double deep, double strong handles with triple rivets.

Easy to clean and ample in size, these sassy market bags can be used for the gym, overnight trips or just a fun run around town bag where you want people to subtly notice you are sophisticated yet fun.

These bags are designed by us, sewn by women in Mexico City with the highest quality mesh & trim. Totes measure 16" wide x 17" tall x 8" deep. Now with long handles. (see photo above).

Open Frida Mesh Market Bag with a skull in Frida's "third eye" Colorful Frida Kahlo mesh market bag with peony flower background
NEW Peony Frida Mesh Market Bag

A5113 $22 each


Colorful Juchitan Frida Kahlo mesh market bag with flower background
NEW Juchitan Frida Mesh Market Bag
A5114 $22 each
Colorful Juchitan Frida Kahlo mesh market bag with two monkeys on Frida's shoulder and textile background
NEW Dos Fridas Mesh Market Bag
A5116 $22 each (out temporarily)

NEW Monkey Frida Mesh Market Bag
A5115 $22 each

Socks for Women

These premium quality Socksmith brand socks have high cotton content and just enough synthetic to wash brilliantly, add lots of cush, and wear very well. One size fits most.
Women's sock size 9-11 will fit women's shoe sizes 6 - 10. Machine washable – 63% cotton, 34% nylon, 3% lycra
Sky blue Frida Kahlo socks with a portrait of Frida, flowers and birds - navy blue trim.

NEW Viva La Frida Socks

(left) Sky Blue
70% Cotton, 27% Nylon, 3% Lycra

A5344 $9.50 each


NEW Viva La Frida Socks

(right) Heather Ivory
70% Cotton, 27% Nylon, 3% Lycra

A5345 $9.50 each

Heather ivory Frida Kahlo socks with a portrait of Frida, flowers and birds - red trim.
Frida with monkey women's sock in Sundrop yellow Frida with monkey women's sock in peacock blue Frida sock in red with Frida portrait and white polkadots on peacock dress Frida sock in fern green with Frida portrait and white polkadots on purple dress

Frida with Monkey Crew Socks


A4038 $9.50 / pair

Frida with Monkey Crew Socks


A4039 $9.50 / pair

Frida Portrait Knee High

Red with Peacock, Polka-dots

A4041 $12 / pair

Frida Portrait Knee High

Fern with Purple, Polka-dots

A4040 $12 / pair

Socks for Men

Men's heather gray Friday Kahlo socks with a portrait of Frida, sugar skull, arrows and flowers - and black trim.

Construction workers to attorneys wear their premium quality Socksmith brand skeleton socks to work - comfortable & cushy yet breathable due to high cotton content. We have shipped these socks to fellows in Paris and Melbourne!

One size fits most

Men's sock size 10-13 fits men's shoe size 7-12.5


Machine washable

70% Cotton, 27% Nylon, 3% Lycra

A5340 $12.50 / pair


NEW Men's Frida Kahlo Socks

Heather Gray

NEW Mini Glass Box – Ofrenda to Frida

Wood & glass box tribute to Frida. 2 inches tall x 3 inches wide x 1 1/2 inches deep with glass on the top and front. Mexico

A5323 $22 each

Skeleton folk art is commonly used to adorn home altars but can also be found decorating the tombs on November 1 & 2. Happy skeletons are depicted as they were in life: dancers, brides & grooms (novios), occupations, romantically involved or just taking it easy!

Glass box with red wood frame altar to Frida Kahlo with her photo, musicians and an altar

Sugar Skull Pillows

This is the best thing I've found in a long time! These pillows are high quality, brightly embroidered and detailed in textural design. The perfect gift.

These pillows are so cute you could just hug 'em… on the sofa, on the bed, in your rocking chair, maybe the front seat of your car! Then add to your collection until you have a big bunch of bright eyed, happy sugar skulls hanging out with you.

Your friends will be crazy wanting to "borrow"  them when they come over so best be prepared to strip-search them when they leave. All the embroidery work on these pillows make them super special.

Colorful happy Frida skeleton with braids pillow

Skeleton Frida pillow with silver earrings and a corona of sugar skulls and flowers

Frida with Braids Pillow

13.5" x 18.5", 100% cotton
A5186 $68 each (out temporarily)

Frida with Corona & Silver Earrings Pillow

large 17.5" x 17.5", 100% cotton
A5187 $72 each

Candle Holders

On home ofrendas, it's quite common to find candle holders burning handmade candles round the clock to welcome the returning spirits. The candle holders represent the style of pottery made in a village. The green glazed candle holders is traditional to Michoacan. The Castillo style candle holders are from Puebla. Below, the skeleton bands are from north of Mexico City.
Handmade, detailed Frida Candle Holder for 3 candles Colorful Frida skeleton head altar with candle holder

NEW Frida with Rebozo Candle Holder

Unique Castillo style candle holder for 3 candles! Candle holders are behind Frida's head and hands. 8.5" tall x 7" wide x 3.5" deep. Colors and designs are unique. Mexico

A5251 $ 195 each

NEW Castillo Style Skeleton Frida Altar

Amazing piece! 6' tall x 6.5" wide x 4" deep. Candle holder is at the top, center, with a 3/8" diameter candle deposit. Her sugar skull earrings dangle. Colors and designs are unique. Mexico

A5250 $175 each

Castillo style pottery is beautiful, interesting and makes wonderful additions to any Day of the Dead collector... And yes, still painted with one-hair paint brushes. Learn more about Castillo style pottery and explore our entire Castillo collection.
Handpainted Frida skeleton mask in a glass box. She's got lots of flowers and cute bird earrings.

Three festive papier mache Frida  skeleton sonajas (rattles) with colorful flowers on long wooden sticks.

Sonaja skulls measure approx 5" x 5" x 5" plus hats and sticks are approx 18" long

Castillo Style Skeleton Frida Mask in a Glitter Glass Box

Awesome un-openable, hand-decorated glass box.
2.5" deep x 4.5" wide x 4.5" high. Mexico

A5007 $60 each

Sonaja - Frida

Once again, Frida is immortalized in another folk art form - the rattle! Fun to have sitting on your coffee table to distract the eye from the stack of remotes. These are decorative folk art and dangerous for children. Mexico.

A5012 $22 each

NEW Frida Isabella Tile

These low fire, intricately glazed 4" x 4" tile would make a nice trivet, wall plaque or can be used as tile to cement into a wall – indoors or out. Mexico

Frida F2257 $10


See all 8 NEW Isabella Tiles

Frida Kahlo skeleton skull tile with flowers, leaves and skeleton earrings

Paper mache procession mask -smiling Friday skeleton mask with a corona of colorful flowers on her head

Papier Mâché Procession Masks

(left) In Mexico, the devout parade around in processions in the cemeteries carrying santos, incense & candles as they pray, chant and sing on November 2. In more recent times, more popular processions take place in the town squares & surrounding streets the week before Day of the Dead with musicians, participants in costumes, masks and even skull face painting. Theater performances and interpretive dance are becoming common in Mexican cities too. 

In the U.S. where traditional Halloween traditions are increasingly interwoven with Day of the Dead iconography, Catrinas and Fridas are showing up to costume parties. 

Our new Papier mâché artist has made these strong & high quality mache masks with really large eye holes so they can really be worn by folklorico dancers or just hung on the wall. 

While these vary in size, the hefty sized skulls (without hat or flowers) measure approx 9 1/2" hight x 7" wide. Mexico.

Headband with colorful papier mache flowers across the top and long ribbon strands.

A5104 Frida Procession Mask (corona of flowers) $40 each

Need another procession mask?

Frida Headband

A5286 $12 each

Fine quality skeleton miniature Frida Kahlo an Parrot earings

Museum Quality

Collector's Mini Skeletons

For the Day-of-the-Dead Collector who has everything and wants more...

Super fine, 3.5 inch mini skeletons from Puebla are extremely well detailed. Very limited quantities. If you can't see the difference from the $16 gray based minis, don't buy these. Note the Frida has teensy-weensy dangling bird earrings and the traditional Mexican traje dancers have little skull maracas! Mexico

fine quality skeleton miniature of Frida Kahlo with large earings holding a monkey

Frida with Parrot Earrings

F2036 $26

Frida with Monkey & very big Earrings  

F2048 $26 (out temporarily)

Frida Chocolate Skulls Mold

Frida chocolate skull mold package

Flat backs
Shapes are approximately
2.7 " w x .6" thick

Frida Skulls

Chocolate molds can also be cast with sugar skull mix, plaster of Paris (for refrigerator magnets) or melted soap. Try colored ice cubes!

chocolates made with Frida mold

See Chocolate Skull Instructions for more information on using these molds.


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