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Paper Miracle Flowers - Set of 5 flowers with 2-tone petals


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Made with Italian tissue paper and the petals are designed with 2 colors of paper to make them look very special.  The flowers are 7 – 9″ in diameter with a green wire stem. Set of 5 flowers - bright, assorted colors and designs. This is now sold as a pack of 5 flowers, but when they were sold separately, they cost $7 each.

These flowers create an instant ofrenda or large vase of flowers. Miracle Flowers arrive closed with the wire stem holding the flower closed. You unfurl and shape the petals when you want to use the flower. 

This batch of flowers include the colors: Orange, yellow, red, marigold, wine, watermelon, lime and rosa mexicana.

Note - Paper flowers cannot be returned. Once they are opened they cannot be closed into their original condition.