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Home Goods, Glassware & Frames

Sugar Skull Cloth Napkins

Black napkins with large colorful sugar skulls on a red Fiesta plate
click for a larger image of fabric
Red sugar skull napkin on golden yellow Fiesta plate
click for a larger image of fabric
Sugar skulls with Hearts and Roses napkin on a lime green Fiesta plate.
click for a larger image of fabric

NEW Sugar Skull in Black Napkins

CL4006 $32 Set of 4

NEW Muertos Fiesta in Red Napkins

CL4005 $32 Set of 4

NEW Sugar Skulls with Hearts & Roses Napkins

CL4007 $32 Set of 4

2 Sugar Skull Tortilla holders with tortillas coming out of one
click for larger image of fabric

click for larger image of fabric

NEW Sugar Skull Tortilla Warmer

In kitchens in Mexico, a woman stands at attention over the stove, warming corn tortillas throughout the duration of the dinner and rarely sits down to eat. If she had one of these cute tortilla warmers, she would heat all the tortillas over the gas flame or griddle and slide the stack into this insulated sugar skull tortilla warmer. Keeps the tortillas pleasantly warm for dinner. Machine washable. Tortillas not included!
CL4009 $21 Each

NEW Sugar Skulls with Heart & Roses Pot Holder

Mexican women never use potholders! Their fingers are like cast iron! But we cooks north of the border need protection. Cool protection and if possible, sugar skull protection. These hand made terry cloth backed potholders are thick and effective. Everyone needs some sugar skull love hanging in their kitchens. Machine washable. With terrycloth backing.
CL4008 CL4008 $15 Each

elaborate Sugar skull cardboard wreath

Sugar Skull Cardboard Door Wreath

Extra large, gorgeous laser cut sugar skulls are made from recycled cardboard.

24” diameter and 4” deep. Assembly required; instructions included.

A2321 $75 each

Skeleton Glassware

4 calavera shot glasses calavera margarity or martini glass set of novio champagne toasting glasses

Calavera Shot Glasses

Celebrate Day-or-the-Dead with these multi-colored skeleton glasses. Sit on a tomb and sip mezcal with your comadres in style with these animated shots.
A1003 $40 Set of 4

Calavera Margarita or Martini glasses

Hand painted by local artist. Dishwasher safe. Assorted bright colors.
A1005B $20 each

Novio Champagne Flutes

Toast your wedding or anniversary & celebrate LIFE with these skeleton novio glasses. Hand painted by local artist.
A1004 $50 Set of 2

4 glass skull shot glasses Hand mirror

Skull Shot Glasses

Shoot tequila in style! Then let your friends keep the glass to remember the party! Large quantity discounts for weddings.
A1006 $18 / pack of 4 | PARTY  PACK  A1007 $216 / 60 shot glasses

Skeleton Hand Mirror

4.5" wide x 8" high.
A1043 $24 each

Replicas of Vintage Mexican Souvenirs

box Black wood storage box

Red Wood Storage Box

Natural wood interior - 9" x 5.5" x 3.5" h
N2007 $38 each

Black Wood Storage Box

Natural wood interior - 9" x 5.5" x 3.5 "h
N2005 $38 each

Red Wood Shelf

9" wide x 16.25" high x 3.25" deep
(miniatures not included)
$46 each

Reverse Painted Glass Skeletons

Peru is famous for their reverse painting on glass. The technique goes back to the Colonial period in the 1800's, where artists would adorn mirrors, chests, churches, fancy houses & shops with designs & landscapes painted backwards on clear glass with pen, paint and ink. Then pieces of gold leaf & colored tin shimmery papers would be used to accentuate shapes or backgrounds. This sandwich of glass, paint and colored tin papers are pressed together & secured with a wood backing. It's a lot of work done by masterful artists.

Skeleton Coasters

In this set of 4 small square pictures of Jose Guadalupe Posada the skeletons are doing crazy things. Add a picture hook on the back if you'd like a small precious picture for your wall. Or use it "as is" as a set of fun coasters, elegant enough to grace any living room. Also makes 4 nice individual gifts which could be used for change or earrings.
Set of four "reverse" painted glass framed coasters. 3.9" square. Handmade in Peru.
N2078 $38 / set (out temporarily)
Reverse glass painted Skeleton Coaster Set
Glass catrina box one side of a catrina glass box one side of a catrina glass box
one side of a catrina glass box one side of a catrina glass box

Catrina Glass Box

Great for saving precious milagros or jewelry. Intricate "reverse" painted glass from Peru. (Sides are shown above.) 4.3 x 4.3 x 2.9" high.
N2077 $40 each

Skeleton Magnets

Add to the season festivities with a quality Day of the Dead magnet. Perfect for refrigerators, lockers, sides of a metal file cabinet & other favorite magnet spots. 3.5 " x 2.5"

(left) Muertos FullMoonLight Dance A1097 $6 each (out temporarily)
Artist - Javier Ramos Lucano, Jalisco folk artist
See postcards & t-shirts by this artist

(right top) Fandango A1098 $6 each
Artist - Jose Guadalupe Posada “Mexican political printmaker and engraver whose work has influenced many Latin American artists and cartoonists because of its satirical acuteness and social engagement....” more

(right bottom) La Calavera Catrina A1099 $6 each
Artist José Guadalupe Posada (1852 – 1913)
Awesome colorization of “an icon of Day of the Dead by the famous Mexican printmaker, cartoon illustrator and lithographer. The image depicts a female skeleton dressed only in a hat befitting the upper class outfit of a European of her time.... more

day of the dead skeleton refrigerator magnet

Recycled tin heart frame

recycled tin heart frame detail

Recycled Tin Heart Frame (close-up detail)

Recycled Tin Heart Frame

Hammered frame topped with a flaming heart on top and scroll designs and hearts around the oval picture frame. You personalize with a photo or old postcard - (We used a calendar girl in the photo. Tin heart frames come with a photo of the Virgin of Guadalupe). The tin shows pieces of Mexican juice cans! Oval 9 ”high x 8” wide. No two alike. Mexico.  
A1266 $85 each

Rose garland, natural tin recycled rose tin mirror

Rose Garland

Beautiful natural tin, Mexico
14 ”high x 25” long x 3” deep
A1263 $68

Rose Heart Natural Tin Mirror

Dramatic, unusual natural tin mirror - handmade in San Miguel de Allende. Each rose is cut, formed & soldered to make this gorgeous accent mirror. It's yearning to be hung in your entry or living room. 12" x 12" Semi-sharp edges make this an item dangerous for children's little fingers. Mexico.
A1264 $82 each

Art in the Kitchen Skeleton Pot Holders

1 Fiesta de Muertos on Black Potholder Red sugar skull potholder One Glitter Skull on Black Potholder

Fiesta de Muertos on Black Potholder

This potholder is made with our most poplar fabric design. Made from 100% cotton, high quality Alexander Henry fabric. 7”square

A2362 $9.00 each (out temporarily)

Red Sugar Skull Potholder

Great red made from 100% cotton, high quality Alexander Henry sugar skull fabric. 7” square

A2364 $9.00 each

Glitter Skull on Black Potholder

This fabric is bold and the sugar skulls are extremely well detailed. Somehow, Alexander Henry has accented this fabric with gold GLITTER. My glitter skull potholder has washed up fine. You will love this potholder! (Sorry -The glitter does not show up in these photos. It is used to highlight the eyes and major feature lines!) 7” square
A2363 $9 each

Day of the Dead Pot holders

Artist Joan McDonald is an imaginative and talented watercolor artist living in New Mexico. Her humorous take on skeletons and iconic Southwest designs are delightful. Great gifts and functional in the kitchen, these large pot holders are a great addition to any cocina or hostess gift at a Sugar Skull party! Wonderful holiday present for that special cook in your life too! Take time to really look at her art.

Pot holders are approximately 10" x 8"

skeleton pot holder
see larger image for details

NEW Sugar Skull Pot Holder

Cute, well-made sugar skull pot holder brings Day of the Dead into your kitchen festively! Fabric on the back is the same as the pot holder hook.
A2238 $15 each
Skeleton serenede with skeleton woman looking unimpressed, reading her trashy novel with her slippers on.
see larger image for details
Virgin of Guadalupe is drinking her morning cup of coffee... why not?
see larger image for details
skeleton with her morning cup of coffee, bone dog and bunny slippers
see larger image for details

Serenade with Trashy Novel & Cigarette

Skeleton seems unimpressed with window serenade as she drinks her coffee in no doubt Victoria Secret house shoes!
A1230 $15 each

Virgin of Guadalupe with her Morning Cup of Coffee!

Surrounded by a good book, croissant offering cherubs and trying to sit in her cumbersome dress, Guadalupe starts her day with a cup of joe before her arduous duties of being Latin America's most venerated Virgin.
A1226 $15 each

Morning Coffee with Skeleton Bone Dog, Cat & Bunny Slippers

This haggard skeleton may have partied too much on Nov. 1 & 2... nursing a headache, even the hummingbird wings annoy... as her bone dog & cat are consoling.
A1229 $15 each

Day of the Dead Oilcloth (by the foot)

lavender on purple day of the dead oilcloth sampleLavender on Purple Purple on Black Day of the Dead oilcloth for sale, new design to cover your kitchen table or ofrenda
Purple on Black
click for large image
Black on Yellow Day of the Dead oilcloth for sale, new design to cover your kitchen table or ofrenda
Black on Yellow
After many years of heckling the oilcloth makers, we finally have a fabulous Day of the Dead oilcloth! Papel picado banner designs of bicycling skeletons, birds, flowers and skulls, will be a great tablecloth covering for your ofrenda altar, picnic in the cemetery or crafts!

Oilcloth is 47 inches wide and can be cut to your desired length. Please note we sell this oilcloth by the FOOT, not by the yard. The design comes in several color combinations.

Day of the Dead oilcloth for sale, new design to cover your kitchen table or ofrenda
Black on Orange
  • NEW Black on White CL151 $5 per foot
  • Black on Purple CL147 $5 per foot
    (above center)
  • Black on Yellow CL146 $5 per foot (Shown above right)
  • Black on Orange CL148 $5 per foot (Shown below left)
  • Lavender on Purple CL152 $5 per foot (Shown above left) (out)

Cut oilcloth is not returnable.

Black on White Day of the Dead oilcloth
Black on White

Cover Mexican Calendar Girl Book
book by Angela Villalba,
owner, MexicanSugarSkull.com

The Golden Age
of Mexican Calendar Art


Corona Beer Tray

(right) Light weight and well-balanced reproduction Corona beer tray is great for restaurants - or your party! The classic calendar girl image was painted by Eduardo Cataño.
13" diameter x 2" deep
N2055 $28 each
Corona Beer tray reproduction
Glass and wood box from Peru

Beautiful wood box with hinged lid.  Mexican revolutionary woman.  Detailed paint job!

Mexican Cowgirl Box

A classic calendar girl image is the theme of this glass and wood trinket box. With this sitting on your coffee table your day dreams will drift to afternoons spent with Mexican cowgirls and a bottle of tequila out on the range. Approx 3 x 4 x 1.5 inches high. Removable, unhinged, lid. Peru.
A1040 $28 each

Adelita Wood Box

When Ernest Hemingway wandered through the Revolutionary camps of Pancho Villa on his way to Cuba, he was impressed with the strong, macho women soldiers that he met called Adelita. These substantial boxes are reminiscent of the cigar boxes that he had made to remind him of the balmy nights he spent in Mexico.
A1119 $50 each

Visit Angela's Mexican Calendar Girls book site

NEW Frida on black oilcloth placemats

Made from authentic Mexican oilcloth. 16 1/2 inches x 12 1/2 inches, with yellow check back. Double stitching on the perimeter.
CL226 $9 each (out temporarily)
Frida on Black placemats on a set table Closup - Frida on Black Mexican Oilcloth placemat

Serenade Wallet Mirrors

by Mexican artist Javier Ramos
Reverse-painted glass. Set of 2. Each mirror is 2" wide x 2.8" high

A1008 $15 pair (out temporarily)

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