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Day of the Dead Collector's Gallery

Large paper Mache skulls from the Linares family
Papier mâché made by the famous Linares family

Extra-extra large bold Painted Papier Mâché Skull

New shipment! Finely detailed extra-extra large (gigante) skulls! Approximately 14" h x 13 "w x 19" jaw to back of head - about the size of a laundry basket. Assorted bright colors. Choose your color by email before ordering, if desired. NEW stock just arrived!
F2027 $325 each

Excellent pieces for your collection!

Large paper mache skulls. Gigante papier mache skull

Collector's Papier Mâché Skulls by Señor Agustin Galicia

Several colors to choose from - 9" x 7" x 8" (life-size). NEW stock just arrived!
$135 each
Single extra-large (gigante) skull close-up

NEW Gigante Retablos

These spectacular piece of folk art are the original creation of Mexico City artist Rafael Rodriguez. He carves and makes many of the furniture and mini elements inside these beautifully handcrafted retablos. Scenes are extremely well detailed and are a showcase piece for any collector, restaurant or museum. These diorama type retablo scene boxes were first made by 19th-century resident nuns in the Santa Monica convent in Puebla. Wood with glass. Because of the fragility of these pieces, they should be picked up at our warehouse. Please contact us for details.

Click on the images below for larger photos.

Large handmade Day of the Dead ofrenda with decorated ofrenda table, skeletons, papel picado, marigolds and words from 1939. Large handmade wooden retablo showing a sugar skull maker at his shop with lots of sugar skulls, bags of sugar, a friendly skeleton, stove and words from 1937.

Gigante Retablo – Day of the Dead Ofrenda

20" wide x 7" deep x 14" tall. Mexico
A4101 $525

Gigante Retablo – Sugar Skull Maker

20" wide x 7" deep x 14" tall. Mexico
A4102 $525

Skeleton woman eating a watermelon, georgeous handmade retablo

NEW Watermelon Skeleton Retablo

Finely detailed skeleton in a wooden box. 7.5” high x 4” wide with doors closed x 2” deep. Peru

A1217 $85 each

Closeup - Skeleton woman eating a watermelon in the retablo

Beautiful handmade Catrin & Catrina paper mache couple

NEW Alameda Strolling Catrines Couple

These catrina sets are highly collectible and the ultimate in papier mâché quality. The paint job on the woman’s dress is phenomenal, using old 1800’s vintage designs. The couple has removable heads. Mexico
24" tall

A3981 $295 / couple

Closeup of the back of our paper mache strolling Catrina

bicycle built for 2 skeleton novios skeleton bird seller riding a bike

Bicycle Built for 2 Skeleton Novios

This happy couple is leaving for their honeymoon. Our wonderfully talented, young folk artist in Puebla made these tin bicycles by hand. We can't keep them in stock! The bicycle is made from soldered metal and the skeletons are clay. The bride is dressed in a lacy dress & veil as she holds on for dear life! 71/4" wide x 7.5" high x 2 deep. Mexico
A2192 $75 each (out temporarily)

Bicycle Bird Seller

This must be the bicycle skeleton's day job! This is how bird sellers would move their cages to market in Mexico... not too long ago! The bi-level bird cage is nicely made from wood and the bike is tin. A gorgeous piece of Puebla folk art for any collector. 71/4" wide x 7.5" high x 2 deep. Mexico
A2176 $64 each

It's rare to find a papier mâché piece as good as these! One of my favorites! The pieces are over 2 feet tall and command a room with excitement, color & classic Mexico "tipico".

Everyone's heard of the Mexican Hat Dance, but the real name of the national dance of Mexico is called the Jarabe Tapatio, which originated in the state of Jalisco. After the Revolution in 1921, a group of nation builders and in particular Jose Vasconcellos, instituted many ideas to create "National Identity" for their war torn country. They decided this dance would be learned by school children all over Mexico. This iconic image of a beautiful woman dancing in a full dance skirt has been immortalized on labels, neon Mexican restaurant signs, cigar boxes, text books, travel posters and a myriad of items.

This beautiful set of papier mache skeletons reflect the nostalgia for Revolutionary times in skeleton form. The pieces are sold separately so you can buy just the woman if you like. A great piece for any collection or ofrenda. If you have a couple color preferences, mention it in the ORDER NOTES upon checkout.

Extra large papier mache  China Poblana Mexican Hat dancer Papier mache Mexican hat dance couple with guitar
Variety (6) of China Poblana dancers in unique outfits and Charro skeleton

Skeleton Mexican Hat Dancers

Large papier mâché, 26" tall. Fun & Collectible!
Senorita N2103 $285
Mexican Hat Dance Couple N2102 $395
Charro Boy N2104 $155 | Guitar N2105 $25

4 skeletons partying with their ancestors skeleton couple enjoying life in a bistro

Party with the Ancestors

Day of the Dead scene. 7" high x 7" wide x 3" deep. 4 skeleton party-goes made by Peruvian artists with a secret paste that covers a wire armature. On wood base. Peru
A2235 $175

NEW Catrina Bistro

Day of the Dead scene. 6" high x 6" wide x 3" deep. Bistro couple made by Peruvian artists with a secret paste that covers a wire armature. On wood base. Peru
A2236 $150

3 large papier mache mermaids with curley black hair

Seductive Skeleton Mermaid with curly black hair

Fancy papier mâché mermaid. Assorted colors
14.5" tall. Mexico
$95 each

Unusual Huichol Indian Art

Huichol double prayer stick

Double Prayer Stick

Angela was able to interview a Huichol Shaman on her recent trip to Jalisco about their Day-of-the-Dead celebrations. This prayer stick was made and used by Huichol Indians in their ceremonies. Attached items are symbols important to them. Spiritual item for your altar or home.

A1010 $20

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