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New Arrivals

We're extremely pleased to have found some very unusual additions to our offerings.
Be sure to check out our awesome New Sugar Skull & Chocolate Molds, New Folk Art & new Day of the Dead

Sugar Skull Candy Tins

black sugar skull candy tin open to show colorful skull candies

Is that a sugar skull in your pocket or are you just happy to see me??? These adorable, colorful hammered tins hold a bunch of little sugar skull candies. Can't say the taste of the candies will wow a refined candy connoisseur, but kids will devour them.

I love the empty sugar skull box and have hoarded many - I use them for earrings, paper clips and those easy-to-lose micro chips for my camera. These really are adorable and make great little Day of the Dead gifts for teacher, office mates or friends you run into at the Safeway. Keep several in your pocket and surprise someone with a "random act of sugar skull!"

Cute 3.5" x 2.5" colorful candy tins, each filled with 1.4 oz skull candies.

3 sugar skull candy tins

A2318 $10 / 3 tins (one of each color!)

Calavera Feliz (happy skulls) baby bib on black with pink trim and ties
click for large pattern image

Sugar Skull Baby Bibs

photo courtesy of our friend Patrice


See more fun
Day of the Dead stuff for kids

Muertos Fiesta in Black sugar skull baby bib with red trim and ties
click for large pattern sample
Calavera Feliz Baby Bib
A4042 $15 each
Muertos Fiesta in Black Baby Bib
A4044 $15 each
Red skeleton baby bib with golden yellow trim and ties
click for large pattern sample
Sugar Skulls on Black baby bib with lime green trim and ties
click for large pattern sample
Muertos Fiesta in Red
A4043 $15 each
Sugar Skull on Black Baby Bib
A4045 $15 each

Sugar Skull Wrapping Paper

How cool is this? The perfect paper to wrap gifts for sugar skull lovers! Also ideal to adorn your altar de muertos or use with Day of the Dead craft projects.

Each piece is 34' long x 19.5" wide. Sold in packs of 6 sheets. Made in Mexico.

Purple Sugar Skull Gift Wrap

$12 / 6 sheets


Black Sugar Skull Gift Wrap

A4049 WSA4049 $12 / 6 sheets
Purple Day of the Dead gift wrap with colorul sugar skulls and marigold edging on the top and bottom
Black Day of the Dead gift wrap with colorul sugar skulls and marigold edging on the top and bottom

Sugar Skull Round Puzzle pieces and box Sugar Skull Round Puzzle finished

Sugar Skull Round Puzzle

For those sugar skull lovin’ folks that just don’t like to get their fingers messed up with icing, this sugar skull puzzle will satiate that desire to handle authentic Mexican sugar skulls! These wonderful open air market shots show the variety & unique styles sugar skulls have from different parts of the country. 8 years + will enjoy working this circular puzzle. 140 piece puzzle, 13 inch diameter when finished.
A2310 $15

Clay Altar Skull blank next to tea light

Paint your own!
Clay Altar Skull Blanks

I love these! These clay skulls are fired and can either be glazed & fired or painted with acrylics. Perfect to cover a tea light for your table, ofrenda or tombstone decor. Kids & adults will enjoy making these for gifts.
3” tall x 3” wide x 3 1/2” deep, 1” hole, 3/8” deep eyes
candle not included

A2356 $10 each
A2356-12 $100 / dozen (12)
A2356-60 $450 / 5 dozen (60)

Clay Altar Skull Blank with tea light inside

More Day of the Dead craft supplies & altar fixings

Sugar Skull Lunch Box

Adults and kids alike who love Day of the Dead will enjoy this in the lunch room… or take food to the cemetery, sit on a tombstone and share a meal with your muertos! Just enough room inside to take a sugar skull and small pan de muerto with you! Cool sugar skull designs on all sides except top and bottom. Plain tin inside.
7" high x 8" wide x 4" deep

Midnight Blue A2319-B $16

Hot Pink A2319-P $16

colorful black metal sugar skull lunch box with magenta pink trim

Drink of the Dead Energy Drink with colorful smiling skeleton

Day of the Dead Energy Drink

Tired of Toro Rojo? But still interested in an energy drink to restore your razzle? I confess, I bought it for the adorable can. How cool is this? But we cracked some open last week and it's really good! It's an effervescent wild berry taste that isn't super sweet. Thirst quenching.

Since living here Sonoma Wine Country, I can honestly say, "it has wild berry bouquet, cempasuchil undertones and a sugar skull finish. Plus, one turns heads when drinking at the Starbuck's patio. Perfect for Day of the Dead parties or at weddings before the bar opens! This drink has caffeine but much less than the famous brands. Not a soda for children.

Refresco de los Muertos is perfect for BBQ's, picnics, Day of the Dead parties or for weddings before the bar opens or when folks are pooped out from dancing. This drink has caffeine but much less than the famous brands. Not a soda for children.

A2301 $3.75 each | A2301-24 $75 case of 24

Triangular Day of the Dead Puzzle

Sound simple? This is a double sided puzzle with a different picture on either side. In Mexico, the word for jigsaw puzzle is “rompe cabeza” which translates to “break the head”… but actually, this puzzle is rated at 8 years and older. Nice gift in a cool looking triangular box.
50 piece puzzle, 11 inches x 15 inches when finished.

A2309 $12.95

Triangular Day of the Dead puzzle

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