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Day of the Dead Paper Decorations

Colorful poster with 4 sugars skulls on an ofrenda withcandles, bread, food & flowers.

NEW Food for the Spirits Poster

This elaborate cemetery tomb ofrenda features sugar skulls, pan de muerto, hot cups of cocoa & turkey mole - mounds of food to delight the spirits. These two posters end-to-end would cover 5 1/2 feet of bulletin board, window or decorate an ofrenda.
Each poster is 11 inches x 34 inches. Two posters per pack. Colorful printed tag board.

A5357 $8 / 2-poster pack

2 Day of the dead signs, Nuestra Tradition with an elaborate ofrenda and Dia De Muertos with a skeleton holding a bouquet of marigolds

NEW Nuestra Tradición Ofrenda Signs

Are you late to decorate for Day of the Dead or build an ofrenda? For $6 pin these 2 signs up & you're done. These colorful signs include every iconic necessity: sugar skulls, wild marigolds, pitcher of champurrado, pan de muerto, candles, papel picado & a smiling skeleton. Colorful printed tag board. Each sign measures 12 inches wide x 13 inches high.

A5358 $6 / 2-sign pack

NEW Catrina with Sombrero

This Catrina's honeycomb unfolds to make a 3-dimensional brim on her sombrero hat. Great decoration for an ofrenda or bulletin board. Catrina is 13 inches wide and 8 inches high. Colorful printed tag board.

A5359 $5 each

Colorful happy paper catrina with honeycomb sombrero Day of the Dead decoration.

Marigold garland adorned with 6 colorful sugar skulls

Sugar Skull & Marigold Garland

Decorate your windows, bulletin boards or ofrendas with these bright strings of sugar skulls! 43 inches long x 7.5 inches. Brightly printed on cardboard with the iconic Day of the Dead sugar skulls & marigolds. Perfect for those who want to celebrate in the Midwest and can't get real marigolds or real sugar skulls! Made in Mexico. (shown on gold pattern background)

A4050 $6 each

Catrina with Boa Dia de Muertos sign.

Dia de Muertos sign with 3 smiling sugar skulls and marigolds

Catrina with Boa Sign

Sweet. 25 inches x 15 inches. Printed on 1 side on lightweight tag board.

A4014 $7 each

Marigold Day of the Dead Sign

Printed on lightweight tag board. 21 inches x 9 inches. Made in Mexico. (shown on gold background)

A4053 $5 each

5 foot tall Coquestta Catrina skeleton decoration

Stunning life size Calavera tag board posters



Elegante Catrin

(right) Nearly 6 feet tall! (69" x 17")
Made in Mexico.
(Cutout shown on beige background with cempasuchil added).Folded for shipping.

A2357 $20 each


Coquetta Catrina

(left) 5 feet tall! (62" x 20")
Made in Mexico.
(Cutout shown on blue background). Folded for shipping

A2234 $22 each

Tall Elegant Skeleton Catrin poster board

Dia de Muertos Sugar Skull with long colorful mylar strings Three beautifully decorated sugar skulls on an altar with marigolds and candles.

Sugar Skull Trio Poster

This fun, printed cardboard cluster of huge sugar skulls is perfect to decorate a big door, window, wall or attach to the bottom of an ofrenda table. Sugar skull lovers will sure enjoy this heavy, sugar skull cutout which is 35" inches x 12.5 inches. Made in Mexico. (shown on gold pattern background)

A4046 $8 each

Catrina Jumping Jack

Kids can have fun with this movable, old fashioned toy that moves when the string is pulled. The catrina image represents the rich French European that dominated Mexican social life and lived the life of riches during the late 1800's of the Porfiriato regime that preceded the Mexican Revolution. She's become an iconic symbol of Day of the Dead.

This petite energetic Catrina is a fun party favor or centerpiece decoration that is 6 inches wide x 13 inches tall. Made in Mexico. (shown on gold pattern background)

A4047 $6 each

Happy cardboard catrina jumping jack on a stick

Calavera with Streamers

Poster is 12 inches high x 10 inches, 40" long with mylar streamers. Printed on both sides. Made in Mexico. (shown on gold pattern background)

A4013 $6 each

Lifesize poster of 3 smiling skeleton mariachis in full dress with sketeton belt buckles & big sombreros.

Lifesize poster with 3 awesome smiling women skeletons in beautiful dresses, one holding a skeleton bird in a cage.

Calavera Mariachis

Stunning life-size tag board poster - 53" tall x 25.5" wide
(Cutout shown on white background.) Made in Mexico.
Folded for shipping.

A5141 $24 each

Las Tres Comadres

Life-size tag board poster - 53 1/2" tall x 24" wide
(Cutout shown on white background). Made in Mexico.
Folded for shipping.

A5142 $24 each

Skeleton cat framed in marigolds with a red ball of yarn

Skeleton Cat

8 inches x 5 inches (left). Made in Mexico.
(shown on gold background)

A4017 $3 each


NEW Skeleton Dog

8 inches x 5 inches. Made in Mexico.
(shown on gold background)

A4018 $3 each

Skeleton dog framed in marigolds with dog bones in a purple bowl
In Mexico, dead dogs and cats would never be honored on an ofrenda because it's against the Catholic belief that animals are let into heaven, or allowed to return to visit with their families. True Day of the Dead believers in Mexico would cringe and think it insulting & in very bad taste to see Americans building ofrendas for their dead pets. However, these skeleton dogs and cats are intended to be hung on home ofrendas of pet lovers so the returning spirit might enjoy the memory of their beloved pets when they return.

Skeleton dancer in Dia de Muertos honeycomb flower Honeycomb catrina with umbrella catrina in yellow honeycomb flower

Señor with Honeycomb Flower

Unfold this bright marigold colored flower to show a joyous skeleton celebrating Day of the Dead. This piece dangles on a string so hang it in your window, over a table or decorate a party! Design is on one side. 9 1/2" diameter. Made in Mexico. (shown on green background)

A2231 $5 each

Honeycomb Catrina

Punch out the Catrina's parasol and stick it on top for a 3D effect. Tape or glue the honeycomb skirt open. She stands on a ofrenda, table or desk. Very sassy! 7 1/2" tall. Made in Mexico.

A2110 $6 each

Catrina with Honeycomb Flower

Unfold this bright marigold colored flower to show a crazy catrina celebrating Day of the Dead. This piece dangles on a string so hang it in your window, over a table or decorate a party! Design is on one side. 9 1/2" diameter. Made in Mexico. (shown on blue background)

A2111 $5 each

decorated foldout ofrenda
pop-out Day of the Dead altar

Foldout Ofrenda

Want a desktop ofrenda to celebrate Day of the Dead? Don't want to buy marigolds and make tamales to delight your muertos? This colorfully printed cardboard ofrenda comes with 14 punch-out altar decorations. Get your Elmer's glue out and attach to the traditional stair-step style ofrenda. Teachers will enjoy letting groups of students work on this project together, learning the Spanish words for each component. Folds out to 8" tall x 8 1/2" wide and 5" deep. Made in Mexico. (shown on blue background)

A2102 $8.50 each

3D Pop-out Ofrenda in the Cemetery

Cemetery celebrations vary by region throughout Mexico - in the Oaxacan village of Xoxocotlan, thousands of people crowd the dark, old, stone walled cemetery as night falls. They anxiously await the return of their loved one's spirits at midnight, just as they are released from heaven for their 24 hour visit. Millions of candles illuminate the "pantion", as musicians sing serenades to the departed. People enjoy feeling the closeness with their "spirits" until dawn. This pop-out ofrenda reminds me of those chilly nights that warmed my heart. 14 1/2" wide x 15" high x 6" deep. Made in Mexico (shown on blue background)

A2103 $9.50 each

decorated 3-D pop-out altar with lift up coffin jumping skeleton on stick

3D Pop-out Ofrenda w Peek-a-Boo Muerto

Home ofrendas are built in the main room of the house the day before Day of the Dead begins. Ofrenda designs vary from region to region in Mexico, but they all use organic materials available in the region. In the Yucatan, where it's very hot & humid, offerings of fruit hang by string over the banana leaf covered ofrenda. In the state of Mexico and Oaxaca, you see the most sugar skulls... I've strange things too! Since family members put things on the ofrenda to delight the spirits, I've seen Playboy magazines, cigars, playing cards, knitting needles and imported Brachs lemon drops. This pop-out ofrenda has room on the sides for personalization if you choose. Add a photo or remembrance. The lid of the coffin opens to let the happy skeleton peep out. (shown on blue background)
14 1/2" wide x 15" high x 6" deep Made in Mexico.

A2106 $9.50 each

Jumping Skeleton on Stick

Jumping skeletons on a stick have been a traditional fun toy since the Colonial Period of Mexico. Then, hand painted pressed cardboard was painted with watercolor type paint or silk screened. Today's kids might not think these are as fun as video games, but for adults, they make great decorations, stick in a floral arrangement or just hang out on your coffee table.
13" high x 5 1/3" wide. Made in Mexico

A2232 $6 each

Day of the Dead Hats

2 Day of the Dead tag board party hats - a top hat with sugar skulls and a Catrina hat

How cool is this??? These large flat hats, printed with colorful sugar skulls & bright flowers & ostrich feathers will be a blast to wear at a party, school or at festivals around town on November 1. The11 inch slit allows the hat to open up to a 22 inch circumference to fit most any adult head. Slit can be increased slightly if necessary, or made smaller for children, by taping the slit closed with strong tape. These really are quite nice and fit snugly on my head. These are the most cleaver thing I've seen for Day of the Dead fun.

Cover your head with Top Hat decorated with sugar skulls (12 1/2" wide x 14.5" high) or a Catrina Hat (17.5" wide x 9" high). Set comes with one of each hat. Made in Mexico. (shown on gold background with marigold top). Sugar skull masks are here

A4051 $8 / pack with one of each hat

Skeleton eating with Muertos cardboard Dia de Muertos sign

Colorful Día de los Muertos Signs

10 1/2" x 13.25", Made in Mexico
(shown on green background)

Tacos with Muertos Cardboard Sign (left)

A2227 $4 each

Catrina Día de Muertos Cardboard Sign (right)

A2239 $4 each

Catrina Dia de Muertos cardboard sign

Taco with Muertos mini altar card eachinterior ofrenda of Tacos with muertos mini ofrenda card

Tacos with Muertos Mini Altar Card

Inside, this card opens to a full ofrenda with sugar skulls and the traditional goodies. 5" x 7". Tacos with Muertos Mini Altar Card comes with envelope. Card opens to 5" high. Made in Mexico.

A2249 $5 each

skelton couple mini altar de muertos -top altar de muertos card with coupleseach

Dancing Skeleton Mini Altar Card

This China Poblana couple greet the viewer in their fine traditional dance costumes in front of a wall of papel picado and cempasuchil wild marigolds. Inside, the card opens to a full ofrenda with all the traditional goodies. 5" x 7" Dancing Skeleton Mini Altar Card comes with envelope. Card opens to 5" high. Made in Mexico.

A2109 $5 each

photo of foldout cemetery day of the dead skull centerpiece elaborate multidimensional foldout cemetery centerpiec

Foldout Cemetery Centerpiece

Build a dimensional centerpiece to adorn tables, desks or altars de muertos. 11 1/2" tall x 12.5" diameter. Made in Mexico.

A2230 $9.50 each

3-car calavera train with skeleton passengers

Calavera Train

11.5" x 42.5". Made in Mexico. (shown on green background)

A2229 $7 each

altar frame

Photo Altar Frame

Customize your own altar card in memory of someone you loved. Add your 5" x 7" photograph. The colorfully printed card has all the traditional symbols of Day of the Dead depicted around the sides of where you'll add your photo: pan de muerto, sugar skulls, candles, papel picado, cempasuchil wild marigolds, water, fruit and food.

This is a very nice desk decoration for your office. The cardboard card folds in half to stand up. Card is 11" x 10" tall. Made in Mexico.

A2107 $4 each

Day of the Dead 3D Posters are large printed (one side) cardboards that can be used to decorate all kinds of spaces. Figures pop out from the background card, giving the image a slight 3D effect. Mostly in eye areas. 14 "high x 10.5" wide. Made in Mexico. (shown on blue background) Sold separately.
day of the dead on papel picado sugar skull on dia de muertos caterial poster

3D Poster - Día de Muertos

On pink papel picado

A2117 $4 each

3D Poster - Día de Muertos Sugar Skull

On bed of marigolds

A2118 $4 each

3D Poster - Catrina w/ Cigarette

Visiting at the cemetery

A2119 $4 each

smiling sugar skull coffin with skeleton & cross skull with hat, marigolds, candles

3D Poster - Sugar Skull

A classic!

A2120 $4 each

3D Poster - Skeleton in Ataúd

Coffin decorated with marigolds

A2121 $4 each

3D Poster - Campesino Skeleton

With marigolds & candles

A2122 $4 each

Sugar Skull Masks

Many indigenous villages throughout southern Mexico have small marches in the streets during Day of the Dead. Sometimes, it is a group of friends who are marching to the cemetery, or other times, groups gather with a tuba player and a big 14 foot tall papier mache woman with floppy arms with a dancer looking out from the belly button as it dances down the middle of the street. These are called "muneca de calendas", or parade dolls. People really don't wear masks or face painting much in Mexico for Día de los Muertos, but the Halloween influence is changing a bit of the traditions.
4 sugar skull masks four printed cardboard Day of the Dead masks

Sugar Skull Cardboard Masks

These masks should be used for decorations only, but their eyes do punch out. Measuring 8" wide by 6 1/2" high, they have little strings that don't work really well. Made in Mexico.

A2124 $7.50 / pack of 4

Aztec Sugar Skull Cardboard Masks

Four colorful printed cardboard masks with elastic bands. Use for art projects, ofrendas or parties!

A1196 $8 pack of 4

dia de muertos sign colorful catrina head sign

Wall Sign - Día de Muertos

This 50" long sign comes in three parts, so you can use it in one long line, or three. Great sign when you need to tell folks what the holiday is all about - the sign is full of traditional symbols like papel picado, pan de muerto, sugar skulls, skeletons playing guitars, candles, mole, marigolds & hot chocolate. Printed on 1 side. Made in Mexico. (shown on blue background)

A2125 $5 each

Gigantic Catrina Wall Sign

Printed on poster board on one side, this huge catrina with bug eyes is ideal for decorating your wall, door, windows or how about your back car window? That would be an interesting ticket to defend in Court.... Catrina comes folded in half and measures 24" wide x 13" high. Made in Mexico. (shown on blue background)

A2126 $7 each

dia de muertos poster

Day of the Dead Mini Cemetery Poster

This mini poster is only 18" wide x 6" high, but it's sure cute! I wish they printed this one 8 feet long... would be nice. I could wall paper my living room! But it's a nice title with happy sugar skulls and skeletons partying hard in a cemetery. Really gets me in the mood for Day of the Dead. Made in Mexico (shown on blue background)

A2127 $4 each

1 skeleton hook together closeup    6 skeleton hook-togethers Mariachi de Muertos cutouts

Skeleton Hook Togethers

Do you need something to play with over the kitchen table or fax machine? This pack of 5 individual, 2-sided skeletons can be dangled to make a linear mobile. Hook together and balance in crazy ways, or use individually for art, bulletin boards, invitations or decorating cards. Each skeleton is 4" x 5". Made in Mexico.

A2114 $4.50 / pack

Skeleton Mariachi Cutouts

When spirits arrive from heaven, they want music! They want to party, eat and feel close to their family. These skeleton mariachis are ready to give serenades in the cemetery. Great decorations for bulletin boards, windows, or make into ofrenda or table decorations. Each set has 8 one-sided pieces, basically in gray. Mariachis are 14" tall. Made in Mexico.

A2116 $8 / set of 8

5 skeleton hook togethers with colorful clothes

Mexican Tipico Hook Togethers

Energetic skeletons with rancho sombreros & huaraches can be used separately as decorations or hooked together and balanced as they dangle. Have some fun! Decorate cars, ofrendas, menus, windows, notebooks or lockers. Nice size for art projects. Colorfully printed on both sides.
5 1/2' tall x 5". Made in Mexico.

A2115 $4.50 / pack

Skelton with sombrero hook together

string of cutout sugar skulls on a purple string

Sugar Skull Cutout Garland

Two 35" long strings of colorfully decorated sugar skulls add a delightful border to a bulletin board or edge a table. They can be used many ways. Skulls measure 3 3/4" high and are printed on both sides. Pack of 2 strings. Made in Mexico.

A2113 $5 / pack

FELIZ DIA DE MUERTOS banner string Letters from repurposed muertos banner showing different kids book cutouts

Re-purposed Muertos Banner

Made from hard cover children’s story books! Hard cardboard letters are strung together on black ribbon to hang in dining room, classroom or across an ofrenda. Uniquely ours. So durable that you can keep it up all year long. Each string extends approx. 6 feet, but you can adjust the spacing on the string. Handcrafted in Oregon.

A3007 $15 each

While we all love to celebrate Day of the Dead with authentic folk art, support the vanishing Mexican artists and keep alive the tradition of hand made crafts ... sometimes folks like school teachers and party planners just need big, colorful, festive graphics for their projects. When I found these items that are designed in Pennsylvania, I decided to add them to our offerings. I think the designer must have spent several years participating in cemetery fiestas in Oaxaca and Michoacan in order to capture the festive nature of the holiday - use of cempasuchil wild marigolds, Posada-esque looking dancing skeletons, accuracy in cemetery "musicos" outfits, sugar skull decoration and the omnipresent Catrina. Note some items come bilingual! ~Angela

Calavera banner string

Calavera String Garland

Decorative 3-dimensional, machine die-cut tissue paper garland. 11 1/2" x 12 feet long.

A1199 $9 / strand

both sides of a bilingual Day of the Dead / Dia de Los Muertos sign 3 Day of the Dead illustrations - catrina, mariachis, and cemetary decoration

Bilingual Day of the Dead Sign

1 cardboard sign with cempasuchil, candle and joyous sugar skull on both sides. Spanish on the front, English on the back. 18"

A1200 $5 each

3 Bulletin Board Signs for Day of the Dead

Musicians (musicos) ready to give serenades in the cemetery, La Catrina in her fancy hat and an ofrenda with cempasuchil (marigolds), veladoras (votive candles) and calavera de azucar (sugar skull). 18" each, printed on both sides.

A1201 $8.50 set of 3

skull votive candle holder ofrenda 22inches

Sugar Skull Votive Candle Cup

that you can decorate yourself! This fun project for adults or children looks great with glitter glue pens, puff paint pens, colored markers and acrylic paint. An ofrenda necessity! 3" x 3"

A1203 $5.75 each (out temporarily)


Altar Cutout

Classic ofrenda shows candles, sugar skulls, drink, fruit & flowers on papel picado back. 22 inch 2-sided cardboard ofrenda.

A1210 $4 each

sugar skull garland

Sugar Skull Garland Swag

Printed on 2-sided cardboard. 9 inches x 4 1/2 feet long. Just great to hang over your ofrenda if you're in cold climate where you can't find fresh marigolds!

A1205 $ 7 each

Sugar skull garland with a rainbow of colorful sugar skulls

Rainbow Sugar Skull Garland

Use your imagination with these adorable strings of delightfully decorated sugar skulls. Two-pack. Each garland is 36 inches/3-feet long x 4 inches. Made in Mexico. (shown on gold background)

A4052 $5 / pack of 2

3 foot + marigold garland Day of the Dead decoration

Marigold Garland

Great for Day of the Dead lovers who live in Alaska, Wisconsin or other cold places that don't get live marigolds in October. This is the flower of the dead which blooms in October. The pungent aroma guides the spirits back to their home and directly to their families so they can enjoy the day together. If you squint your eyes and have a cold, you might think you were looking at strings of real marigolds! Two-pack. Each garland is printed on lightweight tag board and is 39 inches x 4 inches.

A4054 $5 each (out temporarily)

Many of our customers are very talented crafters! So after you're done with your sugar skull decorating, we have Día de los Muertos craft projects for you to try!

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