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Fabrics for Day of the Dead Projects

Please note - cut fabric is not returnable

NEW Sugar Skull Fleece Fabric

Cushy 60-inch wide 100% red Polartec polyester fleece fabric full of happy sugar skulls.

CL045 $16 / yard

Lounge in style with fleece sugar skull pajama pants. Here's a super easy tutorial on How to Sew Pajama Pants from Craftsy. I've seen similar Polartec PJ pants in lollipop fabric design selling for $65 at The Grove in Hollywood.

Red fleece sugar skull fabric with happy sugar skulls and flowers

High quality 100% cotton by Alexander Henry suited for all kinds of craft projects, quilts, shirts & PJs. For a touch of Day of the Dead in the home, use this fabric for tablecloths, pillow cases, curtains, etc.

Aztec Skeletons on Cream Alexander Henry fabric Aztec skeleton fabric closeup 1 Aztec skeleton fabric on black background

Aztec Skeletons fabric

What more could you want? Skeletons, tequila, flags, cactus, the iconic Aztec warrior carrying the Indian maiden... the Pyramid to the Sun, masked skeleton, sugar skulls, roping cowboy and even the Virgin of Guadalupe! This energetic pattern is large, so would be good for a tablecloth, curtains, pillows or to cover an ofrenda. If you focus on a vignette, then it could be sewn into a dynamic apron, tote bag or shirt.
100% high quality Alexander Henry cotton Limited quantity design. 44" wide - no glitter

Cream background (left) CL042 $16.50 / yard | Black background (right) CL041 $16.50 / yard

Sugar Skull Fabrics by the YARD - 100% cotton by Alexander Henry

Alexander Henry Vintage Skeleton Loteria fabric sample

Skeleton Vintage Loteria Fabric

This cloth is 45" wide and each image is a 2.75" x 4" rectangle.

Each set of 4 rectangles repeats 4 times across the width. (The second photo here is half the width of the cloth - shown on the bolt - with 2 full repeats showing).

Pattern repeats on the 7th row or every 24". Total unique rectangles: 24.

Alexander Henry Skeleton Loteria Fabric closeupClick for full image

Loteria is Mexico's beloved Bingo game which has been around for hundreds of years. In my ramblings through antique flea markets in Mexico over the past 20 years, I have occasionally come across very old loteria cards. Some were hand painted or etched on heavy cardboard - some painted on tin sheets. Many Mexican icons we associate with Old Mexico come from loteria cards.

Here, in a "tea dyed" background (right) to add a vintage feel, this 100% cotton is printed with classic loteria images shown as skeletons! The woman cowgirl, ballerina, musician, catrina, baker, bride, soldier, teacher and so on… delightfully detailed fabric to make all kinds of Day of the Dead crafts. Good enough quality to make pillow cases, curtains, place-mats or how about a shirt or vest to wear to a candlelight procession? This particular design would lend itself to quilting or use it for your ofrenda as a tablecloth. Make individual bean bags or sachets as party favors.

CL043W, White background (top), $15.50 / yard

CL043, Tea-dyed background (right), $15.50 / yard (out temporarily)

NEW CL043B, Black background (below), $15.50 / yard

Skeleton Loteria Fabric on Black sample   

Skeleton Loteria Fabric, Black Background - Click for full image

Glitter sugar skull fabric in black for Day of the Dead, for sale

Click for full image

Glitter Skull & Flower Skull Fabric

This fabric is bold and the sugar skulls are extremely well detailed. Somehow, Alexander Henry has accented these fabrics with gold GLITTER. My glitter skull table cloth has washed up fine. Iron on back side if necessary. You will love this fabric! (Sorry -The Glitter does not show up in these photos. It is used to highlight the eyes and major feature lines!) Click on the links for a larger image.

Crafters will enjoy using glitter cloth for accent pillows, aprons, tote bags, napkins, children's clothing, altar decorations, book covers and scrap booking. The craft-challenged person can make a dazzling tablecloth!

Glitter skull fabric by the yard for Day of the Dead crafting

Click for full image

“Glitter Skull” Cloth

4" skull with black background

CL017 $16.50/yard

“Glitter Skull” Cloth

4" skull with pink background

CL016 $16.50/yard

Flower skull on dusty blue Glitter Flower Skull on Black fabric sample Flower glitter skull fabric in orange

"Flower Skulls" Cloth

Glitterized fabric with 4" flower skulls  (center, on black, enlarged to show detail)

Black CL203  |  Orange CL202 (sold out)  |  Dusty Blue CL201 (sold out)   $16.50/yard


When it gone, it's gone!

These are the non-glitter version of the small skulls in the above "Sugar Skull" fabric. Skulls measure approximately 2" in height.
Fabrics measure 44 inches in width, cut to your order length.
sugar skull fabric by the yard in red sugar skull fabric by the yard in black for Day of the Dead sugar skull fabric by the yard in  pink for Day of the Dead

"Sugar Skull" Cloth, Red

CL018 $14.50 / yard

"Sugar Skull" Cloth, Black

CL020 $15.50 / yard

"Sugar Skull" Cloth, Pink

CL019 $14.50 / yard

100% Cotton, high quality FABRIC is from Alexander Henry. Limited quantity design! Great for your Day of the Dead projects: shirts, tablecloths, totes, crafts, napkins, PJ's or quilts.

Skeleton Celebration fabric in cream

Day of the Dead Celebration fabric

in Cream (left)
CL022 $13.50 per yard

in Black (right)
CL021 $14.50 per yard

100% Cotton, high quality Alexander Henry fabric. Limited quantity design!

Day of the Dead Celebration fabric on black

Fiesta de los Muertos fabric

Our most popular design, also on the elusive white background. This design in white was discontinued several years ago, now back! Skeletons in this pattern are approx. 4 inches tall. Pattern repeat is approx. 12 inches. 100% Cotton, high quality Alexander Henry fabric. Limited quantity design!
Fiesta de los muertos fabric by the yard for Day of the Dead crafting or tablecloths Fiesta de los muertos fabric by the yard for Day of the Dead crafting
"Fiesta de Los Muertos" in black - CL011 $15.50 per yard "Fiesta de Los Muertos" in white
CL006 $13.50 per yard

Day of the Dead News fabric closeup - Calaveras

Day of the Dead News full sample

Click for larger full image

Day of the Dead fabric closeup - El fandango skeletons Dead of the Dead New Fabric closeup - Muertos sugar skulls

Day of the Dead News fabric

Is the Day of the Dead lover in your family tired of reading cereal boxes? A piece of this on your breakfast table will be enjoyed for weeks! This fabric is packed with delightful detail and graphics - more fun than the WSJ or the Times!
This cloth is 45" wide high quality 100% cotton by Alexander Henry. The entire repeat on this fabric measures 24" high x 19" wide
CL044 $15.50 / yard (out temporarily)

Sugar Skull Rice Bag

The best way to thaw out a sugar skull fan is to use a colorful, practical, sugar skull rice bag!

What is a rice bag, you may ask? First, it’s an indispensable hot bag of rice that soothes sore muscles, warms cold toes and relaxes stressed shoulders. When sitting in a chair a rice bag can snuggle down onto your lower back and make you purr! Since rice bags are found piled up between your microwave, living room & bedroom, it’s nice that they are made from colorful interesting skull fabrics that reflect the personality of it’s user.

Our high quality, Japanese printed 100% cotton fabrics are perfect for rice bags. No need to pre-wash. They’re easy & take about 45 minutes to make!

Step-by-step directions »

Sugar skull fan looking at a forest with a sugar skull rice bag on her neck.

section of Day of the dead quilt section of Day of the Dead fabric quilt
Day of the Dead crazy patchwork wedding quilt

Inspiration ~ Day of the Dead Wedding Quilt

Heather R. wrote & sent us these photos

have just come back to visit your site, thought you would like to see my Day of the dead wedding quilt, made for friends of my son & daughter in law. It is in Crazy patchwork style and is hand embroidered, This is the second one i have made. I am now planning the next one!

Sexy Mexican Senorita fabric

In vintage calendar girl style. Alexander Henry cloth, 100% cotton. Great for making shirts, PJs, pillows, curtains, tablecloths. This is beautiful fabric!
CL008 $16.50 per yard (out temporarily)

100% Cotton, high quality Alexander Henry fabric. Limited quantity design!

See more Calendar Girl items on our Mexican Calendar Girl website

Senorita Mexican Sugar Skull cloth for shirts, curtains or table cloths. Sold by the yard

Please note - cut fabric is not returnable

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