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New Arrivals

We're extremely pleased to have found some very unusual additions to our 2015 Day of the Dead offerings! Here, under the "What's New" tab, we have 4 pages of great new items to celebrate Day of the Dead, use in your classrooms, for parties and for building your ofrendas.
Be sure to check out our awesome NEW Day of the Dead Folk Art, NEW Day of the Dead Goodies & Gifts $15 or under.

2015 Day of the Dead T-shirts

These shirts are made from the famous Peruvian cotton - luxurious long soft cotton fibers from the valleys of Peru. This very, very soft 100% cotton makes for a very comfortable T-shirt. Please note these may run a bit small. Men may want to order a larger size.

Black sugar skull tee shirt with elaborate flowers, blue eyes and a moon above the skull's head. Black tee shirts with an extraordinary silver sugar skull.

Blue Moon Sugar Skull T-Shirt

The spirit of this sugar skull is emerging from a lovely burgeoning flower garden filled with roses, daisies, butterflies and cempasuchil. The moon above watches it all. This will be the softest black t-shirt in your closet! Looks awesome with Levi's. $24 each

Medium A5026-M  |   Large A5026-L
X Large A5026-XL   |   2X A5026-2X    |   3X A5026-3X

Silver Sugar Skull T-Shirt

You won't be able to sneak through the cemetery with this silver sugar skull shimmering as you walk! It looks much better than the photo. The shirt is dark black and the skull is bright metallic silver. The 11 inch high skull is beautiful with a heart at the bottom and a marigold at the top. This is a gorgeous shirt! $24 each

Medium A5025-M   |   Large A5025-L
X Large A5025-XL   |  2X A5025-2X   |   3X A5025-3X

Light gray sugar skull tee-shirt with a large velveteen skull on the front. Dark grey tee shirt with colorful dancing skeletons.

Velveteen Gray Sugar Skull T-shirt

Gray is the hot color this season! Any of these 4 shirts will cuddle you in sweet softness all day long. This is the same design as the silver skull, but it's made with a black velveteen-esque something or other that makes it look great! $24 each

Medium A5023-M   |  Large A5023-L
X Large A5023-XL  |   2X A5023-3X   |   3X A5023-3X

Mexican Hat Dance T-shirt

A classic Posada design of the fandango, this design celebrates the joy of Day of the Dead. What woman wouldn't want to rattle her bones while topless, wearing only a red skirt??? It's hard to see, but the skeleton bones are metallic colored. A fun shirt to wear year round! $24 each

Medium A5024-M   |   Large A5024-L
X Large A5024-XL  |   2X A5024-2X
  |   3X A5024-3X

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Gift Certificate

Let your Day of the Dead / sugar skull loving friends and family choose their own gift! Send by email (delivered in 1-2 business days) or printed (delivered in 3-7 business days). Read more here.

Click GFT to purchase a gift certificate for $25 to $500 (or more!)

Gift Certificate "package" from

Frida Mesh Market Bags

Peony Frida Mesh Market Bag

A5113 $26 each

I think Frida Kahlo would roll her eyes if she saw her image & artwork on a bag, but the rest of us sure enjoy these practical mesh market bags. Frida actually used market bags on her beloved trips to the Coyoacan open air market - but they weren't these hard as nails, Cadillac quality, mesh market bags - double deep, double strong handles with triple rivets. Easy to clean and ample in size, these sassy market bags can be used for the gym, overnight trips or just a fun run around town bag where you want people to subtly notice you are sophisticated yet fun.

These bags are designed by us, sewn by women in Mexico City with the highest quality mesh & trim. Totes measure 16" wide x 17" tall x 8" deep.

Juchitan Frida Mesh Market Bag
A5114 $26 each

Dos Fridas Mesh Market Bag
A5116 $26 each

Open Frida Mesh Market Bag with a skull in Frida's "third eye"
Monkey Frida Mesh Market Bag
A5115 $26 each

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Sugar Skull Cookie Ornament

I love both these new ornaments! They are the nicest little new things I've found this year. These large sugar skull cookie ornaments are made from some kind of colored polymer clay and are topped with real fake sparkly sugar crystals. Their eyes and teeth really give them personality! 3.75" high with red ribbons on top. (if there's any color you don't want, please specify in Order Notes upon checkout).

A5146 $6.50 each   |   A5147 $260 for 50

Glass Skull Ornament

I've just done my Christmas shopping! Everyone I know that runs with a old beat up Chevy pickup is getting one of these for their rear view mirror! These smiling calaveras are colorful, big and nicely made. 3.25" high. Separately, I bought some bright gift boxes so they make a wonderful gift. Assorted colors which come in a colorful gift box.

A5145 $15 each

Clay Sugar Skull Ornaments

Awesome hand-painted ornaments. Very detailed. Each one is different!
3" high x 2.5" wide with hanger. Peru. Assorted colors.

A5028 $7 each


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6 brightly colored, hand-painted clay sugar skull holiday ornaments

Part of a strand of glowing sugar skull LED light string

Sugar Skull LED Light String

I love these! Very cool to hang on your ofrenda, around a window or your front door. Watch them change color between purple, blue, magenta and turquoise. There are 10 sugar skull lights that extend to 11 feet long. I'm going to use mine on my Christmas tree too!
A5143 $26 each (out - more arriving soon!)

Sugar Skull Wrapping Paper

How cool is this? The perfect paper to wrap gifts for sugar skull lovers! Also ideal to adorn your altar de muertos or use with Day of the Dead craft projects.

In Mexico, this paper is sold in the open air markets to decorate the wall behind an ofrenda, which generally is in the middle of one's living room. But I use it at Christmas for my wrapping paper!

Each piece is 34' long x 19.5" wide. Sold in packs of 12 sheets, folded in thirds. Made in Mexico.

Purple Sugar Skull Gift Wrap

A4048 $12 / 6 sheets


Black Sugar Skull Gift Wrap

A4049 $12 / 6 sheets
Purple Day of the Dead gift wrap with colorul sugar skulls and marigold edging on the top and bottom
Black Day of the Dead gift wrap with colorul sugar skulls and marigold edging on the top and bottom

Sugar Skull

Party Pack

Small decorated traditional Mexican sugar skull

Sugar Skull Party Pack

Just in time for Day of the Dead parties - Typically sold in Mexican bakeries - Can you guess how many calories are in a sugar skull? 225!

Individually packaged in sealed, clear plastic boxes. Add a bow on top and the box looks like a happy, festive gift. 2 1/2" wide x 3" deep x 2 1/2" high. Made in Mexico. Master container holds 12 sugar skulls in assorted colors.

A2060 $84 / dozen Very limited quantities

Sugar skull party pack with 12 individually boxed small traditional Mexican sugar skulls

  cover - Dayof the Dead / Dia de los Muertos by Pam Bacich  

Day of the Dead • Día de los Muertos

by Pam Bacich

Photographer Pam Bacich has been traveling to Mexico since 2002 to take part in the Day of the Dead celebrations in villages and cities and in cemeteries large and small. Graveyard celebrations and quiet moments of reflection, plus all of the events leading up to Day of the Dead are captured in 132 dazzling, one-of-a-kind color photographs. Text, in English and Spanish, gives the reader insight into this beautiful and spiritual family holiday that celebrates life and death and honors the memory of deceased loved one. 120 pages, 132 color photographs. 11.6 x 10.9 x 0.7 inches. English and Spanish text. Hardcover. Medal Winner in the 2015 – Independent Publishers Awards

B5152 $39.95 each

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Women's Sugar Skull sock - black and white sugar skull on charcoal heather sock

How snazzy are these?

Now you can wear Day of the Dead socks to work, school or dance sock-foot in the cemetery in complete style.

These premium quality Socksmith brand socks have high cotton content and just enough synthetic to wash brilliantly, add lots of cush, and wear very well.

One size fits most
Women's sock size 9 -11 fit U.S. women's shoe sizes - 10.5.

Machine washable. Contents - 63% Cotton, 34% Nylon, 3% Spandex


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Sugar Skull Crew Socks
on Charcoal Heather

A4036 $9.50 / pair

Sugar Skull Crew Socks
on Royal Purple

A4110 $9.50 / pair
Calavera Feliz (happy skulls) baby bib on black with pink trim and ties
click for large pattern image

Sugar Skull Baby Bibs

photo courtesy of our friend Patrice


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Day of the Dead stuff for kids

Muertos Fiesta in Black sugar skull baby bib with red trim and ties
click for large pattern sample
Calavera Feliz Baby Bib
A4042 $15 each
Muertos Fiesta in Black Baby Bib
A4044 $15 each
Red skeleton baby bib with golden yellow trim and ties
click for large pattern sample
Sugar Skulls on Black baby bib with lime green trim and ties
click for large pattern sample
Muertos Fiesta in Red
A4043 $15 each
Sugar Skull on Black Baby Bib
A4045 $15 each

Black Cast Skull Candles

A splendid addition to any ofrenda. Candles are cast in molds from fine quality wax in San Miguel de Allende. The candles are then hand painted with intricate floral and vine patterns. This 17th-century tradition of candle painting originated in central Mexico from by church artists who decorated the "santuario" altar side stations of the cross. Many 16th - 18th-century churches had soap and candle production on-site which supplied outpost churches and even sold their handmade products in the marketplace.

3 3/4” high x 2 3/4" wide x 3 3/4" deep. Mexico

Turquoise - A3011 $34 each (out temporarily)

Gold Metallic - A3021 $34 each

Rosa Mexicana - A3009 $34 each (out temporarily)

These candles burn a center column for over 15 hours, and then collapse - but for 15 hours the skulls look great. Be sure to burn on a saucer.

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3 Black Cast Skull Candles - with turquoise gold metallic, or Rosa Mexicana  designs.

Sugar Skull Notebooks

Eco-friendly notebooks handcrafted by women’s cooperatives in Nepal

(right) Sugar Skull Notebook, Large, lined 8” x 12”
A4106 $14 each

(left) Sugar Skull Notebook, Medium, unlined, 4” x 8”, 40 blank pages.
A4105 $20 /pack of 3 (out temporarily)

Pair of silver Mayan Skull earrings with a cross on their foreheads and big earrings. Pair of sterling silver Aztec skull earrings with a large copper headdress and copper dangle under chin
Designer: Lisa Rocha

Mayan Skull Earrings

Sterling silver, 1" tall, 3" wide
A2030 $100 / pair

Aztec Skull Earrings

Sterling silver with copper headdress, 2" tall, 1 1/2" wide
A2031 $175 / pair

Mini Sugar Skull Necklace

Precious little sterling silver sugar skull with heart eyes, happy smile and magenta rose on top. The sugar skull measures ½” and comes on a non-sterling 20 inch ball chain.
A4103 $85

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Sugar Skull Candy Tins

black sugar skull candy tin open to show colorful skull candies

Is that a sugar skull in your pocket or are you just happy to see me??? These adorable, colorful hammered tins hold a bunch of little sugar skull candies. Can't say the taste of the candies will wow a refined candy connoisseur, but kids will devour them.

I love the empty sugar skull box and have hoarded many - I use them for earrings, paper clips and those easy-to-lose micro chips for my camera. These really are adorable and make great little Day of the Dead gifts for teacher, office mates or friends you run into at the Safeway. Keep several in your pocket and surprise someone with a "random act of sugar skull!"

Cute 3.5" x 2.5" colorful candy tins, each filled with 1.4 oz skull candies.

3 sugar skull candy tins

A2318 $11 / 3 tins (one of each color!)

Call for large quantity discounts

Sugar Skull Round Puzzle pieces and box Sugar skull puzzle with 4 sections of different authenic Mexican sugar skulls

Sugar Skull Round Puzzle

For those sugar skull lovin’ folks that just don’t like to get their fingers messed up with icing, this sugar skull puzzle will satiate that desire to handle authentic Mexican sugar skulls! These wonderful open air market shots show the variety & unique styles sugar skulls have from different parts of the country. 8 years + will enjoy working this circular puzzle. 140 piece puzzle, 13 inch diameter when finished.
A2310 $15

Sugar Skull Lunch Box

Adults and kids alike who love Day of the Dead will enjoy this in the lunch room… or take food to the cemetery, sit on a tombstone and share a meal with your muertos! Just enough room inside to take a sugar skull and small pan de muerto with you! Cool sugar skull designs on all sides except top and bottom. Plain tin inside.
7" high x 8" wide x 4" deep

Midnight Blue A2319-B $16 (A few left - the blue have been discontinued.)

Hot Pink A2319-P $16

colorful black metal sugar skull lunch box with magenta pink trim

FELIZ DIA DE MUERTOS banner string Letters from repurposed muertos banner showing different kids book cutouts

Re-purposed Muertos Banner

Made from hard cover children’s story books! Hard cardboard letters are strung together on black ribbon to hang in dining room, classroom or across an ofrenda. Uniquely ours. So durable that you can keep it up all year long. Each string extends approx. 6 feet, but you can adjust the spacing on the string. Handcrafted in Oregon.
A3007 $15 each

Day of the Dead Face and Body Painting Ideas and Designs

By Lilly Walters Schermerhorn. 60 pages of step-by-step instructions and exercises. More than 250 full color photos. 11 step-by-step designs. illustrations, descriptions and examples of Sugar Skull: eyes, ears, noses, teeth and cheeks, simple folk art style, to the more elaborate.

Includes: a brief overview of the materials used in face painting Day of the Dead designs including: paints, powders, split cakes, brushes and bling. Suggestions and examples of decorating, shading, and coloring techniques. Tips on using eyelashes, adhesives, jewels, trims, glitter, glitter gels and stencils. Examples of the amazing art of 12 artists from around the world.

A4072 $22 each

Cover - Day of the Dead Face and Body Painting Ideas & Designs

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