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Day of the Dead Craft Supplies

Clay Altar Skull blank next to tea light Clay Altar Skull Blank with tea light inside

Paint your own! Clay Altar Skull Blanks

I love these! These clay skulls are fired and can either be glazed & fired or painted with acrylic paints or glitter glue. Perfect to cover a tea light for your table, ofrenda or tombstone decor. Kids & adults will enjoy making these for gifts.
Well made by a family near San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. 3” tall x 3” wide x 3 1/2” deep, 1” hole, 3/8” deep eyes. (Candle not included.)

A2356 $15 each  |  A2356-12 $100 / dozen (12)I A2356-60 $450 / 5 dozen (60)

Thanks to Jeff S. for sharing his painted clay altar skulls - “Just wanted to say thanks for the great service on the clay skulls I ordered. They arrived on time and were a HUGE hit. Attached is a pic of some of the finished ones.”

Blank Papier Mâché Skulls

Made by Mexican artists for you to finish. Make a sugar skull without the sugar! Use paints, glitter pens, feathers & beads to create your skull to honor your loved one! Don't forget to put the name on the forehead! (Large quantity discounts available for classroom use.) Check out our decorated papier mâché skulls for inspiration!

blank papier mache skull next to one painted by Agustin Galicia

Blank papier mache skull heads for artwork

Blank Papier Mâché Skull

10 1/2" deep x 7" wide x 8" high. Mexico

A2064 $45 each

Blank Papier Mâché Skull

Papier mache was one of the earliest Day of the Dead folk arts made back in the mid to late 1800's. Our papier mache artist in Mexico City rarely gets all the skulls painted (center) in the Posada style, which means we get some blank skulls that YOU can decorate. 5" high x 4 wide". Mexico.
See what an array of these painted skulls looks like here.

N2069 $13 each

Blank plaster skull calaca

Calacazo Paintable Skull Ornament

Plaster skull calaca comes unpainted with a little hook on top.
3” high x 2” wide x 1” thick

A2350 $8 / 2 pieces

Plaster Catrina Mold Pieces

NEW set just in! Are you looking for a sugar skull alternative? Adults and kids alike enjoy painting these plaster catrina pieces. Frequently used for refrigerator magnets (just epoxy magnet on back), jewelry and other art projects. A local artist makes these perfectly detailed pieces out of our Catrina chocolate mold (approximately 2.7 " h x .6" thick). Flat backs and sanded finish. Get the paints out, a fine pointed brush and enjoy creating cute sugar skull Catrinas. Fun project for school, parties or wedding showers.

Sold in pairs of one catrina woman with big hat and catrin man with top hat. Made in the USA.

A2240-2 1 pair (2 pieces) $5  
A2240-30 15 pair (30 pieces) $60

Plaster catrin and catrina mold pieces

white resin skull blanks for you to paint with brightly colored acryllics painted resin blanks, four in a set, that you can paint yourself

Hydrostone Skull Blanks

Set of four 1 7/8" tall skulls, indented with whimsical designs to use in your craft projects. Drill for a bead or epoxy a magnet behind for a refrigerator magnet. Use acrylic paints and spray with Deft polyurethane when dry. Set of four designs. Made in the USA.

A1213 $8 set of 4

Above - Samples of resin skulls. Two coats of paint and sprayed with glossy Deft.

The artist says she wiped off the skulls with warm water before she started.

Orange Cempasuchil Scattered Buds Yellow Cempasuchil Scattered Buds - closeup Yellow Cempasuchil Scattered Buds

NEW Orange Buds

Paper flowers, bag of 10 buds. Mexico

A5291 $2.50 bag


Cempasuchil Scattered Buds

2 1/2" diameter

NEW Yellow Buds

Paper flowers, bag of 10 buds

A5292 A5292 $2.50 per bag

See all our NEW handmade Paper Flowers from Mexico

handmade mulit-color paper Mini Roses

Dime-size Mini Paper Roses

Handmade by 5 old ladies in Mexico City.... and furthermore, Angela's mother got drafted to assort the colors once they hit state side! She's done thousands! These adorable roses are bright & beautiful and can be used for wrapping napkins, wedding decorations, cards, cello bags, sugar skulls or decorating something special. Assorted colors-wire stems. A bunch is 12 roses.
Colors - We now have only bright colors available. The brights include red, bougainvillea and marigold orangy/yellow. No pastels.

F2052 $5 / bunch

Mini Milagros

Milagros are translated as "little miracles". These charms have been used for centuries in churches for the faithful to request miracles.

Assortment of approximately 30 Mexican milagros - great for your crafts & artwork, package ties, earrings or hammering onto wood sculptures. Made from melted down pot metals. Average size is .75 - 1” long.

Assorted Silver colored Milagros
A5212 $18 per bag

Assorted Goldish colored Milagros
A5213 $18 per bag

Mini milagros - bag of silver colored and bag of goldish colored with display of many milagros


Explore our Milagro Collection

Empty white retablo with painted flowers on the inside and outside doors and top.

Create Your Own Retablo Shrine

Make your own shrine! Empty hand-painted retablo with leather hinges. 4" wide x 8" tall x 2" deep. Peru

A2027 $20 each


See finished retablos in our Collector's Gallery, Romantic Skeleton Folk Art and New Skeleton Folk Art pages.

green edition logo Day of the Dead Clip Art for Embroidery

88 high quality skeletons, skulls, Catrinas and other iconic Dia de los Muertos images

A quick way to embellish clothes, blankets, and other items. CD-ROM / book set contains royalty-free designs optimized for embroidery digitizing software. Personalize each design's size, color, stitch type & other elements. The book contains a visual index of the designs, showing each image in black & white and in different color combinations.

Compatible with all major brands of embroidery software, these meticulously processed digital files assure accurate, self-contained stitch patterns. Color motif colorways for Isacord treads with a conversion table for other manufacturers. JPG and EPS formats images on the CD. Files can also be used for print and web projects.

A2243 $24.95 CD-ROM / paperback book set

Day of the Dead Clip Art for Machine Embroidery
unpainted plaster sugar skull for crafting or classrooms

Plaster Skulls

These plaster skull heads are fun to paint with acrylic paints, adorned with found objects and glitter. Fun for all ages. Make a sugar skull for your ofrenda without the sugar! These were cast in 2 piece molds and hand finished so the wrinkles and textural base will look handmade. Fun for parties, groups or schools, we offer 20% discount for half dozens.
Measure a nice 3 "wide x 3.5" high x 4" deep and weighs 4/10ths of a pound apiece,

A2057 $10 each | A2058 $50 for 6

Note - Large quantities may incur additional shipping charge.

Large Wood Skull Blank

Is your machete dull? Start with these wonderful pre-whittled carved wood skulls and paint them with your favorite paints. We made black wood bases you can add for a gallery look. 5.5” tall x 4” wide x 3 .5” deep

A2354 $12 each

Large Carved wood skull blank

Traditional Mexican Sugar Skulls

Just in - new shipment of beautifully decorated sugar skulls. These authentic Mexican sugar skulls are colorfully decorated and ready to adorn any ofrenda.

Sugar skull making is a tradition passed on from generation to generation. These boiled sugar confections are the "real deal", true folk art, made by artisans in fewer and fewer places each year. If kept dry, they look beautiful for years!

Made in Mexico

Check out these Decorated Sugar Skulls

Traditional Mexican Sugar Skulls

UNDECORATED Traditional Mexican Sugar Skull #5

These are "street quality" that are made in Toluca, Mexico and they are what are made to sell to the folks celebrating Day of the Dead in the State of Mexico. That means they are irregular, a bit crooked and not perfect museum quality miniatures.

The 1" skulls have up to 7 bright colors and are very cute with their sequin eyes and strips of colored tin foil on their foreheads, just like the traditional large sugar skulls have. We rarely get sugar skulls imported and even rarer that we find a sugar skull maker willing to make us such precious, tiny little works of art.

2 1/2" high x 2 1/2" wide x 3 1/2" deep

A4062 $30 / 6

3 undecorated traditional Mexican sugar skulls

 2 unpainted Resin winged skulls colorful confetti skull beads

Resin Winged Skull

Winged skulls for you to paint! Crafters will enjoy decorating these skulls for jewelry, ofrendas or add a magnet. Specially designed by local artist. Made from lightweight proprietary resin.
4.5" wide x 1.5" high

A2007 $9.50 Set of two

Confetti Skull Beads

Great fun for those folks that know what to do with them! Same size as the white mini beads above, with horizontal hole that makes them perfect for making necklaces or bracelets. Each one is hand finished and painted with colorful flowers, big teeth and doo-dahs. I wouldn't make them for this price! That's why they come in a mixed bag of 12 pieces. Size 1/2" in all directions.

A1406 $24 / bag of 12 (out temporarily)

stings of large white stone skull beads with brown accents pile of large half-inch carved purple skull stones

Stone Skull Beads – white

Large ½” x ½” inch carved white stone skulls. The vertical hole runs through the bead to make it easy to make earrings or other art. Dyed with colors. From Indonesia.

A2358 $2 each

NEW Stone Skull Beads – purple

Large ½” x ½” inch carved purple stone skulls. The vertical hole runs through the bead to make it easy to make earrings or other art. Dyed with colors. From Indonesia.

A2359 $2 each

Pile of 3/8" carved stone skull confetti beads 8 multi-colored stone skull confetti beads for crafts

Stone Confetti Skull Beads

3/8” high carved stone skulls. The vertical hole runs through the bead to make it easy to make earrings or other art. Dyed with colors. From Indonesia.

 A2355 $6 / bag of 8 (assorted colors)

Stone Confetti Beads

1/2 x 1/2 inch carved stone skulls. The vertical hole runs through the bead to make it easy to make earrings or other art. Dyed with colors. From Indonesia.

 A2250 $15 / bag of 8

ceremic skull beads ceramic skull beads

Skull Mask Beads

Ceramic from Peru. Each one is hand painted. Has a hole at the top for wire hook or string. These are larger than the Mini skull beads to the right. Approx. 1 1/4" high and 1/2" deep.

A1039 $2.25 each (out temporarily)

Mini Skull Beads

Ceramic from Peru. Nice to use in necklaces or bracelets. Hole runs from ear to ear. Size 1/2" x 1/2"x 1/2"

A1108 $2 each

mermaid woodcut from balsa foam

Balsa Foam Block

For woodcuts without the knife. Use chopstick or dull pencil to make design. Then roll with black paint. Pack contains 2 slabs. 6" x 8" slabs can be cut into small blocks with kitchen knife. You can use balsa foam to make Chinese "chops" or Renaissance wood block images too! It's lots of fun!
A1218 $12 / 2-piece pack

packages of balsa foam
Sample woodcut (above)
Skeleton mermaid made from balsa foam with a chopstick. Roller it with a brier with black acrylic paint and press balsa foam woodcut block onto craft paper. Press with fingers and lift off to dry. Sure beats the old fashion potato woodcut!

4 alebijes

Animal Alebrijes

Wood carved animals for you to paint in the traditional style of Oaxaca! Mexico

A1042 $15 each

carved wood dog albrije's sugar skull cookie cutters's sugar skull cookie recipe card

Sugar Skull Cookie Cutters - symmetrical design

Now you can make delicious sugar cookies but decorate them like traditional Mexican sugar skulls! Kids and adults alike can gather to decorate the large 5.5 inch skull, using it as an artist's palette to make extraordinary sugary artwork! Make the little 3 inch cookies to nibble on before the party! Decorate your sugar skull sugar cookies with edible glitter, candies, colorful icing and edible luster dust. Just when you finally got the dried up icing cleaned up from your floor grout from last Christmas' cookie baking, now you can relive the fun of cookie baking in October!

Assortment of sugar skull cookies decorated by Angela

Your homemade sugar skull cookies will be reminiscent of the authentic Mexican sugar skulls used to celebrate Day of the Dead. Recipe card gives you a great cookie and icing recipe. If you want to order disposable icing bags, luster dust and paste food colors, scroll down on this page. Please send us photos of your cookies! We'll post them. Set contains 1 large 5" cookie cutter, 1 smaller 3 1/2" cookie cutter & recipe card.
Our NEW exclusive design ~ Designed by Angela ~ Made in the U.S.A.
A1195 $10 / 2-piece set

4 Sugar Skull Stamp Cookie Cutters, 1 open

Sugar Skull Stamp Cookie Cutters

Each colorful cutter measures 5" x 2 3/4" x 1/2. Works even better with clay than cookie dough.

A2320 $12 / set of 4 (out temporarily)

Sugar Skull Stamp Cookie Cutters

Skeleton Rubber Stamps

Whimsical collection of high quality stamps for craft projects, paper cards & snail mail. Wood backs.

All rubber stamps were drawn by Reign Trading Co owner Angela Villalba & artist Kathi Oshima. Copyright © 2006 - 2017 Reign Trading Co. All Rights Reserved.

Woodcut skull Rubber Stamp for Day of the Dead

Woodcut Skull

2 x 1 3/4 in.
A1085 $12 each
(temporarily out)

Happy Day of the Dead rubber stamp

Happy Day of the Dead

4 x 7/8" A1091 $9 each

Day of the Dead rubber stamp - bone cat Day of the Dead rubber stamp - Maraca Dancer. Our exclusive designs Day of the Dead rubber stamp  - China Poblana. Our exclusive design

Skeleton Cat

2 3/8" square
A1083 $12 each (out temporarily)

Maraca Dancing Skeleton

3 3/8" x 2"
A1084 $12 each (out temporarily)

China Poblana

3 1/2" x 2 3/8"
A1086 $12 each
Small sugar skull stamp Flying Skeleton rubber stamp. Sugar skull rubber stamp for Day of the Dead - our exclusive design.

Sugar Skull - medium

2" x 2"
A1087 $12 each

Flying Skeleton

2" x 3"
A1089 $12 each

Sugar Skull - large

3" x 2 3/8"
A1088 $14 each (out temporarily)

Sugar Skull Wrapping Paper

How cool is this? The perfect paper to wrap gifts for sugar skull lovers! Also ideal to adorn your altar de muertos or use with Day of the Dead craft projects.

Each piece is 34' long x 19.5" wide. Sold in packs of 12 sheets, folded in thirds. Made in Mexico.

Purple Sugar Skull Gift Wrap

A4048 $12 / 6 sheets


Black Sugar Skull Gift Wrap

A4049 $12 / 6 sheets
Purple Day of the Dead gift wrap with colorul sugar skulls and marigold edging on the top and bottom
Black Day of the Dead gift wrap with colorul sugar skulls and marigold edging on the top and bottom

Part of the fun of Día de Los Muertos is to make your own folk art! We have heard our customers say they want more authentic type art project materials, so here's a start and more to come! Be sure to send us photos of your final projects... kids and adults - or post them on the MexicanSugarSkull Facebook fan page.

Inspiration ~ Day of the Dead Wedding Quilt

Heather R. wrote & sent us these photos
Hi, have just come back to visit your site, thought you would like to see my Day of the dead wedding quilt, made for friends of my son & daughter in law. It is in Crazy patchwork style and is hand embroidered, This is the second one i have made. I am now planning the next one!

section of Day of the dead quilt section of Day of the Dead fabric quilt
Day of the Dead crazy patchwork wedding quilt

See all of our high quality 100% cotton Alexander Henry Day of the Dead fabric suited for all kinds of Day of the Dead craft projects

  • quilts
  • shirts
  • pajamas
  • tablecloths
  • pillow cases
  • curtains
  • & more!

Please send us photos of your fabric projects or share them with our Facebook fans!

Skeleton Diorama Scene Box Kit

Kids or adults will enjoy making skeleton miniature boxes for weddings & anniversaries or personalize them for display on your ofrendas. Honor loved ones by making them a skeleton box that reflects their occupation, hobby or passion! One could sell these or have workshops and then exhibit all of them on a big wall to show how much diversity and imagination can come from the same simple basic items. This kind of group exhibit is very interesting for Day of the Dead exhibits at schools, restaurants or events. The skeleton is detached, so you can hold it easily to work on.

5 Skeleton diorama scene box kits skeleton diorama kit with blue background

How to make your skeleton miniature box
Make the box show what the loved one liked to do while they were alive. Paint the walls with a scene or glue on objects made from fabric, clay, fimo, lace, papier mache or jewelry. The wire skeleton can be bent to hold things or add personality. Dress the skeleton by painting or add papier mache clothing, cloth skirts or hats, or use ribbon, fabric, felt or construction paper. Use your imagination!

Need inspiration for your customers? Check out our hand-decorated boxes & other skeleton miniature figurines crafted in Mexico

Our box kits are very well made and substantial!

Size:  4.5" wide, 2.25" deep, 4.25" high. The skeleton is 3.5" tall with the base and has bendable arms. Made in Mexico. Designed by

A4019 Skeleton Diorama Scene Box Kit
$15 each, assorted colors
(out temporarily)

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