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NEW Skeleton Folk Art

We're extremely pleased to have found some awesome additions to our Day of the Dead folk art offerings.
Check out our new sugar skull & chocolate molds and new Day of the Dead featured arrivals & jewelry

closeup - romantic heart mariachi skeleton miniature

Romantic Mariachi Skeleton ornament

Each holds a heart & flowers. Made from ancient potato flour paste, sculpted & molded into one-of-a kind, highly detailed skeletons. 7 inches tall with hanger loop. Peru.

A3997 $28 each
Assorted colors

Handmade white and gold skelton wedding retablo with doors. black with colorful flowers skeleton wedding retablo

Rhapsody Wedding Nicho with doors

3.5 wide x 5” high x 1” deep with hanger on the back. Mexico.
A3985 $60 each

Field of Flowers Wedding Nicho with doors

3.5 wide x 5” high x 1” deep with hanger on the back. Mexico.
A3986 $60 each

White and gold frame with milagro Talking Head Clay Skull Candleholder

Creamy White & Gold Mini Frame with Milagro

2.5" wide x 4" high.  The glass photo window measures 1.25" wide x 2 2.5" high. Stand in back. Assorted Milagros on top. Mexico
A3987 $22 each
A3987DOZ $225 / dozen special order

Talking Clay Skull Candle Holder

Wired mouth moves.
 Approx 6” tall x 4” wide x 3” deep. Mexico
A2344 $38 each

Beautiful handmade Catrin & Catrina paper mache couple

Alameda Strolling Catrines Couple

This catrina set is highly collectible and the ultimate in papier mâché quality. The paint job on the woman’s dress is phenomenal, using old 1800’s vintage designs.
24 inches tall, removable heads. Mexico

A3981 $365 / couple

Closeup of the back of our paper mache strolling Catrina

side of cantina - Viva Mexico - La guayaba y La tostada Cantina Gato Negro box with Skeletons Closeup on female skeleton mini and photos around her

Cantina Gato Negro

12” x 12” x 4” deep, Mexico
A2345 $75

Skeleton Mama Papier Mache Angel

Angel Baby Skeleton

Skeleton Papa Papier Mache Angel

Skeleton Angel Mama

Papier mache. 7.5” tall  x 3.5” wide
A2337 $28 each

Skeleton Angel Baby

Papier mache. 5” tall x 4” wide. Mexico
A2336 $22 each

Skeleton Angel Papa

Papier mache. 7.5” tall  x 3.5” wide
A2338 $28 each

Repousee Sugar Skull Ornament Repousse Skeleton Bone Dog Ornament

Repousse Catrina Skeleton Ornament

Repoussé Sugar Skull Ornament 

This fanciful sugar skull has beading on both sides. A mixture of twisted wire, flowers & leaves, hearts & crosses decorate this smiling skull. 2.5" x 3.5"
A2311 $20

Repoussé Bone Dog Ornament

The detail work on this skeleton dog is astounding on both sides... it's like a piece of jewelry with the colored stones, beaded tail and hand cut bone assemblage. A wonderful gift for a Day of the Dead dog lover who can enjoy the bone dog all year long. 4" x 3.5"
A2313 $22

Repoussé Catrina Ornament

The catrina skeleton is the classic, iconic Mexican skeleton made famous by Guadalupe Posada. Representing the rich French who ruled Mexico in the late 1800's, this catrina boasts her big ostrich feathered hat, and fancy dress. Mixed metals, 5" x 2.5"
A2314 $20
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colorful ceramic skull lantern for tea light or candle

Talavera Skull Lantern

The cutout eyes flicker & glow with the flame of tea lights which fit nicely inside the ceramic skull. Each one is hand painted with a unique design, but all look very similar to the photo. Bright assorted colors. Mexico
Large (7.5" high) A2257 $36 each
Medium (5.5" high) A2258 $24 each
medium talavera skull lantern
Large & medium talavera skull lanterns

Castillo style Day of the Dead Village Scenes Pottery

The most expensive Castillo piece I've ever seen was in Puerto Vallarta, and it was an entire intricate circus scene that cost over $13,000 made by one of the famous first generation Castillo artists. There are many talented offshoots of this huge family these days. It's unusual to see a Mexican pottery that is fired and then painted with natural dyes or acrylics in place of glazes. The Castillo style pottery is beautiful, interesting and makes wonderful additions to any Day of the Dead collection... and yes, still painted with one-hair paintbrushes. We hope you enjoy these museum quality Castillo style pieces!
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Closeup of Castillo Style finely painted pottery
Castillo style skeleton bread baker at his oven with his skeleton dog Castillo style pinata scene with skeleton boy and dog

Castillo Bread Baker

4 ½” d x 6 ½ ”w x 5 ½ h. Mexico
$175 each

Castillo Piñata scene

4" deep x 4” wide x 5" high. Mexico
$68 each
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