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NEW Skeleton Folk Art

We're extremely pleased to have found some awesome additions to our Day of the Dead folk art offerings.
Check out our NEW sugar skull & chocolate Molds & NEW Featured Arrivals & NEW Day of the Dead Stuff

Gigante Retablos

These spectacular piece of folk art are the original creation of Mexico City artist Rafael Rodriguez. He carves and makes many of the furniture and mini elements inside these beautifully handcrafted retablos. Scenes are extremely well detailed and are a showcase piece for any collector, restaurant or museum. These diorama type retablo scene boxes were first made by 19th-century resident nuns in the Santa Monica convent in Puebla. Wood with glass. Because of the fragility of these pieces, they should be picked up at our warehouse. Please contact us for details.

Click on the images below for larger photos.

Large handmade Day of the Dead ofrenda with decorated ofrenda table, skeletons, papel picado, marigolds and words from 1939. Large handmade wooden retablo showing a sugar skull maker at his shop with lots of sugar skulls, bags of sugar, a friendly skeleton, stove and words from 1937.

Gigante Retablo – Day of the Dead Ofrenda

20" wide x 7" deep x 14" tall. Mexico
A4101 $525

Gigante Retablo – Sugar Skull Maker

20" wide x 7" deep x 14" tall. Mexico
A4102 $525

Mini Day of the Dead Skeleton Open Air Market Scene

6 pieces, 1 ½ - 2” high N

A4107 $45 / set of 6

Metepec Tree-of-Life Candelabras

Wonderful skeleton painted clay candle holders for your altar to celebrate Day of the Dead. Mexico.
Tree of Life candelabra with 1 skeleton playing a guitar Tree of Life candelabra with 2 skeleton musicians, 1 playing a guitar, the other a sax

Tree Of Life Candelabra ~ Solo Skeleton Musico

1 candle cup, 7 1/2 " tall x 8” wide. Mexico

Tree Of Life Candelabra ~ Two Skeleton Musicos

3 candle cups. 8” tall x 10” wide. Mexico
F2260 $65 each
Tree of Life candelabra with 6   skeleton musicians with colorful hats and lots of green leaves and colorful cempasuchil Tree of Life candelabra with 6  skeleton carrying ofrenda items  and lots of green leaves and colorful cempasuchil

Tree Of Life Candelabra ~ Skeleton Band

5 candle cups, 6 musicians – drummers, cymbals, clarinet, tuba, & trumpet. 16” tall x 15” wide. Mexico
F2262 $185 each

Tree Of Life Candelabra ~ Muertos Ofrenda

5 candle cups. Skeletons bringing fruit, animals, cempasuchil, champurrado (drinks), etc. 16” tall x 15” wide. Mexico
F2263 $185 each

Flaming Heart Calaveras

Clay. Hollow with cutout eyes.
3 1/3" tall x 3" wide x 3 1/2" deep
$28 each

A3018 Flaming Heart Calavera, Rosa Mexicana
A3019 Flaming Heart Calavera, Black
A3020 Flaming Heart Calavera, Blue

2 papier mache girl baby dolls, one small with yellow outfit and one mini with green outfit

Baby Dolls

Exquisite miniature papier mache dolls with movable arms and legs in the style of the Celeya dolls of the Porfiriato (1870 – 1910). These are perfect for baby ofrendas celebrated on November 1. Celeya papier mache. Assorted colors. Mexico

(right) Small Baby Doll, 4" tall. A3014 $20 each

(left) Mini Baby Doll, 3" tall. A3015 $15 each

Colorful hand-decorated talking Mexican sugar skull folk art

Talking Sugar Skull Head

These go back all the way to the Colonia in the late 1800s. They're used in festivals and parades - and just to have a good time! Assorted colors. Mexico
A3000 $14 each

Sugar Skull Wall Masks

Fine artist quality plaster. Masks have a ring on the back to put on the wall. 7” tall x 5” wide
A4074 Rosa Mexicana Wall Mask $39 each A4075 Bone Wall Mask $39 each A4076 Marigold Wall Mask $39 each

Wax Rose Bouquet Altar Candles

Rose bouquet altar candles are a Mexican art that is disappearing! These laborious, ingenious candles are made by hand in small villages around the country. Once the main center pillar of the candle is made, the flowers are made by dipping different clay molds and little round pots into buckets of hot wax. After they are dipped 6 times, they are plunged into cold water to loosen the wax from the pot. While the wax is playable, the artist cuts petals into the half sphere shape. Several diameters of round petals are placed on top of one another and then stuck onto the main candle. These bouquet candles will add a lot of interest on your ofrenda!

Large Wax Rose Bouquet Altar Candle (Rosa Mexicana) 8" high x 3" wide
A3016 $34 each

Small Wax Rose Bouquet Altar Candle (Golden Yellow) 3 1/2" high x 2" wide
A3017 $16.00 each (out temporarily)

These candles can be made extremely big and extraordinarily well detailed with colors and even gold leaf. In the Oaxacan village of Teotitlán del Valle, 4 foot candles are commissioned by the grooms family for the engagement procession to ask for the girl's hand in marriage. The more expensive and fancy the candles are, the more the groom looks "stable and well to do" and impresses the girl's father. The same candle makers can create special 6 foot candles for religious holidays to decorate the church.
Mini skeleton novio cupcake topper

Skeleton Sitting on Nopal

Old Mexico tipico is depicted here in this cigarette smoking skeleton taking his siesta! Our Puebla artist didn't miss any details: huaraches, serape, campesino straw hat and even the prickly pears on top of the cactus. 4” tall x 2 ½ inches wide, clay. Mexico
A4032 $12 each

Mini Novio Cupcake Topper

Precious mini novios dressed in top hat and veil with satin rose bouquet. Metallic green paint detailing the bridal gown. Great keepsake for showers, adorn cupcakes or use in finely detailed Day of the Dead artwork. Mexico. 1 1/2" tall.
A4022 $12 each
A4022DOZ $120 / dozen (12)

Calavera Ash Tray

Hand painted clay. Assorted Calaveras with bottles are sitting to watch over your cigarettes, rings, jewels, paper clips or other precious items on your vanity, desk or ofrenda. Tray is 4.5 square. Calavera is 5” tall. No two the same. Mexico
A4035 $36 each

Three colorful catrinas hanging out

Catrina Comadre

Colorful hand sculpted potato paste and wire, no two alike. Peru 8” tall.

Comadres are frequently celebrated on Day of the Dead as women miss their women friends who have passed. These figurines remind us of long conversations, laughter and the closeness that binds us as “girlfriends”.

A4030 $32 each
assorted colors

Closeup - Catrina with read flower hat, red dress, smoking a cigarette

Castillo style Day of the Dead Village Scenes Pottery

The most expensive Castillo piece I've ever seen was in Puerto, and it was an entire intricate circus scene that cost over $13,000 made by one of the famous first generation Castillo artists. There are many talented offshoots of this huge family these days. It's unusual to see a Mexican pottery that is fired and then painted with natural dyes or acrylics in place of glazes. The Castillo style pottery is beautiful, interesting and makes wonderful additions to any Day of the Dead collection... and yes, still painted with one-hair paintbrushes. We hope you enjoy these museum quality Castillo style pieces!
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Closeup of Castillo Style finely painted pottery
Castillo style skeleton bread baker at his oven with his skeleton dog Castillo style skeleton sugar skull seller

Castillo Bread Baker

4 ½” deep x 6 ½ ”wide x 5 ½ high. Mexico
$195 each

Castillo Sugar Skull Seller

3" x 3" x 4" Mexico   
A2195  $58 each
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Romantic skeleton with top hat holding flowers and a red heart

Romantic Debonair Skeleton

With heart and bouquet on base. This tuxedo clad, top-hatted lover offers eternal love to his sweetie. colorful hand sculpted potato paste and wire

8” tall Peru

A4031 $32

Romantic skeleton with top hat holding flowers and a red heart close-up

colorful ceramic skull lantern for tea light or candle

Talavera Skull Lantern

The cutout eyes flicker & glow with the flame of tea lights which fit nicely inside the ceramic skull. Each one is hand painted with a unique design, but all look very similar to the photo. Bright assorted colors. Mexico

Large (7.5" high) A2257 $36 each

metal tree of life for 3 candles

Metal Tree of Life candle holder

Traditional floral design from Jalisco. 3 depositos with flowers, leaves & birds. 11” high x 11” wide x 5” deep. Imported.
A4003 $75 each

Oaxaca Sugar Skulls with Glitter Eyes

Hand decorated clay. Perfect when you need a sugar skull in your pocket, a gift for a co-worker or party favor. Works well as a cupcake topper too. 1.5 inches each. Mexico. Set of 4, assorted eye colors.
A4033 $12 / set of 4
White and gold frame with milagro Talking Head Clay Skull Candleholder

Creamy White & Gold Mini Frame with Milagro

2.5" wide x 4" high.  The glass photo window measures 1.25" wide x 2 2.5" high. Stand in back. Assorted Milagros on top. Mexico
A3987 $22 each
A3987DOZ $225 / dozen special order

Talking Clay Skull Candle Holder

Wired mouth moves.
 Approx 6” tall x 4” wide x 3” deep. Mexico
A2344 $38 each

Beautiful handmade Catrin & Catrina paper mache couple

Alameda Strolling Catrines Couple

These catrina sets are highly collectible and the ultimate in papier mâché quality. The paint job on the woman’s dress is phenomenal, using old 1800’s vintage designs. The couple has removable heads. Mexico
24" tall

A3981 $295 / couple

Closeup of the back of our paper mache strolling Catrina

6 Skeleton novios - wedding couple - in decorated matchbox

Skeleton Wedding Couple Matchbox

Hand painted matchboxes slide open to reveal a happy little wedding couple inside. When you want to give a little treasure of a gift, these beautiful boxes are a lovely keepsake. You can print a small sticker with the names of the bride & groom and attach it to the back of the box. Peru.
2" wide x 1.5" tall x 5" deep

A2170 $6 each
A2170-50 $250 / 50 matchboxes

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Skeleton Mama Papier Mache Angel Angel Baby Skeleton Skeleton Papa Papier Mache Angel

Skeleton Angel Mama

Papier mache. 7.5” tall  x 3.5” wide
A2337 $28 each

Skeleton Angel Baby

Papier mache. 5” tall x 4” wide. Mexico
A2336 $22 each

Skeleton Angel Papa

Papier mache. 7.5” tall  x 3.5” wide
A2338 $28 each

Repousse Skeleton Motorcyclist Ornament Repousse Skeleton Bone Dog Ornament Repousee Sugar Skull Ornament

Repoussé Motorcycle Ornament

Motorcycle aficionados will love this intricate, hand hammered skeleton on his souped up cycle. Makes a nice "guy" present. This 3D piece is equally elaborate on both sides. 4" x 3.5"
A2312 $22 each

Repoussé Bone Dog Ornament

The detail work on this skeleton dog is astounding on both sides... it's like a piece of jewelry with the colored stones, beaded tail and hand cut bone assemblage. A wonderful gift for a Day of the Dead dog lover who can enjoy the bone dog all year long. 4" x 3.5"
A2313 $22

Repoussé Sugar Skull Ornament 

This fanciful sugar skull has beading on both sides. A mixture of twisted wire, flowers & leaves, hearts & crosses decorate this smiling skull. 2.5" x 3.5"
A2311 $20
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