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Virgin of Guadalupe Art

Frequently, ofrendas are decorated with images of patron saints or the Virgin of Guadalupe, Mexico's most favorite saint.

Guadalupe ofrenda mini Guadalupe shrine box

Guadalupe Ofrenda mini glass box

This mini wood & glass box highlights a mini ofrenda covered with lace tablecloths. Ofrenda welcomes the spirits with sugar skulls, candles, fruit, food and the picture of the Virgin herself. The charro is serenading the returning spirits and the decked out skeleton woman is ready to dance in her patriotic dress - the color of the Mexican flag. 2" tall x 3" wide x 1 1/2" deep. Mexico
A1284 $22 each

Guadalupe Retablo

4" x 5" painted inside and out. Clay appliqué relief inside shows Guadalupe in a garden of flowers. Sweet gift. Peru. Assorted colors. A1113 $30 each
Repousee Virgin of Guadalupe Ornament Virgin of Guadalupe is drinking her morning cup of coffee... why not?
see larger image for details

Guadalupe Tin Shrine - recycled can art

NEW Repoussé Guadalupe Ornament

Elegant and graceful, this gorgeous Virgin is nestled between exquisitely beaded latticework. She's made from copper, brass & metal that's been hammered with pretty patterns. The Juan Diego angel is at her feet surrounded by roses. 3" x 5"
A2315 $22

Learn more about repoussé art here

Pot holder - Virgin of Guadalupe with her morning cup of coffee!

Surrounded by a good book, croissant offering cherubs and trying to sit in her cumbersome dress, Guadalupe starts her day with a cup of joe before her arduous duties of being Latin America's most venerated Virgin.
A1226 $15 each

Guadalupe Tin Shrine

The epitome of folk ark using recycled cans, hammered with intricate designs and painted with automotive paints all to delight the venerated Virgin. Comes with tea light. When lit the entire shrine shimmers. 4" x 7" x 2.5" deep. Mexico.
A1262 $30 each

Guadalupe Socks for Men & Women

These premium quality Socksmith brand socks have high cotton content and just enough synthetic to wash brilliantly, add lots of cush, and wear very well. One size fits most.
Women's sock size 9-11 will fit women's shoe sizes 6 - 10. Machine washable – 63% cotton, 34% nylon, 3% lycra
sock size 10-13 fits men's shoe sizes 8-13. Machine washable – 70% cotton, 27% nylon, 3% lycra

Guadalupe on Paprika women's sock

NEW Women's Guadalupe on Paprika
A4037 $9.50 / pair (out temporarily)

Women's Guadalupe on Black
A2256 $9.50 / pair

NEW Men's Guadalupe on Black
$12 / pair

Guadalupe on Black women's sock

Guadalupe with hearts necklace

What is Britannium?

It's a pewter-type alloy favored for its silvery appearance and smooth surface.

Learn more!

traditional Virgin of Guadalupe necklace

Guadalupe with Hearts Necklace

1 1/2" x 1" with 30" ball chain, Britannium
A2207 $42 each

Traditional Guadalupe Necklace

Beautifully detailed. 1 1/2" x 1" with 30" ball chain, Britannium
A2254 $48 each

Guadalupe tin milagro for sale


ponk Gadalupe tote bag

Flat Tin Guadalupe Milagro

Sweet. 1.5 wide x 2" high, Peru
F2073 $8 each


Guadalupe Tote Bag

Heavy canvas, White plastic trim
15" x 3" x 13" high

Guadalupe Papel Picado Banners

Hand-cut by the finest papel picado artist in Mexico

Celebrate the Virgin of Guadalupe's birthday on December 12 with these shimmering, elegant cut paper banners. These vertical panels form a string approximately 14-15 feet long.
Large Mylar Vertical, assorted colors B1063 $27
Large Mylar Vertical, magenta B1064 $27

Medium Mylar Vertical, assorted colors B1065 $21
12" x 16" panels, approximately 12 feet long
(out temporarily)

Large Paper Horizontal, assorted colors B1062 $18
14" x 18" panels, approximately 18 feet. long

Assorted metallic Guadalupe papel picado banner

Decorated Guadalupe Sugar Art

Last year, when Angela was in Michoacan for Day of the Dead, she ran across a sugar skull vendor selling from a rickety wooden table under the arches of the town square. He had just brought in a new batch of his famous sugar Guadalupes, and women were clamoring to buy them for their ofrendas! It would make a very special offering for their departed loved ones. They were iced with green frosting for the Virgin's cape, golden yellow flames of the resplandor, and little gold "teacher stars" stuck into the icing of the cape. They were true works of folk art!

We have tried to make a similar Guadalupe mold this year for your enjoyment... for those of you who can't go to Patzcuaro to get the real thing. It is made with the same sugar skull, meringue mixture as the sugar skulls. Dry the back and front and put together with Royal Icing before decorating. The Virgin stands 8" high.

Virgin of Guadalupe Sugar Mold by Decorated sugar art Guadalupe.

Angela made this sugar Guadalupe with colored tin foil, glitter, gold braid, the handmade roses that we sell from Mexico. Paste colors, foil and disposable icing bags are available on the sugar skull mold page!

Guadalupe Sugar Mold Family Kit

Will make beautiful 8" tall sugar statues!
  • Guadalupe Sugar Art mold (W3485),
  • 8 oz. Meringue Powder
  • 1 dozen icing bags
  • Tin Foil Assortment (6x6 inch, 6 colors - 125 sheets)
  • 3 Paste Colors (Royal Red, Golden Yellow & Emerald Green)
Plus these decorating enhancements
  • 1 dozen paper roses
  • 2 cardboard bases
  • 1 piece of decorative braid
  • metallic stars for cloaks

Enough supplies to make 20 lbs. of sugar mix - 2 Guadalupe statues and approx. 40 assorted sugar skulls

W3526 $70 per family pack

Guadalupe Sugar Mold

2 pieces - face & back, W3485 $13
Guadalupe sugar skull mold to make a 3D statue of the Virgin

About the Virgin of Guadalupe

On December 12, 1531, only 10 years after the Spanish invasion of the Aztec nation, Our Lady of Guadalupe first appeared to a humble peasant named Juan Diego. She asked that a shrine be built in her honor on the Hill of Tepeyac in Mexico City, the site of her "birth".

The Spanish bishop wanted a miraculous sign to verify this request. When Juan Diego opened his tilma, (a coarse-woven mantle made from maguey fiber), a cascade of rare and beautiful Castilian roses fell to the ground and the Virgin's image was imprinted upon the cloth. After nearly 500 years, her image remains mysteriously unaltered!

Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe (Our Lady of Guadalupe) is considered the symbol of the spiritual heart of the Mexican people. She can be found dangling from rear view mirrors to elegant home alters... even tattoos! She's as much a cultural & spiritual icon as a Catholic symbol. Her image is found everywhere in Mexico and is made from a myriad of materials including wood, clay, stone, paper, concrete, metal, cloth and sugar!

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