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mexican sugar skulls3 medium decorated sugar skulls3 medium decorated sugar skulls3 medium decorated sugar skulls

¡Feliz Día de Muertos!

, beautiful Gigantic Mexican paper mache skull in the window of  Gallery of Mexican Art, San Francisco, CA


As Day of the Dead grows in popularity around the world, it will morph and twist a bit. It may be commercialized & hijacked by big-box holiday makers. But the true lovers of Day of the Dead will keep the beliefs and magic paramount and honoring their loved ones will remain the essence of the holiday.

Warm wishes to you and your “muertos”!
Angela Villalba & all of us here at MexicanSugarSkull.com

How is Day of the Dead celebrated in Mexico?

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Decorated Mexican Sugar Skull with sombrero hat

2014 Day of the Dead News

October 25 » Party with your Muertos - Have a fiesta!

October 19 » High Spirits - Time to build your ofrenda!

October 12 » Sugar skulls & kids

October 3 » What's new, sugar skull?

September 24 » Day of the Dead news, gossip & sugar skulls!

August 28 » Campfires, sunburns & save 20% off 89,573 skeletons!

Our Día de Muertos Collection

Day of the Dead Projects

Woman with painted face wearing a white skull t-shirt with a skeleton whose head is covered with colorful flowers & fruits.

2014 Día de Muertos
Events Calendar

Find local events near home! US & international celebrations, festivals, processions, exhibits, workshops & more.

Chest of a man with a black t-shirt with a yellow and green A's baseball player skeleton head with the words "Dia de los A's"
Smiling, bearded man with sunglasses wearing a black t-shirt with a skeleton and the words "Calaveras Bike Club"
Skull t-shirt photos from Oakland Museum of CA 20th Anniversary Days of the Dead Community Celebration
Woman wearing a sugar skull poncho Sunny Buick Rose Skull Tee-Shirt Official 2014 Oakland Museum 20th Anniversary Day of the Dead t-shirt Man with a sugar skull t-shirt and San Francisco Giants scarf and necklace
Woman wearing a Dia de los Giants sugar skull t-shirt, marigold wreath and beads. Woman wearing a white t-shirt with a beautiful hand-drawn sugar skull Person wearing a black Cali Vera - Day of the Dead Altars Remixed t-shirt from the 2005 Oakland Museum Person wearing a Dia de Los Muertos Day of the Dead t-shirt with a large woodcut sugar skull.

6 beautifully decorated traditional Mexican sugar skulls

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